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ADL gives big push to Adam Green, Michael Jones, TruNews, and Nathanael Kapner

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
March 19, 2022 Anno Domini

Many may remember when U.S. presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton publicly named Judaeo-Soviet shill Alex Jones on television during the lead up to the 2016 federal election.

To the “profane”, it appeared a routine standard of naming so called enemies of the progressive social democrat agenda, but in truth, Clinton and her powerful Jewish-Bolshevik organized crime syndicate backers were giving the Austin, Texas-based disinfo artist the push he needed to expand his control and containment over American and Western dissidents to the world Jewish-Communist offensive. The manoeuvre also served to recruit would-be Infowarriors using the Streisand effect.

CANADA—ADL rabbi Abraham Feinberg photographed leading Soviet-sponsored disarmament group. Feinberg is credited with inventing “dynamic silence”, a tool used by world Jewry to silence its critics/opponents. Is the ADL’s lack of dynamic silence with Alex Jones, Adam Green, E. Michael Jones, Nathanael Kapner, and Rick Wiles evidence of controlled opposition? (Photo by Don Dutton/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

This contrasts the usual method of handling legitimate dissidents, by way of “dynamic silence“. Allegedly invented by ADL-B’nai Brith member “rabbi” Abraham Feinberg of the American Jewish Committee in 1947, dynamic silence involves ignoring the dissidents as if they didn’t exist and preventing them from reaching any significant audience exposure, thus, they and their potentially damaging message(s) are contained.

“In the first part, unfavoured individuals are denied unmediated exposure to the public. In the second part, only negative aspects of the unfavoured individuals are reported. This starts a downward spiral of de-legitimization in the public eye in which the harder unfavoured individuals try to get public exposure, the more negative and unflattering that expose becomes until, finally, nobody wants to be associated with the ideas or beliefs of the unfavoured individuals.”

If dynamic silence loses its effectiveness over the target dissident, other methods of containment are employed, including: blackmail (often sexual), coercion (often financial), intimidation (threats), and assassination (last resort). Obviously, though, dynamic silence is preferred, as it is quieter and cleaner.

The Clinton push wasn’t the first time that the Judeo-Bolsheviks explicitly and overtly gave a push to Alex Jones through this controlled (or false) opposition sleight of hand. In 2009, the Jewish organized crime syndicate’s American branch the Anti-Defamation League “exposed” (promoted, in actuality) Alex Jones, effectively naming him “the conspiracy king”. This was a message to those in the know that Jones and his Infowars empire were the premier false dissidents leading the narrative for total containment of the authentic dissident movement. Furthermore, the message to the conspirators seems to have been, “hey, he is one of us, so leave him alone no matter how far he takes things”. The idea is to corral as many dissidents as possible into one or few more manageable stables of controlled opposition.

Late journalist/author Michael Collins Piper writes in his 2006 book Judas Goats—The Enemy Within,

“Careful study of recent ADL and SPLC bulletins will frequently (but not always) reveal precisely which “dissident” groups and leaders are being utilized (and promoted) to collect names and assemble dossiers on perceived or potential threats. The ADL and SPLC give a big “build- up” to their own controlled agents so as to give them “credibility.” In other words, the average person will assume that because the ADL and SPLC happen to be attacking an individual or organization, that is some- how “proof” that the individual or organization is legitimate, as evidenced by the ADL or SPLC attacks. Those who affiliate themselves with such “trust” operations do so at their own risk.” (For more on the Soviet Operation Trust)

Last week, the legitimate dissident movement in America perhaps was gifted another clue as to double agents within its ranks when the ADL gave a push to a group of so-called “key anti-Semites”: Eugene Michael Jones, “Brother” Nathanael Kapner, Adam Green, and TruNews. Those familiar with this blog will known that Jones, Kapner, and TruNews are suspected Kremlin assets using anti-Judaism to bait their audience for the eventual switch to Western-Soviet convergence (under the guise of multipolarism, Eurasianism, or National Bolshevism). Adam Green, who has been publicly named by the ADL two times now, is also a very suspect character, whose exact allegiance is unclear but whose agenda seems to be to shift blame to specifically Zionism, America, and the West, which happens to align with the neo-Soviet agenda, particularly as it pertains to Operation SIG; although Green does at times criticize Russia and/or Putin. Most of the time, though, Green has been spreading lies that Christianity is just another Jewish form of control via his seeming handler, the Jewish Christopher Jon Bjerknes, a semi-cucked anti-Zionist.

How amusing is this comment by the ADL:

 “Green calls out both heads of state for visiting Israel’s Western Wall and for allegedly meetings with leaders of the Orthodox Jewish Chabad movement, whom he refers to as ‘the supremacists, lunatic chabad lubavitchers.'”

Green, himself, went to and travelled about Israel with his Orthodox Jewish-friendly, pro-Kremlin sidekick Jake Morphonios with little difficulty, if any. Even though this happened years ago, it’s hard to imagine that the “key anti-Semite” Green would have travelled around Israel with such ease. Was Israeli intelligence/security forces asleep at the time, or was Green perhaps given the green light by a higher up so that he could build his credibility among the dissident movement? Green now has a steadily increasing audience as a direct result. It’s interesting that Piper mentioned data mining (collecting names) as one of the jobs of the ADL’s controlled opposition puppets. Many suspect Adam Green of this very thing (see: If Adam Green is data mining for the ‘gogue…).

Alex Jones Limited Hangout

After giving a critical description of each ADL-described “key anti-Semite”, the crime syndicate concluded with the usual rhetoric of turning everything back to white supremacism and neo-Nazism. Ironically, Brother Nathanael Kapner still has posted on his site the aforementioned ADL piece promoting Jones form 2009 under the the headline Why Is The ADL Promoting Alex Jones? Now, it is Russian Orthodox parishioner Kapner who is suspected of the very same. The Kapner piece suspecting Jones of controlled opposition actually points to a 2008 ADL propaganda piece that means Kapner. But the more Kapner ramps up his rhetoric that Jewish-controlled Russia is our saviour, the more it appears he is the controlled opposition pretending to expose other controlled opposition. See my infographic showing how controlled opposition systems are flexible enough to allow for crossover between controlled opposition operations..

While the ADL pieces “exposing” anti-Semites does not automatically mean that the subjects are controlled opposition, it appears that in this most recent example of ADL propaganda, the four characters: E. Michael Jones, Nathanael Kapner, Adam Green, and Tru News—all advance Jewish communist goals to varying degrees  for eventual Western-Soviet convergence (see three-part series: The ADL in the world Communist offensive). If these characters posed a legitimate threat to Jewish world power, why didn’t the ADL employ the rabbinic tactic of dynamic silence as espoused by its member ?

*E. Michael Jones, Rick Wiles of TruNews, Michael Hoffman II, and RedIceTV, among others, were singled out by the ADL in 2019 as well (Despite YouTube Policy Update, Anti-Semitic, White Supremacist Channels Remain). Adam Green, along with his “former” handler Alex Jones, were named by the ADL in 2020 (“The Great Reset” Conspiracy Flourishes Amid Continued Pandemic).

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