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From Dugin's 1995 Manifesto of New Magicians: 'We operate with the abyss...politics and art have forgotten about the need to constantly turn to magic'

Avant-garde musician, composer, screenwriter and actor Sergei Kuryokhin (1954-1996) and philosopher Alexander Dugin (born 1962) published the "Manifesto of New Magicians" in 1995. The text is given according to the publication: Manifesto. Modernity through the eyes of radical utopians. Art, politics, deviation: [collection] / Klimov Vadim (compiler). - Moscow: The Raptier, 2014.

Manifesto of new magicians

overcoming a person

1. There is a crisis of art. Lack of vitality. The domination of pure mechanicism. Post-modernism - the degeneration syndrome itself - has degenerated. Interest in art today is either a kitsch (theater, cinema, rock concerts) or das provozierte Leben ("provoked life" - G. Benn), an occupation for a narrow and closed circle of the "vampiric intelligentsia", which has completely lost its landmarks, but has not lost the need for food, social status and vanity.2. There is a political crisis. Lack of thought and fresh ideology. Policy degeneration after a period of some surge starting with restructuring. Politics has completely lost both logic and life. It is either pathologically conjucture (center) or pathologically caricature (periphery). But it's always equally uninteresting.

3. The critical minimum of degeneration of art and politics has now been achieved simultaneously. This is not always the case, but now it is exactly like that - the lowest points of the two sinusoids coincided.

4. At such moments of the decline cycle, development should receive a new impetus, which usually lies outside the sphere of the process itself. Sometimes politics spurs art, sometimes vice versa. Now there is a decline in both areas. We need to look for an impulse outside.

5. This new area is MAGIC. Magic studies not events, things, objects, but their causes (and not just describe the causes, but actively works with them). Magic precedes art and politics. Art and politics have become independent, separating from their magical origin. This source did not disappear anywhere, but went to the periphery, influenced indirectly. Secret societies, lodges, orders governed history, inspired artists.

6. From now on, indirect influence is not enough, politics and art have forgotten about the need to constantly turn to magic. The situation can be saved only by the total replacement of art and politics with MAGIC.

7. The current politician and artist are out of their own, nothing will save them. They are not able to be saturated with magic and liven up. They should be crossed out, discarded. They're completely uninteresting. They should be replaced by a new type.

8. This is a NEW MAGICIAN engaged in politics or art (but not a politician or an artist engaged in magic).

9. All kinds of art and all political ideologies have their own occult analogues in operational magic. The paintings arose as worldly images of gods and symbolic signs. Political ideologies have become a secular expression of metaphysical and religious teachings (capitalism - secularized Protestantism, according to M. Weberu; socialism and fascism - variations of Indo-European, Aryan, traditions, where there was no caste of traders, according to Dumesil). Gradually, the source disappeared from sight. In the face of modern politicians and artists, we are dealing with incurable invetate idiots. The degree of talent and ideological success now directly depends on the degree of familiarity with the occult teachings.

10. This fact must be recognized and accepted as inevitable.

11. Instead of separately art, separately politics and separately magic, a new synthetic discipline should be introduced: MAGIC, which establishes its policy and its art directly. New hermeneutics: the historical context and aesthetic feature are discarded, it all boils down to the occult paradigm. Goethe and Breton, Lenin and Churchill are reduced to a magical paradigm (Masonic-occultist, hermetic-Rosicrucian), of which they were carriers. The rest is discarded. Together with new art and
new politics comes new art history and new political science.

12. New art historians and new political scientists will not be separate people from new artists and new politicians. They will be the same personalities. Moreover, it will be none other than the NEW MAGICIANS themselves.

13. Art becomes not an imitation of a ritual or making a fetish, an amulet, an idol, but a ritual itself, the making of an amulet, fetish or idol itself.

14. Politics becomes not a filmed "remake" of collective orgiastic actions and the implementation of vaguely and indirectly perceived metaphysical projects, but a direct myth-making and occult architecture of the masses.

15. All this is carried out and understood by the NEW MAGICIANS.

16. MAGIC is an operational science. It requires real results, real metamorphoses. Metamorphosis of objects, phenomena, the operator itself. MAGIC is an experimental science, it does not allow "temnilov" and demagogy. It is not the project that is evaluated, but the result. Without a specific "eidetic implementation" there is no magical act. If everything remains essentially the same after the magic act, we are dealing with either failure or charlatanism. Idiots and intellectuals won't pass.

17. NEW MAGICIANS establish their art and carry out social revolutions. They specialize in geopolitics, large-scale science, subordinate the elements, tame the Atlantic Leviathan and feed the continental Hippopotamus. The minimum social scale of the NEW MAGIC is the country, the people, the state, the legions of the human masses. A group of aesthetes or a group of marching degenerate sectans is of no interest to anyone. NEW MAGIC deals with the phenomenon of GIANT. Giant New (M. Heidegger).

18. Our goals will become clear only when people begin to participate in our practice (actively or passively, as subjects or as objects). Magic solves epistemological problems through "Praxis" (like Marxism).

19. The crisis of art and politics seems to be something objective. Don't build illusions, we organized it. In order to clear the way for the NEW RACE. Race of magical kings.

20. We operate with the abyss. For us, the invisible has its own geography. Black is not just a lack of light, it is a huge range of shades that Earth's optometry did not dream of.

21. The deep abyss.

22. In the voice of the waterfalls.