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The Hollywood Kabbalah Cult Unmasked – Part III

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By Timothy Fitzpatrick
May 12, 2014 Anno Domini

This series has been so successful in terms of blog hits that I decided to continue, now with the third installment. The series has summarized over 100 video presentations made by various people. Part III, a significantly shorter installment, will examine Hollywood’s ritual requirements and the little-talked-about casting couch that bigwigs, mainly Jewish, use to humiliate and control their willing servants. I must state that the following summaries are not my claims but merely notes on the videos made by others. As in the other series installments, links to the actual videos will precede the summaries.

Video 1
– Hollywood not really glamourous but all about rituals, demons, and sodomy
– Hollywood parties called “Pandora’s Box”, something out of Eyes Wide Shut
– Hollywood producers bring women to orgy casting couch; when someone is sodomized, it is called “gravy”, which you can here some stars refer to in interviews
– Sodomy ritual just the beginning of abuse
– Male stars allow themselves to be sodomized in order to move up in Hollywood; if they don’t comply with the sadistic requests, they are bankrupted, scandalized, or worse
– Gay sex tapes usted to blackmail stars
– John Travolta, Soulja Boy, P Diddy, Stephen Hill, Nas, Bow Wow implicated in sex tape blackmail
– David Letterman sexual blackmail
– Girl’s Gone Wild creator Joe Francis forced to pose in internet extortion video
– Will Smith, Denzel Washington, and other big-name stars not immune from ritual sodomy
– Benny Medina and Quincy Jones sexually initiated actor Will Smith
– If someone in the Kabbalah cult likes the daughter of a star, he/she must relinquish their child in order to move up
– insider claims U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy wanted his 14-year-old daughter
– Queen Latifah initiates Hollywood women using a strap-on
Monster’s Ball movie with Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thorton featured live sex ritual
– Jewish produced “Ghetto Gaggers” not just a porn but also in Hollywood
– Porn stars go to Pandora’s Box Hollywood sex parties, initiate stars
– Tony Braxton driven out of her mind over what she had to give up to be famous
– Cassie is P Diddy’s slave
– Matt Damon in drag, Samuel L. Jackson kisses Jamie Foxx
– Hollywood rituals, hierarchy used to control stars

Video 2
– Celebrities can’t get publicity without obeying the Kabbalah cult
– Stars eat feces, drink urine in some rituals
– Trayvon Martin’s father a freemason, sacrificed son
– The more wealth you have, the more rituals you will have to do
– “98 percent of Hip Hop is gay”; two percent of them got out
– All actors have homosexual sex
– Stars only allowed to hang out with other compromised people, as form of control
– Kim Kardashain and Kayne West—a match made by the Illuminati
– Almost all actors have herpes
– Hollywood donkey rituals with Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, Google co-founders, H. Ty Warner, Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls, Chicago White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf,  Congressman Mike Quigley, Senators Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk, William Wrigley, Rahm Emanuel, Kanye West, Sam Zell, Rocky Wirtz (Chicago Blackhawks), Groupon co-founder,, Valerie Jarrett, NBC news anchors Allison Rosati and Brian Williams, ABC’s Ron Majors, Wyatt Rockefeller, Hillary and George Soros
– Shaquille O’Neal’s “worthy of worship” masonic ring
– Hollywood stars hate to be alone and have no mirrors in their houses because once someone sells their soul, they see images of demons; this is the purpose of having entourages
– Rituals are constant; Satan demands more and more
Crystal City in Arlington, Virgina a place for politicians to engage in rituals?
– Media groups conspire on editorial direction
– Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie did rituals with U.S. President Barack Obama on Halloween
– Stars’ family members sacrificed to keep stars in fear and obedience

Video 3
– Government cokeheads; former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau a cocaine user
– New World Order usurping world’s resources in preparation for collapse
– Donalt Trump kisses “breasts” of tranny
– Masonic one-finger gesture
– Hollywood red carpet and blue dresses are colours of the Illuminati
– Jay Z doesn’t have to do rituals anymore because he’s “crossed over” and is master mason; but he has to give Satan souls
– Kayne West an apprentice mason; gave up his mother in order to move up in music industry
– Rick Ross also gives souls
– French Montana initiated into Illuminati
– Elton John masonic checkerboard floor and masquerade in Pepsi Cola commercial
– Lebron James part of Satanist weekend group
– Killing babies, eating hearts, bonking donkeys
– Food poisoning by mega corporations part of child sacrifice
– Jay Z and Hollywood’s bible is Aleister Crowley’s Book of the Law
– Jay Z, Easy E say Lord’s Prayer backwards and prat to Satan in return fot get inspired to write and perform music
– Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing In the Dark”: demons for dancers
– Hollywood stars and artists turn lights out and summon demons, “friendly spirits,” in order to help them write and perform
– Left Eye from TLC had lot of demons
– Whitney Houston goes to Africa to fight demons
– Star whackers went after Anita Baker after she failed to comply with Illuminati
– Demons and their occult slaves spy on Hollywood stars/artists
– Michael Jackson, Rockwell song “Somebody’s Watching Me” reveals Hollywood demons watching stars; Kabbalist succubus under the bed in this music video
– Joel Osteen consulted by demons, reports Hollywood troublemakers to high priestess/priest
– Moguls pray to Satan over their food
– Tupac (2pac) Shakur and Michael Jackson broke out of their programming early
– 700,000 missing people in America, many used for Satanic ritual
– Satanists and politicians required to eat hearts
– Smuggling of immigrants fuels Satanic rituals in America
– CIA behind illegal immigration
– Hollywood’s stars must obey their Illuminati handlers or their families will die
– Hollywood looking for souls, not talent

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