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Russian high school students arrested for gang-raping 10-year-old boy


Mar. 30. 2023

In the case of the rape of a 10-year-old child by schoolchildren, new details appeared - employees of the Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee for Tuva, where the child was abused, could shield the suspects in the commission of this crime. This was announced by State Duma deputy Alexander Khinshtein in his Telegram channel.

The parliamentarian has already devoted two publications to this case. In the first, he saidthat he had sent deputy requests to the Prosecutor General's Office and the Investigative Committee of Russia with a demand to take this case under special control.

In the second entry, Khinshtein shared a post by a member of the Presidential Human Rights Council, Eva Merkacheva, and described the investigation into the crime as "wildness." He noted that the authorities of the Tuvan investigators for two months did not pay attention to the "lawlessness" of their subordinates.

At the same time, the publication cited by Khinshtein contains other details that cast a shadow on the work of the regional authorities.

As the human rights activist found out, the first abuse of a child by high school students was committed in January 2023, when the boy was returning from the freestyle wrestling section. Three high school students guarded the child and dragged him into the school toilet, where they abused him.

Merkacheva added that the teenagers who raped the child were returning from the celebration of the birthday of one of them. Whether they were in a state of intoxication, which could have become an aggravating circumstance in court, the human rights activist did not specify.

Teenagers intimidated the boy, and he did not talk about what happened at home, and soon the abuse was repeated.

Despite the fact that the child was raped at school, neither the guards nor the administration of the educational institution noticed what was happening. The Ministry of Education of the republic reported that an inspection had been launched against the school administration, and the school director was suspended from work.

After the junior high school student informed his mother about what had happened, she immediately turned to the investigators, and without the presence of a psychologist and without offering medical assistance, they began questioning the victim, which the boy's relatives compared to an interrogation.

“The boy was crying all the time. Then he, exhausted, was sent a hundred kilometers for examination, ” Merkachev quotes the words of the victim’s aunt.

Only nine hours later, the child was taken to the doctors, but not for hospitalization, but for an examination, which the family of the elementary school student described as barbaric.

Separately, deputy Khinshtein noted that the child who had experienced violence did not receive proper medical or psychological assistance. The parliamentarian called the medical procedures performed an imitation.

The boy's family reported that during his hospitalization he was treated only with enemas and saline drips. At the same time, the victim himself thought about suicide - before telling his mother about several cases of rape, he started a conversation with her about death and asked if “it hurts to die.”

Now, according to local media, the situation is under the control of the Ministry of Health, the government and the head of the republic, Vladislav Khovalyg. The child will be sent for treatment to Moscow at the Sukharev Scientific and Practical Mental Health Center for Children and Adolescents. Minister of Health of Tuva Anatoly Yugai assessed the condition of the victim as satisfactory.

The investigation of the criminal case is ongoing, three suspects have been placed under house arrest by the court.