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Belarus Prez Lukashenko admits there are gays in Belarus at the highest levels, and they are 'golden people'

By Nadezhda Sorokina
April 01, 2023

Video: 332533(3).mp4

Alexander Lukashenko, answering Oleg Gaidukevich's question after the Address to the People and Parliament, speculated about gays and lesbians, including at the highest levels.

“I don’t want to offend anyone in this regard. Why don't I talk about it? I say again, girls, here I am as a president, I forgive, I take this blame on you, on the peasants. It means that we overlooked it, it means that we didn’t finish something somewhere. So they start there. Well, do you know what lesbianism is physically?

As for gays, well, they are perverts, this is the last abomination.

But why don't I talk about it? Well, I'm still the president, here I can joke, not joke. We have enough of these people. And I don’t even say, unfortunately or not, I also know some people in power at a very high level.

And if they report it to me, so between the lines, I think, let me ask. Here are high-level people, or in the government, somewhere else, maybe in the administration there. I don't know exactly where these people are, but they are there. I will instruct, report to me, give a description.

What are these people? How do they work? God bless. Non-gays work like they do. Well, I'm telling you honestly, there was not a single negative characteristic, not a single one.

Checked in different directions. Well, I think that they themselves would not protect their own there, what characteristics they gave, I think, let me double-check. Well, this is my principle in general. There has never been a negative characterization, not once.

And the biggest ones, well, of course, I don’t name names yet. Generally golden people. I wonder, I think, well, how could he.

And I think, well, here's to try them like in Soviet times. In our country, Sergei (actually Oleg Gaidukevich), they used to say in Soviet times: there is no sex in the Soviet Union.” Do you remember when you were young, remember? No. Did not have. And how it flourished. And no matter how they were expelled from the party, there was something else, it was different everywhere. They couldn't do anything. Well, let's forbid these men somersaults with other men. Well, what will it lead to? To nothing. Moreover, they do not create problems for us, they work well. But there should be no propaganda of these ugly from the point of view, especially physical relations, no propaganda in society. Why? The answer is very simple. Still, Sergey, not a single man, as you know, has given birth. Therefore, this path is unacceptable to us. We need people, kids. Men don't give birth. So let's follow the classic, as I said subtly, trend, trend, classic family. That's when it hits the ground. You have heard everything else,” summed up Alexander Lukashenko.