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Are Jewish-Masonic starwhackers after Scott Stapp?

By Timothy Fitzaptrick
December 13, 2014 Anno Domini

Randy Quaid, well known for his role as Chevy Chase’s redneck cousin “Eddie” in the National Lampoon series, made known to the world in 2010 the reality of  a “malignant tumor” of starwhackers in Hollywood, a secretive group of extortionists who exploit and, sometimes, murder Hollywood stars.

These starwhackers appear to be the secret police of Jewish Hollywood’s hierarchy of control over actors and musicians—making sure that stars don’t step out of line from the Kabbalist script of subversion, ritual, and human sacrifice. These starwhackers could very well be the Israeli commandos that already protect Hollywood’s elite.
Time has shown that if you want the best assassins, you go to the Israelis or to the Masonic power elite—both of whom dominate Hollywood.

Since Quaid’s disturbing revelations, several other stars have come out, corroborating Quaid’s disturbing claims. In 2011, actress Lindsay Lohan went public claiming a “freemason stalker” was trying to kill her. Before his mysterious death in 2009, Pop king Michael Jackson told his son someone was tried to kill him. Mel Gibson, who delivered a devastating blow to the Jewish-Masonic cryptocracy in 2004 with the film The Passion of the Christ, was and still is smeared relentlessly by the Jewish-controlled press as well as sidelined by Jewish Hollywood.
When one begins investigating the deaths of stars going back years and years, there are many inconsistencies and mysteries surrounding the official stories. Many of these mysterious deaths are touched upon in my series The Hollywood Kabbalah Cult Unmasked.

Scott Stapp

The latest starwhacker revelation involves Scott Stapp, the frontman of the defunct band Creed, whose bank accounts have been raided by the Hollywood tribe. When these stars begin to break from their sometimes MK Ultra Monarch programming, the starwhackers begin their blitz, first with a media smear campaign, then they raid the victim’s bank accounts, and finally, if necessary, assassination. It’s not yet clear how Stapp initially stepped out of line with Hollywood’s script, but Stapp is a Christian and is now clearly speaking out against the cryptocracy, as you will see in his public statement below. Zionist shill Mark Shouldice, an Alex Jones protege who has been trying to monopolize exposure of Jewish-Masonic Hollywood, has joined in the mainstream media’s smear campaign of Stapp, along with Stapp’s ex-wife Jaclyn Stapp. Like Dice, she’s probably been bought off. Check out her ridiculous claims about her former husband.

Here is Stapp’s public statement on his situation. Decide for yourself what is really going on.

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