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Vladislav Surkov is the author of Putinism, "Novorossiya", and the annexation of Crimea

I am the author, or one of the authors of the new Russian system ,” Putin’s aide Vladislav Surkov admitted bluntly in 2013 in a lecture room at the London School of Economics. " My scope in the Kremlin and in government includes ideology, the media, political parties, religion , modernization, innovation, international relations , and ... contemporary art ."

One of Surkov's many nicknames is "political strategist of all Rus'." The Kremlin's idea is to appropriate all forms of political discourse without allowing any independent movements to develop outside its walls. On September 15, 2011, in the building of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Mikhail Prokhorov told reporters that he “will achieve the resignation of the heads of the presidential administration, in particular, the first deputy head of the presidential administration Vladislav Surkov” and promised to “say what many people know, but are afraid of”: “In the country there is a puppeteer - presses on the media, tries to manipulate - Surkov. As long as such people manage political processes, politics in the country is impossible.”

Mikhail Prokhorov vs Vladislav Surkov :

Until December 2011, Vladislav Surkov served as First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, oversaw domestic policy issues. December 2011 to May 2013 - Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. And on September 20, 2013, Putin's decree on the appointment of Vladislav Surkov as Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation was published on the website of the head of state.

" He will deal with the same issues that Golikova dealt with as an assistant to the president, one to one ," said Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the head of state. When asked when Surkov would start work, the presidential press secretary replied that " the decree has been issued, which means it is already working ."

Vladimir Ryzhkov commented on the next appointment of Surkov very unflattering: “ The name of Vladislav Surkov is most directly connected with the most negative phenomena in the political life of our country. There is no need to look far for examples - it is enough to mention the emergence of the "Nashi" movement. Or the desire to manipulate public opinionand constant attempts to destroy freedom of speech. Or mass falsification of election results . Thus, I have no doubt: Surkov's return to big politics will further discredit Putin and his team and undermine the credibility of the government .”

Before that, information had already been leaked that Surkov would be assistant to the president on socio-economic issues of Abkhazia and South Ossetia and ... Russian-Ukrainian relations!

In 2004, the main Kremlin "puppeteer" Surkov already "left a legacy" in Ukraine - according to some reports, it was he who oversaw the support of the pro-Putin candidate for the presidency of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, a group of political strategists involved in the aggravation of the electoral split in Ukraine, as well as in organizing and promotion of the separatist congress in Severodonetsk as an alternative to the Kiev Maidan. A number of Ukrainian politicians, including Oleg Tsarev, Mikhail Dobkin, and many other first-tier politicians, are all creatures of Surkov.

At the height of the Ukrainian crisis, in late January and February 2014, Vladislav Surkov secretly served as Putin's special representative in Ukraine. He was assigned the authority to negotiate with the Ukrainian establishment, the right to conclude informal agreements. During this time, Surkov visited Crimea more than once, which was soon subjected to Putin’s annexation according to the “Surkov propaganda” scenario.

On June 16, 2014, Alexander Borodai frankly admitted in a public statement that it was Vladislav Surkov who was behind the implementation of Putin's Novorossiya project:

I can assure you that the Russian leadership absolutely understands correctly how to solve the problems of the Donetsk People's Republic. And we are ready to contribute to this at a very high level. I have also long known and respected presidential aide Vladislav Surkov , who always provides the Donetsk People's Republic with serious support. Without exaggeration, Surkov is our man in the Kremlin .”

Putin and his Novorossiya project: a chronology of facts for a future history textbook :

On September 19, 2014, Vladislav Surkov, the notorious aide to the President of the Russian Federation for Ukraine, paid a visit to Donetsk . Meeting with the political and military leaders of "Novorossiya", he called for cooperation with him personally. Those who refused are now under severe pressure from the Russian military.

After Alexander Zakharchenko's "watching" at a personal meeting with Surkov in Rostov, he was appointed the new "premier" instead of Borodai, who immediately resigned. Annoyed Igor Girkin ("Strelkov") in a temper gave out classified information: " at the end of September 2014 in Moscow, in a restaurant, 60 people were celebrating the victory" led by Surkov . Borodai, Zakharchenko and Purgin "walked" from the DPR ":-)

As already reported, on September 25, 2014, in the official statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry, for the first time, “ Novorossiya ” was mentioned not as “so-called” or “self-proclaimed”, but as a state entity (republic), with the authorities of which the leadership of Ukraine was recommended to conduct all negotiations “between the authorities in Kiev and the leadership of Novorossiya ”?!

