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Russia to give discounts to migrants

March 22, 2023

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has proposed to give migrants a discount on personal income tax for good knowledge of the Russian language, said the head of the Main Directorate for Migration of the department, Valentina Kazakova, RIA Novosti reports . .

The representative of the ministry indicated that the possibility of introducing a lowering coefficient of the monthly advance payment is being considered in order to stimulate the study of the Russian language.

“It is proposed to introduce a discount coefficient to the income tax of an individual, paid in the form of a fixed advance payment, depending on the level of knowledge of the Russian language, knowledge of the history of Russia and the basics of legislation,” Kazakova explained.

It is proposed to introduce a coefficient of 10 percent for basic proficiency, 15 for intermediate, 20 for advanced, and native Russian speakers a 50 percent discount.

The head of the department added that the discount could be suspended for offenses such as hooliganism, extremism or traffic violations. In order to receive preferential conditions back, it will be necessary to rehabilitate, for example, by taking part in public works.

Earlier it became known that the Ministry of Internal Affairs supported some easing of the migration legislation, which was proposed by Boris Titov, authorized under the President of Russia for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs.