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Adam ‘Gatekeeper’ Green

Kabbalist charms?

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
April 30, 2020 Anno Domini

When the Judeo-Bolsheviks (Judbols) set up Operation Infowars, they didn’t have the foresight to put a plan in place to deal with those dissidents that would figure out it was an op.

So, they made it up as they went along, starting with charismatic charlatans like Mark Shouldice, better known as “Mark Dice”. This character staged a falling out with Alex Jones in the hopes of shepherding former Infowarriors disenfranchised with Jones and his shilling for the easily-manageable playpen of Judeocracy daycare. Dice would even dedicate Fridays as part of his almost daily Youtube rants to “exposing” the buffoonish Jones. Dice got so carried away (perhaps not) that he was even caught calling Alex Jones a “Zionist shill”. Dice later removed that comment—perhaps due to his handlers’ indecision as to whether such drastic measures would backfire.

What a coincidence. Adam Green retweets a Palmgren tweet promoting fake Infowars defector Mark Dice.

Long story short, Dice eventually denounced his anti-Jones activism and was brought back into the Infowars fold, where he remains to this day. And brought back with him were former Infowarrior dissidents…brought back to the white-picket-fenced daycare.

The new, reformed operation would have the added benefit of gatekeeping those already red-pilled on the Jewish question by keeping their attention focused squarely on the narrow view of anti-Zionism and the KGB’s Palestinian liberation movement. As expected, Gatekeeper Green has attracted a large swathe of moslems (and PLO-sympathetic Gentiles), who further cloud the truth of the Jewish question—that it is a conspiracy directed by Satan against Christ and His Holy Church.

Unfortunately, for the Judbols and their Infowars operation, it didn’t take long for even simpleton researchers to figure out Green, whether it was the obnoxious Chris Dorsey or Green’s early rival gatekeeper Brendon O’Connell, who correctly identified Green as a “spinoff” of Jones. Infowars has overplayed its hand by giving Green a platform as an Infowars dissident, once with Owen Shroyer, and a second time with the king gatekeeper himself, Alex Jones. Watching the staged opposition between Jones and Green is not only unbelievable but also uninformative. Green can never land a punch on any subject—other than to cry about “Zionists!” all day long—and Jones uses each missed hook to legitimize himself as the poor, censored truth teller, while Green’s groupies receive the dialectic as a victory for their one-dimensional anti-Zionist activism. It’s all so ridiculous.

O’Connell and others have accused Green of being too close to white nationalists, but the opposite seems true. Green’s provocateurish clown posse, the Goyim Defense League (GDL) are too over-the-top to be believed. Furthermore, what possible room could be available for white nationalism in Green’s narrative when it’s a 24/7 victim fest for the plight of the Palestinians and Arabs? Sure, like any good shill, Green must occasionally mention certain things to appeal to the different elements of his audience, being all things to all people (hypernormalization); however, his narrative is clearly centred on Palestinian victimhood and how Israel and the evil West are responsible. And just how in the world Green and his partner in shilling Jake Morphonionos passed into Israel with such ease to report on the Zionist oppression of those innocent Palestinians is anyone’s guess. Israel is not like the West. You can’t just show up and make your way to the taxi pickup after cruising through customs and security. But Green seems to have done just that.

Green’s fetish for an alleged third Temple in Jerusalem, and endless speculation on who will be the next anti-Christ—even though Green is not a Christian—rings of a cheap TV evangelist shekeleering from the dumb and the naive. But more sinister than that, he shares a striking anti-Western narrative with the KGB king of the alt right and anti-Zionism Aleksandr Dugin, who misses no opportunity to villify the West and its Western Jewish leadership whilst ignoring Eastern Jewry and the transfer of power over to it.

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