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'Destroy Catholicism from within, strengthen Freemasonry': Putin's prophet Aleksandr Dugin

“Distruggere il Cattolicesimo dall’interno, rafforzare la massoneria”. Riflessioni su alcune parole di A. Dugin


April 29, 2023 Anno Domini

We offer readers this translation, edited by Radio Spada, of large excerpts from the article El ideólogo ruso Dugin llamó a «destruir el catolicismo» y «organizar asesinatos» (published in Tradición Viva and before that on The part that interests us most is the one on Catholicism, not only for the recent re-publication of these disconcerting words on a site directly connected to Dugin but for the association that can be made between these bad contents and other controversial aspects, yes think - just to mention the first case - of some statements made in recent years by people close to the Russian philosopher regarding the identification of his "Radical Subject" with Lucifer.

There has been a lot of talk lately about Aleksandr Dugin, a character whose ideology mixes ingredients of fascism, Communism, and Russian nationalism.

As a consequence of the ideological cocktail he champions, Dugin equally attracts characters from all ends of the political map. His radical anti-liberalism appeals to certain exponents of the right and left who feel closer to Putin's Russia than to the West. That Dugin has admirers on the far left is hardly surprising, given that he founded the National Bolshevik Party, whose emblem was the hammer and sickle of communism atop a flag very similar to that of the Nazi Party. What is difficult to understand is that there are Catholics and conservatives from Western countries who venerate him, and above all by reading the things Dugin has said, some of which are pure apology for terrorism.

Dugin wants to "destroy Catholicism" by strengthening Freemasonry in Poland.

Let's see an example. On August 2, 2021, the website (listed on Dugin's Facebook profile as one of its websites) published an interview with the Russian ideologue conducted in Moscow in March 1998 by Polish journalist Grzegorz Górny, and translated into Spanish by Juan Gabriel Caro Rivera, regular contributor to the far-left site

Dugin's statements in the interview are very surprising. Let's see some of them:

"Catholicism must be destroyed from within, for this we must strengthen Polish Freemasonry, support certain decadent secular movements, promote a heterodox and anti-papist Christianity. Catholicism can never be absorbed into our tradition unless it assumes a nationalist and anti-papist character. If Poland had had a lodge like Ireland's Golden Dawn, with leaders like William Butler Yeats or Maud Gonne, who were Catholics, but also fanatical occultists who drew on Celtic culture, then there might have been some hope for Polish Catholicism… These people they would be able to tear down Catholicism from within and reorient it towards something more unorthodox and even esoteric. My friends in Poland tell me that all their groups have connections with Telema or the ideas of Aleistair Crowley."

By the way, for those who don't know who he was, that Aleister Crowley that Dugin mentions is considered the "father of modern Satanism", a guy obsessed with the occult and black magic.

One of Dugin's references - the founder of the Leninist Cheka.

Elsewhere in the interview, Dugin states: "I like all the Polish anti-Catholic currents: from Polish Freemasonry and occultists to Jan Potocki, Hoene-Wroński, Mienżyński and Dzierżyński" . As the notes at the end of the interview point out, the last two names Dugin refers to are Communist leaders. Feliks Dzierżyński was the founder of the Leninist Cheka, the sinister political police which was dedicated to torturing and killing multitudes of people in Russia for political reasons. In turn, Wiesław Mienżyński was chairman of the OGPU, Stalin's secret police, successor to the Cheka and predecessor of the NKVD, responsible, among many other crimes, for the 1940 Katyn massacre of 22,000 Polish officers.

Dugin's praise of Bolshevism, Lenin and Stalin.

In the same interview, Dugin says: “I hope Poland joins the forces of Eurasianism through a synthesis between the extreme right and the extreme left”.
[…] Dugin adds: “It is honestly a pity that Polish communism has never had an esoteric side like Russian communism”.

Elsewhere in the interview, Dugin states: «If I unconditionally say "yes" to Bolshevism, Lenin and Stalin, it is not because I consider their system ideal, but because at the time it was the only solution we found. Of course, in the end this system didn't work either, but in our next attempt we will have to purify both orthodoxy and communism and thus reject all the elements that these two systems had inside that led to the alienation of the nation. That is why our next expansion will go hand in hand with an Orthodox-Eurasian, messianic, pan-Slavic and pro-Tatar communism.” […]