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Alex Jones Dossier – controlled opposition extraordinaire

Are Google and YouTube Protecting and Promoting Alex Jones? How Deep are Social Media’s Ties to The Trump Propaganda Machine?

Likudnik Alex Jones accused of grooming employees for gay sex, fondling, and deceiving audience

Evidence Alex Jones and InfoWars are a Russian Disinformation Warfare System Demoralizing Americans

Alex Jones prays for Israel, defends Israeli PM Netanyahu

The growing complexity of Alex Jones’ Israeli Connections

Trump’s presidential persona based on Alex Jones

InfoWars’ Alex Jones Stole Over 1,000 Articles From Kremlin-Backed Russia Today

Sheen sex scandal ensnares Alex Jones

Alex Jones admits to supporting Zionist Israel

Is Alex Jones A Zionist Shill?..Controversy Swirls

Alex Jones & Freemasonry:

Alex Jones masonic handshake

Alex Jones absolves Masons, says they are innocent and being used

Alex Jones admits he is not anti-mason!

Why is Alex Jones telling us about his ‘deep masonic roots’?

Freemason Alex Jones flaunts masonic grip live on air with alleged Clinton son

Alex Jones, freemasonry, and the cult of Constitution

Alex Jones and deep politics

Is Alex Jones A STRATFOR Double Agent?

Is Alex Jones externalizing the Illuminati hierarchy?

Alex Jones claims there is a good Illuminati and a bad one after bragging about his ‘major masonic roots’

Alex Jones all Koched up!

Millionaire Alex Jones’ mysterious Dogwood Creek home

Matt Drudge undoubtedly a Zionist agent

Alex Jones using hypnosis, subliminals, and NLP on audience

Alex Jones: Disinformationist

Did the CIA recruit Alex Jones through the John Birch Society?

The Alex Jones Affair — A Christian Patriot Family Betrayed

Stratfor had two Alex Joneses

Alex Jones creating bogus stories to circumvent Stratfor revelations

Parallels between Alex Jones and CIA front National Review

Alex Jones Limited Hangout

Alex Jones Exposed

Alex Jones Is A Liar

Alex Jones joins Alan Greenspan in calling for a Gold Standard

Alternative media continues to ignore Alex Jones’ Stratfor connections

Learned helplessness through the alternative media

Alex Jones Sells-Out to ABC

Alternative Media Broadcasters and Spiritual Compromise

Infowars photo op at Stratfor?

Alex Jones Promotes Scientology-Affiliated Leaders

False opposition Mark Dice returns to the InfoWhores fold Plugs Tom Cruise

Proof Alex Jones’ ex-wife is Jewish

Alex Jones Ex, Kelly Jones’ Statement on Fake News Daily Mail Article & Megyn Kelly

Alex Jones ignores adultery claim, leaked divorce with Jewish wife

The end of Alex Jones? Advertisers demand to be taken off the Infowars founder’s YouTube channel and he claims he was told his account is being deleted

Alex Jones: “I’m An Israeli Shill” – 12/6/2017 —Tell us something we don’t know, Jonesie

When Alex Jones Gets Asked About Jewish Finance

The “Backfire Effect” explains why many truthers fail to discard discredited theories, like Pizzagate, Flat Earth, Trump draining the swamp, or that Alex Jones is a legitimate enemy of the NWO

Alex Jones’ Infowars spying on its audience—and sharing the information

Newsweek suggests kosher conspiracist Alex Jones is selling toxic health products

Alex Jones’ Infowars ratings tanked shortly after Trump was elected. Jones had done his part well hijacking the conspiracy movement for Trump’s benefit

Hypocrite Alex Jones Censors YouTube Comments

Alex Jones’ Former Editor Trashes Him as a Trump Sellout and Snake Oil Salesman

The Mossad-Stratfor COINTELPRO Alex Jones operation narrative is falling apart; Pieczenik turns (at least seemingly)

Alex Jones hires yet another Zionist for his staff

Alex Jones fires employee for criticizing Donald Trump 

Alex Jones’ mother in law works for the U.S. Federal Reserve?

Desperate shills Alex Jones & Roger Stone hillariously claim Trump only acting like Zionist globalist because he is drugged!

Alex Jones Likudniking today—as usual

Alex Jones will allow some conspiracy talk regarding leftist Jews but absolutely non regarding Likudniks

Alex Jones mocking his audience by dancing with five Israelis—like the five Israelis on 9/11?

