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Putin is a pederast, a degenerate, and a pedophile...and everyone should know about it

April 20, 2012

I already wrote earlier that we need to drop Putin's rating to the plinth rating, and this has already happened. Now we need to create such an anti-rating for this bastard, so that EVERYONE would run away from him like the plague. His entourage, his apparatus, his friends, his accomplices and even the special services must flee from this idiot so as not to drown with him. But they can drown! When this LEAKER goes to the bottom gurgling and emitting gases, it can drag many into the funnel!

That is why we must now remove all this husk from Vovka and show the people his real face. More precisely, the muzzle, because it is sickeningly ugly. You need to start with the fact that Putin is a pronounced degenerate with a huge inferiority complex. From this and his constant ferocity, cruelty, irascibility, agre ssia, megalomania, posturing, pedophilia and vindictiveness.

As Freud said to Papela, the origins of this must be sought in Putin's childhood. And the childhood of this monster is covered in darkness. The only clue is his life in St. Petersburg in a communal apartment. As repeatedly written in the press, Putin lived in a communal apartment with a Jewish neighbor and spent a lot of time in a room with a neighbor because his adoptive parents worked hard and returned late at night. This is where Sigmund Freud comes in handy. Apparently, Putin was sexually abused by a neighbor. Hence his pedophilia (remember how, while walking around the Kremlin, Putin met a group of tourists, among whom was a teenager. Putin fell on his knees in front of the boy and began convulsively pulling his T-shirt out of his pants. After this vile procedure, Putin began, on his knees, to kiss and to slobber the boy's belly (and this was shown by the central TV channels!).

So Putin earned money for ice cream by slobbering the old member of the su of a communal neighbor. Naturally, this affected his behavior at school. After all, Putin grew up as a weak and sickly child. So his classmates poked around, took away the pennies minted for ice cream. Putin went to fight in order to take revenge on the offenders. Thus formed his vindictiveness and malice. Later, when Putin entered St. Petersburg University, these qualities were supplemented by denunciation of fellow students and envy of others. It must be said that at the St. Petersburg University in those days there was a strong pederastic lobby. So most likely Vladimir Vladimirovich had to lubricate his ass with Vaseline. How else to explain his career growth and good academic performance with a clearly expressed meager intelligence.

The image of a rather smart and slightly witty guy was created by the media with great difficulty! In fact, we can sometimes see how the real Putin breaks through this painted mask. This is a cynic, a man of a narrow-minded mind, greedy and cruel, an obvious Russophobe, a non-human and a pedophile. This is an approximate psychological portrait of Putin. The main thing is to convey this information to ordinary people. And there, they themselves will begin to look closely at Putin, cut off the informational husk and look at the true insides of this ghoul. Well, how can a normal person give the command to blow up houses with peacefully sleeping residents? Will a normal person start a massacre in the republics of the Caucasus? If people want to live separately from Russia, let them live as they want! Is it necessary to bomb the people for this desire, crush children with tanks, kidnap and shoot hostages? A normal person would not do this! And would a normal person, using his official position, steal 70 BILLION dollars?! What about sending your wife to a monastery? Yes, even the daughters do not want to communicate with this ghoul! Tell me folks, are we supposed to put up with this bastard, this shit for years and years? Maybe it's easier to beat this creature? I think it would be easier for everyone from such a solution to the Putin issue.