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Debunking Adam Green’s lie that Christianity is 99 percent Zionist

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
Jan. 11, 2021 Anno Domini

Anyone who has accepted Adam Green’s claim on Twitter recently that Christianity is 99 per cent Zionist doesn’t know much about Christianity.

His lie also shows that Adam Green doesn’t know much about Christianity, and/or he perceives his audience as gullible enough to believe such an agenda-driven absurdity.

In determining whether any one Christian denomination is Zionist, we simply have to look at their eschatology, that is, their view of prophecy and the end times. Generally, it’s only a pre-millennialist view, the idea that the thousand-year reign of Christ is still yet future, that seems to require a pro-Zionist position in order to make it a fully functioning prophetic view.

The largest Christian denomination is the Roman Catholic Church, with just over half of all world Christians. Its eschatology is either amillennial or post-millennial. It holds that the thousand-year reign of Christ has already happened or is a figurative prophecy. Both Roman Catholics and Orthodox generally consider the Church age to be Christ’s reign on Earth, whether it was a literal thousand years or not. Neither is Zionist in any way. In fact, both have led the world’s counter-Jewish movements throughout history.

With just this statistic alone, Adam Green’s lie shatters. But there’s more.

The next largest Christian group is the Protestants (those not Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox) at 36 per cent of the world’s Christians. Of the Protestants, the non-Zionist Anglicans make up about a quarter of all Protestants and the non-Zionist Lutherans another quarter. The rest are a mixture of Zionist and non-Zionist, so even if you labeled the rest as all Zionist, it would still only be about half of Protestantism and a mere 18 per cent of all world Christians. 18 per cent! Green claims 99.9 per cent. Utter rubish.

Eastern and Oriental Orthodox are the third largest Christian denomination at just under 12 per cent of all the world’s Christians. They, like the Roman Catholics, are either amillennial or post-millennial. There is not a Zionist bone in their teaching.

There you have it. Another lie by the controlled opposition alternative media debunked. If Green thinks he can ride the anti-Zionist coattails as a Trojan horse to malign Christ and His Church, he’s got another thing coming. His behaviour and promotion of quack historians like Christopher Jon Bjerknes more and more demonstrate that he has some kind of anti-Christian agenda.

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