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"We are for Stalin and the Soviet Union": Dugin

Photo: Nakanune.RU

Alexander Dugin: The lessons of religion are a great victory over Russophobes

From the first of September, religion lessons are being introduced in Russian schools. The problem of these lessons has long, and perhaps even from the very beginning of the discussion, been located in the political plane. For example, not so long ago, experts from the Minchenko Consulting holding called Patriarch Kirill one of the most successful lobbyists in the country, thereby certainly hinting at the notorious merging of the Church with the state, which this year is used to justify the dances on the shrines of Russian weapons. But seriously, what has the Orthodox Church been able to lobby for? Maybe a ban on abortion, which the hierarchs have been advocating for decades? Not yet. Or maybe the Church single-handedly "cut down" the law on health care (with a clause on mandatory vaccinations), which it actively fought against? It seems not, at least, all the glory in this case was taken by Dr. Roshal, specifically posed a question to Putin about this law in a memorable live broadcast. And only the introduction of religious lessons somehow justifies the thesis about the merging of the Church and the state. For several years, no consensus has been formed around these lessons, not only between liberals and statesmen. But even among the patriots themselves, the attitude towards this measure is ambiguous. Was it a mistake to introduce religion lessons in schools? To this question to the correspondent Was it a mistake to introduce religion lessons in schools? To this question to the correspondent Was it a mistake to introduce religion lessons in schools? To this question to the correspondentNakanune.RU was answered by a well-known sociologist, lecturer at Moscow State University Alexander Dugin .

Question : From the first of September, religion lessons will be introduced in all schools of our country without exception. There is an opinion that it was this step that gave the opponents of the Church a moral justification and factual argumentation in order to assert that the Church is not in fact separated from the state in violation of the Constitution, and all the anti-Church rhetoric of recent months is actually built on this assertion. Do you think this decision was a mistake?

Alexander Dugin: The lessons of religion are, of course, a victory over people who have no position, over citizens who hate their homeland. This is the victory of people with a spiritual orientation over people with no orientation other than corruption and insanity. In the question of lessons, there is only one point of view that is correct, all the rest are wrong. From the right point of view, these lessons are absolutely necessary to introduce, because people need to know the basics of their culture and their religion. Without studying the foundations of Orthodoxy, there can be no normal citizen at all, this is not a citizen, but a bastard. He will not be able to understand either the past of his country, or its present, or the logic of history, or the values ​​of this country. It will be a pig, not a citizen. A lot of these pigs have survived from the Soviet period, and a new type of pigs was stamped out by liberal propaganda of the 90s. Now we, finally, we are approaching the restoration of procedures in the educational sphere. Anyone who believes that the introduction of these lessons is wrong, has a different point of view, tries to defend atheistic values, he is just a bastard - an ignoramus or an agent of influence from the West, I ask you to print it like that. This is a great victory.

Question : However, it is most likely practically impossible to make this subject taught evenly and in the same proportions for all confessions in all regions, in all settlements, which will inevitably provoke religious conflicts that will be picked up by the media, returning over and over again to the federal agenda the problem of interreligious relations.

