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An epiphany on Adam Greenspam, CJB, and the rest of the Christ Mythicists

I had an epiphany just now that the real work of the Controlled Operation known as Mythicism is to legitimize the most virulent forms of Rabbinical Judaism.

The operation centers around establishing the historicity of the Judaic theology, messianism, and other claims.

You see the mythicists always claim that what the Rabbi's say today they have always said in the past and thus the Mythicists trace an unbroken line from the most ridiculous and outlandish Rabbinical statements all the way back to Moses. Instead of doing actual historical research and plotting the development of Jewish beliefs as it has been altered over the years, such as in the Roman Diaspora, Khazarian Khagnate, Islamic rule, Sabbateism, and Hasidism. Modern Judiasm to the Mythicist is a pure fountain, never tainted, eminating unaltered from the source of Moses.

Of course the Mythicist would never apply such a sophomoric analysis to Christianity whereby the mythicist conjures up the most implausibly byzantine web of intrigues, doctinal changes, manipulation, and occultism out of his own bias. Instead the Mythicist makes a more ridiculous error, he interprets Apostolic Christianity through the lense of modern Rabbinical Judiasm. Which is to say the Mythicists puts the cart before the horse and seeks to  understand the original intent of the Apostles by the modern words of the Rabbi's who are 2,000 years and multiple theological revolutions removed from them!

It is truly ironic because doctinially Christianity in its essence has remained immutable since its founding whereas Rabbinicla Judaism has constantly had to reinvent itself ever rationalizing contradictory developments through the art of Pilpul.

It is my belief that the casual investigator can clearly see through this which is why the Mythicist job is muddy the waters and invert the reality that Judiasm is the branch cut off from the Christian tree. The Mythicist seeks to hide the fact that it is Christianity which goes back to Moses, not the neurotic maniacal sermons of the Rabbis. For it is the Mythicist's job to establish the historiography of his so called enemy: the Rabbi's, for them.

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Timothy Fitzpatrickjoshf731BonzoAriane

Ryan, this is well thought out, insightful, and logical. I think you've deciphered this movement!

I asked myself the other day why these mythicists give such credence to Jews and their apparent god-like abilities. I realized that the mythcists don't generally believe in a god or at least a tangible one, and especially not a sovereign God who is in control of all things. Therefore, with no God to reign in the Jews, the mythicists' perception of Jews has them become as powerful as God and their perceived invicibility is deepened. Of course, we know that the Jews have help from the fallen spirits and the Devil himself, and we know that God permits all of this for our own betterment. And if it weren't for Him, they would have no power at all. Therefore, the mythcist perception of Jewry is a rabbinical perception: Jews are godlike.

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Ryan AugustineBonzo

Thanks for the generous compliment Tim!

I think you've hit the nail on the head the mythicists are caught in a conundrum of their own making: they deny the existence of the God of Sacred Scripture, yet in order to make their theories work they have to give the Jews godlike powers. Very Talmudic, but one would not expect less from the likes of Rabbi Green and Co. Lol

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