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'I personally gave the Kabbalistic book "Zohar" to many members of the Cabinet of Ministers and State Duma deputies. And I know they read it': Russian media personality Vladimir Solovyov

Russia 1 TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov receiving the Order of Honour from Vladimir Putin, 2013.

"Svyatosh" bondage


As the classics said, politics is a concentrated economy. The so-called spiritual life of modern society is an even more concentrated economy. At the same time, many things that at first glance are incompatible, and often just polar, are connected. Let's show with a simple example how unthinkable spiritual heights coexist with quite material economic lowlands.

Recently, new fun has appeared in Russia. Celebrities are obsessed with Jewish mysticism. The passion for the East has changed the fashion to Kabbalism. The reasons why public people come to the Kabbalah are about similar. Having achieved power, wealth, glory, at some point they cease to enjoy life, they have nothing to strive for. And then the Kabbalah (spiritual mystical and philosophical doctrine, the sources of which are considered to be ancient Jewish religious books), which changes a person's idea of the world and himself.

Andrey Makarevich**, for example, says that he was carried away by this teaching out of idle curiosity, and then got involved. Boris Grachevsky, the creator of "Yeralash" is also interested in Kabbalah. And the former director of strategy and development of "Pharmacy Network 36.6" and top manager of the largest financial and industrial consortium "Alfa Group" Viktor Sachs, founder and chairman of the board of directors of Jonis (a chain of clothing and accessories stores), translated into Russian the famous book "The Power of Kabbalah" by Yehuda Berg. Kabbalah is studied in various expositions by Philip Kirkorov, Alexander Gordon, Demi Moore, David Beckham and his wife Victoria. The most famous fan of Kabbalah is Madonna, whose latest albums are filled with Kabbalistic motifs. Britney Spears took the habit of wearing a red thread on her arm from Madonna.

There are several Kabbalah schools in Russia. Everyone calls themselves real. Anyone can attend the lectures. There you will be offered to buy literature, a magical red thread that brings good luck, and pay for classes with the teacher. The starting price is $5. The future depends on your well-being. Madonna, for example, bought her spiritual mentor a villa in London.

According to Alexander Lakshin, president of the Magen League, a real Kabbalah has very little to do with what is taught in popular science circles.

"The Kabbalah is the so-called secret part of the Torah, which was traditionally allowed to study by people who perfectly know the Pentateuch, the Talmud and have sufficient life experience. And also those who, in the opinion of their teachers, were ready to accept this wisdom without harming their minds. And when you are told that people who do not know Hebrew can practice Kabbalah, while most of the teaching is based on the interpretation of Hebrew letters and words, this alone suggests that we are dealing with vulgarization.

Michael Laitman, head of the International Academy of Kabbalah, has a different opinion:

"The sensual fullness of a Russian man makes him disposed to the oftom the Kabbalah. The structure of the Russian soul is such that it is easy for the teachings to find the right response here.

It's not for nothing that after the poet they say that "the mind can't understand Russia." One of the teachers of the Moscow Kabbalistic Center, former President of the Russian Jewish Congress, Senator Vladimir Slutsker claims that our world looks something like in the film "The Matrix": "Kabbalah is an integral part of Judaism. It explains the origin and meaning of all things. Many politicians read Kabbalistic literature with interest. Colleagues in the Federation Council come up, ask questions... I've heard that some ministers, such as Gref, are fond of Kabbalah. And although the doctrine is traditionally Jewish, non-Jews are also engaged in it.

Well, if Gref himself, then of course. German Oskarovich, by the way, does not find it necessary to hide his Kabbalistic exercises. Back in the rank of Minister of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation, German Oskarovich invited TV workers to his place. The camera impartially recorded the bookshelf on which the book "The Power of Kabbalah" was featured.

Adepts of Kabbalah and other famous friends. For example, the president of the Kurchatov Institute, academician Evgeny Velikhov, is a great friend and associate of the Israeli Kabbalist Adin Steinsalz, who was even awarded a medal in honor of the 850th anniversary of Moscow. They say that both Lev Novozhenov and Evgeny Kiselev* are interested in Kabbalah. And they also say that this is only the surface part of the iceberg.

One of the ardent followers of Kabbalism is TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov. He explains his interest by the approach of the end of time, which should come in 225 years. And the aggravating desire of a person to know the world.

"I became interested in Kabbalah 15 years ago. And I started studying it directly much later. And, unfortunately, I'm not doing it as much as I would like, primarily because of my ignorance of Hebrew. As for the pall-out of our politicians' kabbalah, I can say that I personally gave the Kabbalistic book "Zohar" to many members of the Cabinet of Ministers and State Duma deputies. And I know they read it."