Continuing the public skirmish on the Internet ( see photo ), Igor Girkin ("Strelkov") betrayed all his Kremlin curators with giblets: " Alexander Borodai is Vladislav Surkov's bedding " 🙂

Putin and his Novorossiya project: a chronology of facts for a future history textbook :

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On March 12, 2014, under the pseudonym "Natan Dubovitsky", Vladislav Surkov published his story "Without Heaven". A few days later, Putin annexed Crimea. Surkov helped organize the annexation: he created a whole theater with Night Wolves, Cossacks, staged referendums, scripted puppet politicians and armed men. Putin's new affiliated adherents - right, left, religious - en masse supported the president.

Recall that in March 2011, there were reports in the press that the wife of 46-year-old First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Vladislav Surkov, Natalya Dubovitskaya, is the largest owner of the starch and sugar industry in Russia: Vedomosti, March 23, 2011 .

As Surkov wrote in the story "Without Sky", which takes place after the " fifth world war " in a dystopian future: " It was the first non-linear war ." Indeed, according to military analysts, Putin has unleashed a new type of war in Ukraine, which has become known as a “hybrid” war!

Surkov's story predicts that “ in the primitive wars of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, two sides usually fought. Two nations. Two temporary unions. Now four coalitions clashed. And not like two for two. Or three against one. No. All against all "?!

In fact, Vladislav Surkov borrowed his futurological simulacrum from a work already in the 16th century. - “Elements of natural and civil law” (1642) by the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679), where the transformation of society into a mass of individuals at war with each other is allegorically predicted: “There is no doubt thatwar was the natural state of man until society was formed, and not justwar, andwarallagainstof all ( bellum omnium contra omnes) ."

Surkov's scenario paints a grim vision of a near future where, instead of playing together, interconnectedness has come to mean multiple rivalries between movements, corporations, and states, where old alliances such as the EU and NATO have frayed, and where the Kremlin can play on new volatile strings of loyalty and interest, on the flow of oil and money, tearing Europe away from America, setting one Western company against another, and them together against their own governments, so that no one else knows who has what interests and who goes where ...

It must be said that earlier Vladislav Surkov opened up in his2009 novel Near Zero, also published under the pseudonym Natan Dubovitsky:

« The south is controlled by the Khazar Khaganate. For about a thousand years. All these national republics, parliaments, courts, portraits of the president / prime minister, municipal districts, elections, policemen are fiction, imitation. Under Soviet rule, local party organizations, soviets, busts of Lenin, executive committees were the same imitation. In fact, both then and now, and under the kings, the Khazars ruled and still rule the South, a small secret nationality that lives on the other side of the Elbars peak. They set boundaries, resolve disputes, distribute money and positions among ethnic groups and clans. They are so cunning, warlike and stubborn that even the Chechens respect them. They are not strong enough, of course, to ignore Russia, to decide everything themselves. But it is enough that without them not a single issue could be resolved. Between Russia and Khazaria two hundred years ago, a secret treaty that is still in force was signed, according to which, in exchange for subsidies and military assistance, the khanate pretends to be part of an empire / union / federation and does not support all its geopolitical rivals. Khazars know everything and everyone in the South".

In this regard, it is worth recalling the testimony of journalist Maria Gessen that Putin, during a personal audience on September 11, 2012, recalled, perhaps, the most scandalous episode of recent years, connected with maintaining his image of a fearless macho who knows how to fly fighter jets, ride horses and load into the depths of the sea. “ It's like with amphoras. Then everyone started shouting that the amphorae had been planted. Well, of course they were planted ! "- said Putin and laughed, as Gessen writes, "at idiots who might even think that this is not so . " “ But why did I dive? - he continued, - Not in order to inflate the gills, but so that people know their history. That's even you, probably with your education, don't know whatthere used to be a kaganate in this place , that the steppe peoples adopted Judaism":

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