Alexander Dugin: As for other faiths. Only representatives of other monotheistic cults deserve to be listened to in this matter, in order, one way or another, to correct their position with them: Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and others. They may feel left out when only Orthodoxy is taught in religion classes. In this regard, I have two arguments. First: getting to know the Christian tradition is useful for any citizen of our country, since our country has always been an Orthodox state, it is not necessary to share Orthodox views on the world, but it is useful to know them. Secondly, ethics, which is brought up on the basis of religion, has much more in common in any denominations: reverence for the elder, rejection of drunkenness, debauchery, drugs, the cult of love, kindness, goodness, justice. In fact, an Orthodox education will help a child from an Islamic or Jewish family. Thirdly, in order to compensate for the predominance of the Orthodox in our country, of course, specialization in other areas should be provided for, which, by the way, is provided for by educational standards. For Muslims, Jews and others, of course, lessons of the Koran, Islam and so on should be given. It would be nice if, having familiarized themselves with the main religion of their country, they studied their own, especially since such textbooks have been published and hours have been allocated for this. There is only one question left - the competence of teachers. Our pedagogy is secularized and imbued with the atheistic spirit of Marxism-Leninism. This is the problem of teacher training. In fact, it is very difficult to explain the basics of faith to people who do not believe themselves, there is a dissonance between what they talk about and those principles that which guide them in their personal lives. These teachers should be, in my opinion, either secular teachers who have completed the relevant courses, or representatives of religious circles who have completed pedagogical courses, but if we are talking about secular teachers, they must have a certificate of completion of religion courses, and representatives of religious circles must confirm that familiar with the psychology of children and pedagogy. Both the Church and the teaching corps must make a very big effort to teach religion in the schools. they must have a certificate of completion of religious courses, and representatives of religious circles must confirm that they are familiar with the psychology of children and pedagogy. Both the Church and the teaching corps must make a very big effort to teach religion in the schools. they must have a certificate of completion of religious courses, and representatives of religious circles must confirm that they are familiar with the psychology of children and pedagogy. Both the Church and the teaching corps must make a very big effort to teach religion in the schools. 

There is nothing, in my opinion, terrible if a Muslim teaches the basics of Orthodoxy and vice versa. Such a teacher will still state many things correctly. Besides, it will only broaden his views. And children in these lessons will not be taught the Law of God as absolute truth. The child is simply introduced to the cultural environment and the matrix in which his country lives.

Question : But won't it turn out that thanks to these lessons, the topic of interreligious relations will become a constantly smoldering conflict? Considering that the country has problems with radical Islam, and the ROC has suffered serious image losses as a result of numerous scandals.

Alexander Dugin: Such arguments are taken from the ceiling. These are the arguments of Ekho Moskvy. Everything that the liberals say is not said out of common sense, but out of a suffocating, monstrous hatred for our fatherland. There is such a profession - Russophobia, there is such an argument - Russophobic. All rational proofs are subordinated only to the idea of ​​hatred for the past of our country, its present and future. You should not enter into these disputes, because double standards will continue, you will be explained that America can wage aggressive wars and be a prosperous democracy, and not Russia, a war waging totalitarian regime that requires immediate dismantling. From the point of view of Svanidze or Venediktov, all Russian authorities are obviously wrong, everything that the Russian Orthodox Church does is obviously wrong, and everything that fighters against Orthodoxy do is this is obviously a defense of human rights, expanding democracy, with examples for argumentation being used from Western societies, whatever they take. Since I have the pleasure of communicating with these characters on a daily basis, meeting in various debates, I have already learned that it is useless to communicate within the boundaries of rational arguments. Poison flows from their faces, their facial features are distorted, they hate my country, my culture, my Church. It is impossible to talk to them - they are like mad dogs. The orgy that is now going against the lessons of Orthodox culture in schools, against the self-organization of Orthodox people to protect themselves from attacks on their churches - everything is immediately subjected to a demoniacal overthrow, without arguments. It's impossible to endure. We have declared a real war. To all Russian bearers of their identity. We can not go to the position of our enemies, it is necessary to create and observe your own patriotic protocol. If you are a patriotic journalist, you should ask me questions from the patriotic protocol, thereby programming me and any interviewee in a patriotic way, that Russia is a great country, that our Church is the most correct, and the Americans want to de-sovereignize us.

Question : The patriotic press is read by Soviet patriots and religious patriots, Orthodox, Muslims and others. The introduction of religion lessons drives a wedge into the patriotic camp, and this split becomes very significant, don't you think?

Alexander Dugin : This is an artificial conflict that was sown by Venediktov, Svanidze and others. I have been fighting this for 25 years already, together with Prokhanov and other people, wanting to unite Soviet and Russian patriots, and every time, at every stage, during this or that campaign, hostile forces manage to separate us from different sides in order to assert their disgusting Russophobic models. This must end, we are for Stalin and for the Soviet Union, but the fact that Orthodoxy is the stronghold of our spiritual identity is clear to any bearer of Soviet or Orthodox identity. And with liberals it is necessary to finish, it is necessary to stop playing along with them.  


Ivan Zuev