Alex Jones shills for Likud; claims Chump & Netanyahoo victims of coups

Zionist shill Alex Jones admits to promoting Y2K hysteria due to pressure from station in order to increase ad revenue

Alex Jones follows in the footsteps of Vladimir Zhirinovsky

Hypocrite Alex Jones as fake as Obama when crying

Alex Jones’ Jewish handler at Emmis promotes Hicks meme

The Stratfor Infowar – Wikileaks reveals more on Kinky cointelpro Jones

COINTELPRO caught setting up strawman attacks against Alex Jones

Alex Jones pulls the Goldman over the sheeple’s eyes

Mainstream media continues to use reverse psychology to promote Zionist shill Alex Jones

Laughable clown Alex Jones claims Muslims run the Federal Reserve

Alex Jones The Parking Lot Incident

Alex Jones custody trial:

VERDICT: Ex-wife of Alex Jones wins joint custody after bitter trial

After the court kicked his ass for being a deadbeat dad, Alex Jones lashes out in press conference

Role reversal: In custody trial, Kelly Jones is the Infowarrior & Alex Jones the globalist

Kelly Jones fears children are `morphing into’ ex-husband Alex Jones

Alex Jones formally diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder: doctor

Kelly Jones’ lawyer depicts Alex Jones as ‘master manipulator’

Judge denies Alex Jones’ request for mistrial after embarrassing evidence of Jones’ support of Pussygate

Trial confirms that Alex Jones’ new wife is indeed the Austin, Texas escort Erika Wulff, aka “Enya”

Alex Jones’ lawyer argues that he’s ‘playing a character’ as conspiracy personality

Truthers continue to ask questions about Alex Jones and his divorce—which he lies about

Alex Jones lies about his divorce when questioned by Infowars listener

EXCLUSIVE: Alex Jones’ Ex-Wife Tells All, Conspiracies, Fake Supplements

EXCLUSIVE: Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ ex-wife files for emergency custody of their kids because she fears they’re in ‘danger’ after the Infowars boss’ DWI bust

InfoWars’ Alex Jones is arrested for drunk driving in Texas after his ‘wife’ called cops over a ‘physical’ dispute then he ‘fled in his car despite drinking a bottle of sake’

EXCLUSIVE: ‘It’s pretty down there, isn’t it?’ Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones taunts his ex-wife by buzzing her home in a helicopter after judge ordered him to stay away in bitter custody battle


Sex and drugs and alcohol, gleanings from the Alex Jones Famous Fiction Writers School

Alex Jones turns to his 15-year-old son to defend him from bullying by David Hogg

Alex Jones’ infamous blowharding on BBC with Andrew Neil was ‘all an act’

Austin Chronicle, from 2000, documents Alex Jones’ dirty tricks

Zionist shill Alex Jones defends Goldman Sachs’ dominance of the Trump admin

A drugged up Joe Rogan and Zio shill Alex Jones engage in dark mockery back in their early years of COINTELPRO

Zionist occupied White House gives their Alt media shill-in-chief Alex Jones press credentials

Woman interrupts Alex Jones’ tirade: ‘You actually have liquor on your breath’

Alex Jones & Donald Trump’s Ties to CIA & CNP (10-21-16)

American traitor Alex Jones called out once again for his Zionist pimping

Di$info Jone$ Lets his Hasbara Slip Once Again

Alex Jones simultaneously shilling for Trump, Israel, Russia

Zionist turd Alex Jones uses ‘Judeo-Christian’ fallacy

PizzaGate Shooter Read Alex Jones. Here Are Some Other Infowarriors Who Perpetrated Violent Acts

Alex Jones’s search engine shows “Jew News” & “I love Jews” on his personal computer

Alex Jones: “I’m Going To Israel Soon”

Alex Jones responds to my article accusing him of using Neuro-linguistic programming—total denial, of course

Popular author and critic of International Zionism and Alex Jones found dead after being shot

Alex Jones’ swingin’ hatchet man Roger Stone admits he is a ‘libertine’

Protestant group calls Alex Jones fake Christian and anti-police agitator

Alex Jones part of military ‘mindwars’ psyop?

