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Chabad false messiah Schneerson feared conversion, warned followers not to get into discussions about Christianity

...You are asking a question about participating in a discussion or panel sharing views on Christianity and related issues. So, given the confusion of minds and the terrifying blurring of all values ​​in our time, my opinion on this issue is clearly negative.

And even if you say that such an event is completely safe for you from all sides and in all aspects, my opinion is that in such cases the intentions of the meeting participants, and even more so the intentions of the lecturer, do not matter at all.

The most important thing in this case is the reaction of the public, including not only those present at the meeting, but also those who only heard that it was taking place. After all, if people find out that such a discussion has taken place, then this will be followed by an immediate reaction to the precedent, as we have already seen in practice in the USA, where such meetings are promoted in every possible way...

And the immediate consequence of this will be that everyone will think that he too should reflect on these issues, and discuss them, and make independent decisions. You open the door slightly, and now it is wide open. And it’s not even a door anymore, but a big hole in the wall.

In addition, one who enters this path violates the explicit prohibition of the Torah (see RAMBAM, “Laws of Idolatry” 2:2). And I have personally observed that all such activities lead to confusion, to false knowledge and to things contrary to our faith. At the same time, the person participating in this often does not even feel that he has not only deviated from the true path, but that he has also followed [false gods].

Everything written above is true even if there were some real benefit from these meetings and debates, but I still have not seen anyone who would ever come closer to Judaism, our Torah and commandments with the help of this, as it is written there by RAMBAM...

I want to emphasize that since we are talking about a problem according to the Torah and - moreover - about one of the three things about which it is said that one must die, but not violate them, then even if it were only a question of a shadow of doubt about idolatry, and it would behoove us to be stricter in this matter. But this is all the more true when we clearly see the disastrous results of past meetings and there is no longer any doubt about their harm.

To make it easier for you not to participate in the above, I will add that despite all the statements of the organizers of such debates that they are in no way intended to incite or anything like that, in fact, the reality is that for the most part In part, these people do not strive to find the truth, but have hidden motives, sometimes contradicting this truth...

And the conclusion from all this is this: you will be blessed if you can prevent the Jews from participating in these meetings (especially when it comes to yourself), and in general it would be very good to abolish them. After all, as mentioned above, this is a question concerning the foundations of faith.

From the above, my attitude towards participation in the work of newspapers and magazines, the purpose of which is these meetings, also becomes clear.

And to the well-known question, what will the confused people of our generation do if they hear only the claims of idolaters, and the voice of the true believers of our people is not heard, the answer is simple: for this there is no need to hold debates and meetings, in particular, with the participation of those about whom there is doubt whether, according to the law of the Torah, it is even permissible to even look in their direction, but we need to hold lectures, talk about the foundations of our faith, explaining them in detail and with tenacity worthy of the Torah, which is the teaching of truth and the teaching of life. There is no need to be ashamed of scoffers, because words coming from the heart are sure to touch the hearts of listeners and have their effect. Just don’t confuse these listeners with incorrect prefaces, even in order to later refute them.

And may the will of the Creator be done so that you can use your talents and knowledge in the spirit of true (both for Heaven and for people) goodness and Hasidic light, because Hasidism is the Tree of Life, in which there is no admixture of evil. Use your powers to the fullest and with joy.

From letter 27 Adar I 5730