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Russian Chabad issues Noahide Declaration for prospective noahides

Declaration and certificate for Noahides

By Sholem Lugov
July 16, 2023

The "Moshiach Headquarters" organization (presented by the site) in cooperation with the rabbis of Chabad in the Holy Land offers you a new project - a declaration for people who wish to officially mark themselves as Noahides, that is, those who observe the 7 commandments of Noah's descendants.

We have prepared color declaration forms in PDF format for downloading and printing. The declaration must first be signed by oneself, and then handed over to the rabbis for signature. This is an official document that confirms a person's desire to observe the 7 commandments of Noah.

In addition to the declaration, a special certificate was developed , which is issued to Noahides on behalf of our organization after signing the declaration to document the Noahide religion. Those who wish to receive a certificate can contact us.

We ask the leaders of the Bnei Noach communities and communities to pay attention to the implementation of this initiative. Support will be needed in spreading the declaration among rabbis and Noahides.

We hope for cooperation!