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Two Jewish plans

By Leonard Young
July 1956
Excerpted from Deadlier than the H-Bomb

During the last half of the 19th century, there grew up side by side among the Jews or Khazars of Russia, two rival schools of thought about how to achieve world dominion. There were those who favoured the Communist revolution method in Russia, to be followed by the spread of Communism about the rest of the world and those who favoured the Political Zionist method, i.e. the establishment of a Jewish State in Palestine which should rule the world through the medium of Jews at the control of affairs in every nation. The protagonists of the two schools were apt to be in bitter opposition but both produced men of energy who met with remarkably good conditions for furthering their purposes.

Asher Ginzberg became the leader of the fanatically nationalist Zionists. He met with, but overcame opposition from the much more assimilated Jews further west who were divided into the two camps of the Rothschilds and the German-Jews in Germany and America. The German-Jews had invested a large part of their capital in German industry and shared, or pretended to share in the plans of Pan-Germanism.

It was at this time that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion came to light. They detail in very direct, forceful language the appalling plan of the Jews for obtaining complete mastery over the Gentiles. The remarkable thing is that they have continued to the present day to be carried out with complete fidelity and diabolical efficiency and all our politicians do about it is to vie with one another in currying favour with the international financiers by doing all they can to help them to destroy us. The Protocols should be studied by everyone and it is helpful to read them in conjunction with such books at Waters Flowing Eastward, by L. Fry, and Hidden Government, by Lt.-Col. Creagh Scott, and B. Jensen’s books, listed in the bibliography.

It will be noted that the wars and revolutions of this century have all led steadily to the furthering of the Jewish purposes of Communism and Political Zionism. During the last fifty years this comparative handful of Jews have met with astounding success and have completely transformed the world. Probably the most astonishing thing has been the way in which politicians, particularly the British ones, have hastened to help them destroy western civilisation and Christendom. It only goes to show the astonishing control of affairs the Jews have obtained by means of finance, Freemasonry and control of all the means of publicity.

Strange to say, the only real opposition these Jews have met with has been from individual Jews, probably mainly Sephardim, who have objected to the foul policy and have seen that it must inevitably end in great harm to the Jews, as being contrary to God’s purpose for the return of the Jews to Israel, which they awaited Him to bring about in His own good time.

It has been calculated that no more than 8 per cent. of the Jews now living, and known as Jews, can be descendants of Judah or Israel. Consequently, the great mass of those who have gone to Palestine and evicted the Arabs, with the connivance of the United Nations, have not even got in their support the very feeble argument that they are descendants of the original Israelites. Possibly this explains Revelation i i , 9 and i i i , 9.

The writer is in no way “Anti-Semitic”, whatever is meant by that term. Neither is he “Anti-Jew”. He is only opposed to the vile circle of power-lusting men who are working for the creation of an Anti-Christian World Government. This Sanhedrin, which has existed throughout the ages, has become remarkably cunning in subverting and using leading Gentiles to serve its purposes and it is quite happy to allow them to enjoy great wealth and power so long as they toe the line. Foul and atheistic Gentiles have been leading lights in the development of Masonry and other secret societies. International Finance is not entirely composed of Jews. In these days, the majority of the Gentiles who rise to high position, particularly in the English-speaking world, do so because they are considered suitable by the Sanhedrin and they are soon removed if they show any signs of getting awkward from the Sanhedrin point of view.

While it is ridiculous to suppose that all the Jews in the world spend their time plotting world wars, etc., it is probable that most of them are tools of the Sanhedrin to a greater or lesser extent. And the Sanhedrin would be quite callous and unscrupulous in using them as might be expedient. For example, a large number of the Jews, or rather Khazars, who entered Palestine after the war were almost certainly driven there by fear of the Sanhedrin.

The basic purpose of the Sanhedrin being to destroy the Christian faith and set up an atheistic world order, it obviously includes the pollution, perversion and destruction of any truly religious elements in Jewry which might therefore in time turn to the Christian faith and also, probably, the destruction of Nordic- type Jews along with the other Nordic peoples, as it is in the remnant of the Nordic descendants of Shem via Abraham and Israel that the earthly part of God’s purpose in Christ is to be worked out, assuming that it is correct that the Israelites were originally Nordic.

The stupendous development of recent generations is well covered by a study of the books by Frances E. Newton, C. H. Douglas, A. K. Chesterton, B. Jensen, Douglas Reed, Colin Jordan, etc., mentioned in the bibliography at the end.

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