‘There is no doubt that God sent me and plenty of other great people’—cult leader Alex Jones

The Orlando Massacre and the Zionist Propaganda of Alex Jones

Alex Jones covers up Israel’s hand in the JFK assassination

Steve Pieczenik talks about Israeli involvement in 9/11, Alex Jones counters by bringing up Holocaust

Infowars Guru Alex Jones A Fraud – Let’s Go Over His Failed Predictions (VIDEO)

Zionist shill Alex Jones endorses official NASA narrative on Apollo moon landing hoax

Fake Christian Alex Jones rejects creationism, accepts alien seeding

AUDIO INTERVIEW: Alex Jones Wants Your Money, Beware

David Duke obliterates Alex Jones in debate, Jones pulls video from site

Rand Paul campaigner & Alex Jones crony Benton indicted in payment scheme

Long-time Alex Jones listener calls into show today, calls Jones a “Neocon”, “Zionist” shill

Busted: Jade Helm Hysteria Peddlers Dahboo7, Alex Jones, et al

Fickle Jones: Watch him flip flop over Sarah Palin

Alex Jones admits Jews “have done nothing but help me out”

Freudian slip? The Alex Jones show referred to as an “agency” by Fort AP Hill Army Base

Evidence Alex Jones was invited into Bohemian Grove

Jerusalem Post reporter suggests Alex Jones a Zionist gatekeeper?

How Gay Zionist Matt Drudge Serves As Alex Jones’ Web Traffic Pipeline

David and Charles Koch are funding libertarians, including Alex Jones

Alex Jones admits he helped found Koch Brothers’ Tea Party movement

Alex Jones flashes subliminal 666-AOK hand sign to induce audience..yet again

Rand Paul Belonged to Masonic Fraternity

Bohemian Grove exposed in 1974, 1981—long before Alex Jones

Stochastic terrorism:

COINTELPRO Alex Jones encourages listeners to simulate terrorist attacks

Alex Jones Is ‘No Better Than ISIS’: How The Infowars Host Spreads Fear For Profit

Is Alex Jones radicalizing his audience to carry out shootings?

Alex Jones Caught Setting Up JFK Protestors for 9/11-Style Terror Attack on Dallas FED Building

Bombing Suspects ‘Not Radical Jihadists’, But One Rather an ‘Alex Jones’ Fan

Zionist shill Alex Jones endorses official ISIS line

Alex Jones Network Fakes Molotov Cocktail in Ferguson Riot Hoax

Alex Jones is a new age guru, not a Christian

Prominent conspiracy forum admin warns “stay away from Alex Jones!!!”

Flashback: PrisonPlanet.TV got hacked and info was released. Alex Jones tried to cover it up!

Zio shill Alex Jones says Saudi Arabia controls America (Yes, he really said that)

Stratfor COINTELPRO Alex Jones endorses occultist Jordan Maxwell & New Age, ancient astronaut lies

Alex Jones getting anti-Zionist radio hosts kicked off of networks

Alex Jones InfoWars Promotes Holohoax Propaganda

Ten Reasons Why Alex Jones Should Be Tried For Treason

Flashback 2012: Alex Jones knew that Alan Watt outed him as a fearmonger and a NWO agent

Infowars employee shows cop Time Warner media pass 

Alex Jones Exposed – We are Zionist Shills Part 1

Alex Jones ex-wife was a PETA “attack dog”!

Sandy Hook:

Conspiracy theorist Infowars host Alex Jones sent families of Sandy Hook victims files that contained child porn, lawyer claims

Lawyers accuse Alex Jones of deleting evidence in Sandy Hook case

Alex Jones claims ‘form of psychosis’ made him believe events like Sandy Hook massacre were staged, as he gives three hour deposition in which he says he feels ‘very sad’ for the victims’ parents

Alex Jones’ muddled “Real Banking Solution”

Payday Monsanto schools Zio-shill Alex Jones on air

Allan Watt Says Prominent Patriot Leader is NWO Agent

Alex Jones Zionist denying with Bush Heckler

Michael Collins Piper owns Alex Jones and the “patriot” movement

Alex Jones crony Greg Palast related to Israeli Mossad chief David Kimche 

Infowars compares baby-killers to “holocaust deniers”

Flashback: Alex Jones hires intern who worked for Israeli intelligence in Austin, Texas

The many Jewish sponsors of Alex Jones

Alex Jones—controlled opposition; David Icke—committed internationalist

Alex Jones And Infowars: A False-Flag Terror Threat Assessment: Oklahoma City Bombing Redux Trending

Alex of Zion plays a blinder at the BBC

Alex Jones: Conspiracy Inc.

Alex Jones DARPA publicist?

