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Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs removes migrant crime statistics while Putin calls for more migrant labour

After the terrorist attack committed by Tajik terrorists, they decided to hide "inconvenient" figures from the common people. A purely Soviet reception from Soviet grandfathers - to classify everything, hide, hide from the eyes of ordinary mortals. And at the same time, to feed the audience endless reports about record milk yields, friendship of peoples and building a bright future for a multinational power.

In the Ministry itself, the legitimate question about the reasons for the concealment of criminal statistics on migrants was answered that they were not obliged to publish such information. Why did they publish this information earlier and for what purpose it was deleted right now the department refused to respond. At the same time, they promised that they would still share the information upon request.



April 4, 2024

Putin: Russia has a choice between importing migrants and increasing labor productivity

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the country should either increase labor productivity or attract migrant workers. In his opinion, the economy will experience a shortage of personnel in the coming years.

"I would ly emphasize that taking into account the demographic challenges, in the coming years the Russian economy will experience a high need and even a shortage of personnel. That's absolutely certain. We must understand this, we will live with it in the coming years," Mr. Putin said at the Congress of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia (quoted from Interfax).

According to the President, it is "critically important" to increase labor productivity, modernize industry, agro-industrial complex, services and other sectors of the economy and social sphere. To do this, you need to use digital technologies, automation of production and management processes. According to the head of state, this should lead to an improvement in the working conditions of specialists and an increase in their income.

"We do not have much choice: either we need to import labor from abroad, or to increase labor productivity," Mr. Putin added.

During his message to the Federal Assembly at the end of February, Vladimir Putin announced the launch of a new national project called "Pennel". Its stated goal is to coordinate the professional self-realization of Russians with the capabilities of the education system and the greatly changed requirements of the labor market.

More information about the program can be found in the material "Kommersant" "Department of missing personnel".

Leonid Uvarchev