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Parallels between Christ mythicism and Soviet propaganda

By Timothy Fitzpatrick

March 21, 2023 Anno Domini

Christ mythicists like Joseph Atwill, Christopher Jon Bjerknes, and Adam Green (none of whom are historians or religious scholars) don’t like to be accused of parallelomania in there agenda to discredit Jesus Christ, so let’s have a little fun and draw our own parallels between the suspicious agenda of these spurious characters and Soviet-era anti-religious propaganda.

Perhaps the reader will come to the same conclusion that I have, that these characters, specifically Green and Bjerknes, are using anti-Zionism as a cover for an anti-Christ agenda—that they are not equally opposed to Abrahamic religions as they claim. Surely, if they were, they would devote as much time to ridiculing and mocking Mohammad and the Jewish god Hashem/Ein Soph/Jews collectively as they do Jesus Christ (using almost entirely Jewish sources, I might add). But they don’t, especially not Adam Green. Why is that?

It’s true that the Soviets were not the first to advance the idea that religion, especially of Jesus Christ, were fraudulent mechanisms for control. It seems the gnostic/Masonic Enlightenment era brought out the very first Christ mythicist parallelomaniacs. The Soviets, being rooted in the Kabbalah, were merely carrying out the same agenda birthed during the Enlightenment—fostered by Judeo-Masonic forces in academia, the media, and in the intelligence apparatuses.

The Soviet propaganda meme above depicts religious leaders and pagans (even a tree) dancing in a ring while Jesus Christ is singled with what appears to be a devil in tow. This is not by chance. Christ seems to be singled out more than any other religious leader/symbol. Much of Soviet propaganda fixates on Christ and the church (specifically the Orthodox in Russia). Adam Green, Bjerknes, and others do the very same thing, in the Soviet/gnostic/masonic tradition. Their covert target rests squarely on our Lord Jesus Christ, because it is against Him, alone, that they conspire. The little that is said about Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, etc., is merely collateral damage. As you will see, even the Soviets were occasionally allowed to throw their own leaders, the Jews, under the bus, so long as Christianity was discredited in the process. They are allowed to superficially criticize Jews (anti-Zionism), just as long as they don’t drag any real issues into the propaganda.

This all raises the question. Is the international Communist conspiracy directing the Christ mythicist movement today?

In this piece, we see the three Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam depicted as mechanisms for control, the exact thing Christ mythicists claim.

The piece on the left shows what appears to be a Chassidic Jew using Christianity as bait. Green and Bjerknes claim that Christianity is a Jewish invention used to control the masses.

The Abrahamic religions portrayed as a three-headed beast.

Here, the creepy man’s shadow becomes a cross with ‘religion’ written across it. In his pocket is a Bible. The caption reads: ‘Step across the ominous shadow and join the crowd in the joyful bustle of the day!’

In this mockery of Palm Sunday, Christ is depicted riding into America with Jews in line behind him. Green and Bjerknes rest their entire case on Christianity being a Jewish conspiracy to enslave mankind. Bjerknes, by the way, claims to be anti-Communist.

This appears to show the devil appearing as Christ through the fog of drunkeness. Again, parallels with Green and Bjerknes saying that Jesus or God is Satan.

Here we see the (Jewish) Soviets depicting a Chasidic Jew (their own real world controllers) with some kind of capitalist fat cat in his lap and the Ten commandments above. The idea here, it seems, is to denigrate God’s laws. Notice that the Chabadnik is portrayed as having one (all-seeing) eye, perhaps as some kind of revelation of the method antic.

These anti-Christs never stray from their hatred of Christ for very long. Christ is depicted as trying to hock his wares.

The Abrahamic religions narrative again. The Soviet worker they have boiling the clerics looks like a devil himself.

The Pope is central in this propaganda piece (with a reverse swastika). The Abrahamic religions are portrayed as worshipping money (a capitalist fat cat).

The Commie fist is depicted smashing a capitalist fat cat while the Pope looks on in horror.

The Pope is depicted as a harbinger of death while his lackey Nazi henchmen burn books. The Soviets and Jewry have advanced for decades the idea that the Catholic Church and the Nazis were secretly allied.


Christ, America, and capitalism are portrayed as the cause of oppression of blacks (Black Lives Matter is a Kremlin invention and goes way back. See ‘I trained in Moscow for Black Revolution’—Leonard Patterson  (Video).

“There is no God!” The Soviet astronaut above the symbols of the Abrahamic religions seems to suggest that there is no god, there is only science (materialism).

Christian is portrayed as a scoundrel in contrast to a glowing depiction of Soviet science.

Soviet atheist magazine, The Godless, depicts Jesus Christ and the Russian Orthodox Church as scams to trap people. (Click image to enhance)

The three Abrahamic religions are depicted in opposition to the Soviet superman. Of course, Christianity is prominent among the three.

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