Alex Jones: The Art of the Shill

RT Host To Alex Jones: Putin Told Me, “Say Hi To Alex”

Alex Jones may have been a Soviet asset all along

Feature: I Worked for Alex Jones. I Regret It.

Alex Jones Shills For Netanyahu, Israel & Putin HARD “I’m not for sale” but…

Alex Jones: Putin’s Meat Puppet

Alex “Wolf” Jones: Luciferian Pantheist Doctrine Exposed

Court upholds Alex Jones sanctions in Sandy Hook case

United States of Conspiracy (PBS documentary about Alex Jones)

Alex Jones casually attempting to instigate a Civil War at the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was involved in bid to turn Hunter Biden’s laptop into ‘Pizzagate’ style smear – that has now been seen by millions

Alex Jones joins armed protest in US amid Donald Trump´s `stolen election´ claim

Texas prosecutors drop Alex Jones’ DUI charge as his ex-wife claims the criminal justice system is giving the InfoWars star special treatment amid their custody battle and in the lead-up to his Sandy Hook defamation trial

Jerusalem Post: Anti-Jewish, ‘pro-Israel’ conspiracy theorist banned by Facebook

Infowars cohort Steve Piecenik admittedly descended from rabbis

Proud Boys leader Joe Biggs, 37, who was seen in video yelling ‘This is awesome’ as he entered US Capitol is arrested in Florida after he claimed that he went into building to use the bathroom

Justice Department is investigating possible ties between Capitol rioters with Roger Stone and Alex Jones

‘I wish I never met Donald Trump’: Alex Jones says he’s ‘so f**king sick’ of the former president in leaked video from 2019 – two years before he paid for the pro-Trump rally that preceded the Capitol riot

High court nixes Alex Jones’ appeal in Newtown shooting case

Opening to Infowars July 14, 2021 suggests New World Order is a Nazi conspiracy

Alex Jones claims he paid for rally that preceded Capitol riot

Alex Jones faces ruin as he’s found guilty in all four Sandy Hook defamation cases: Infowars conspiracy theorist is liable for damages after calling massacre a ‘hoax’ and the victims ‘crisis actors’

Alex Jones’ wife was arrested on domestic violence charges on Christmas Eve at their Austin home: He says she was suffering from ‘medication imbalance’ and he ‘loves her’

Alex Jones is accused of hiding MILLIONS of dollars in shell companies to avoid paying Sandy Hook families after they won defamation lawsuit

Man who had sued Alex Jones of Infowars for defamation unexpectedly dies in fire

Infowars agrees to end bankruptcy after Sandy Hook deal

Alex Jones accomplice Roger Stone admits to being a Zionist

Infowars producer is a Russian named Daria Karpova

A Fraud or a Fighter? Just Who Is Alex Jones? A Review of “Alex’s War”

A Trans Porn Star Reacts to Her Video Appearing on The Alex Jones Show

Alex Jones, Trump and many others are all on it (Video)

British traitor who was jailed for spying for Russians is a fan of Alex Jones and David Icke

Ex-Infowars employee who stormed Capitol gets home detention

U.S. judge ‘troubled’ by Alex Jones’ bankruptcy evasion

EXCLUSIVE: ‘They are two carrion bully birds of a feather!’ Alex Jones’s ex-wife shares audio of conspiracy theorist berating her in vile rant – and claims his pal Steven Crowder is using same controlling tactics to defame his wife

Infowars ‘War Room’ host Owen Shroyer pleads guilty to entering restricted area during Capitol riot

Infowarrior Joe Biggs jailed for 17 years thanks to Alex Jones and his provocateuring

Infowars host Owen Shroyer given two months behind bars in US Capitol riot case

Alex Jones interview with Russia’s #1 TV Kabbalist Vladimir Soloviev to Own the “Nazi-Globalists”!

REVEALED: Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones spent $2.2MILLION in just eight months – including $120k on his wife and $54k on housekeeping – despite pleading poverty and owing Sandy Hook families $1.5 billion

Alex Jones is Russia’s salesman

Russia to launch a new master’s degree program on how to conduct “information wars”

Soviets ran periodical called “Information Wars”

Alex Jones is ‘partying pretty hard’ in Texan desert town dubbed America’s ‘last outpost for outcasts’ – despite still owing Sandy Hook families $1 BILLION

Mike Adams of Natural News: Russian Intelligence Front Organization and Communist Connections

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