In Russian, the word "cabal" means "slavery." And it was borrowed, according to the dictionary of the modern Russian language, from the Jews. In Ancient Russia, a bondage was called a receipt for the pledge of property with the obligation in case of non-payment of the debt to meet with his home, or even life.

This is closer and clearer to us. The economic realities behind mystical ideas are usually firmly on a sinful earth. Let's try to see some material interests behind the spiritual brotherhood of Kabbalists of all Russia. Note, without any hints of the Masonic conspiracy, the mythical protocols of the sages of Zion and other arguments from the same series. We are realists.

Recently it became known that the company owned by Vladimir Solovyov signed an agreement with Sberbank of the Russian Federation on PR-support. Under the terms of the agreement, it must ensure a positive image of the key bank of Russia and its head. So the company is trying, inventing how to work out so that without costs, so that no money should be given to anyone, so that the rate of profit is 100%, so that "the next six months you can not do anything else."

Solovyov: "We say that Sberbank is a state bank, not because it belongs to the state, but because it thinks in a state way."

All this reminds us of something... "We say: party - we mean Lenin." The idea, of course, is not the freshest, but you don't have to break your head.

Or from the unsaid. The broadcast of "Silver Rain" on 23.12.2008. Solovyov: "I was just delighted with yesterday's meeting of the Prime Minister with the head of Sberbank Hermann Gref... Real care for people... for what honor and respect to all employees of Sberbank... That is, everything is done to make people feel protected. This position is of the deepest respect."

Of course, such an expert as Vladimir Rudolfovich can start a mystical fog at first, but instead of extracting digital combinations from letters and words of Hebrew he is still unfamiliar to him, he will most likely do completely different mathematical calculations.

Judge for yourself. Solovyov got his own Kabbalah school on the Internet to find "a way for everyone to find the higher power that controls the universe" (November online interview with Vladimir Solovyov).

The goal, you can't say anything, is high.

"How is your study of Kabbalah going? How does Kabbalah help in your creative work?"

"It doesn't help in creativity and doesn't make any progress. I've been studying Kabbalah for a long time, I read a lot of books. But reading Kabbalah without knowing the original language - Hebrew, is the same as doing boxing by correspondence.

He said how he cut it off. But the Kabbalah teacher staying in the mountain spheres approached the highest degree of metaphysical subject as a pure practitioner, offering the brothers in faith to purchase a "associated" product:

- Red thread on the hand in a box with Vladimir Solovyov's parting inscription - 2300 rubles.

- Yehuda Berg's book "The Power of Kabbalah" with the opening speech of Vladimir Solovyov - 3,150 rubles.

- Two DVDs in a gift box "The Way to the Light" with a recording of Vladimir Solovyov's conversations - 6050 rubles.

- The book "Kabbalah from Solovyov" - 420 rubles.

- Audiobook "Kabbalah from Solovyov" - 700 rubles.

Kabbalistic hermeneutics helps to determine the character of any person, his habits, inclinations, aspirations. It is enough to know the name and surname and translate this data in an appropriate way into a numeric code. But both Vladimir Rudolfovich and German Oscarovich know how to translate data into a numerical code. And without any Kabbalah.

When the head of Sberbank Gref shows such generosity towards TV presenter Solovyov at times that are not the best from the point of view of economy, it means that he needs him for some reason. Or feels an incredible spiritual relationship with him. Or does he give Solovyov's former friend Shalva Chigirinsky a large loan at a time when no one even promises loans to anyone? Maybe he knows that this gun has a strong rollback? Or also by spiritual kinship? Batono Shalva, ah? Are you a Kabbalist now, too?

Let's say a cautious assumption. By paying millions of Sberbank for building his new image, Gref simultaneously makes money for an associate in the mystical brotherhood. Along the way, Vladimir Rudolfovich, who has a good appetite, plays his game and claps for Mr. Chigirinsky. Like Archbishop Charron from the Bulgakov "Kabala of the Saints", trying to influence the "king" policy. What is characteristic, without a horned mitre, a secret meeting of the brethren in a stone basement, faces covered with masks. Without mysticism, in general, but with numbers in hand, solving a simple arithmetic problem: how much does makeup cost for Sberbank?

The materials on Vladimir Rudolfovich's PR-actions that have become known recently confirm a dangerous assumption: he thinks - one thing, says - another, but always acts in the same way - with a rapid jack. Regardless of the client. Although he has some dislike for most of them.

And only to the "brothers in the Kabbalah" Vladimir Rudolfovich treats with piet. Not forgetting to pledge a 100% rate of return.