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Russian father sentenced to two years in prison after daughter's teacher reported him because of daughter's Ukrainian flag drawing

March 28, 2023
Evgeny Dyatlov

However, the man was not present at the trial. The case of Aleksey Moskalev was considered in one day. The Efremov inter-district court found a 53-year-old man guilty of repeatedly discrediting the army (280.3 of the Criminal Code) due to posts in Odnoklassniki about Bucha and Ukrainian prisoners of war.

At the same time, almost all the witnesses for the prosecution turned out to be employees of the school where his daughter studied - because of their denunciation, the persecution of the family began.

Last spring, 12-year-old Masha made a drawing with a woman shielding a child from flying rockets and the flag of Ukraine during an art lesson. The teachers informed the police about this, they opened two administrative cases against the father of the sixth grader (also for posts on social networks), and as a result, the family was forced to leave for another city. In December, a criminal case was already opened against Moskalev - a couple of months later he was detained, and his daughter was sent to a “rehabilitation shelter”, where she has been for a month. Nothing is known about the girl’s condition: the institution does not allow her to be taken away from there or at least communicate with relatives. On April 6, the court will consider the demand to deprive Aleksey Moskalev of parental rights - after that, the girl's stay in the shelter may formally become legalized.