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Putin called Stalin 'daddy' at World Economic Forum subsidiary

MOSCOW, September 6 - RIA Novosti. President Vladimir Putin, during a meeting with members of the public at the Eastern Economic Forum, commented on the issue of ownership of the southern part of the Kuriles. The video with the speech was published by the RT channel.
During the discussion at the WEF, Anatoly Shtanko, director of the Seven Oceans Maritime Training Center, noted that various dates are mentioned in history related to the status and belonging of the islands. The President, in response to this, recalled that Russia proceeds from the fact that, following the results of World War II, the Kuriles were ceded to the Soviet Union.
"Let's build on this and rely on the starting point. Papa (Joseph Stalin. - Ed.) took everything - and that's it, and that's it. Father of the peoples," Putin said.
The Fifth Eastern Economic Forum is taking place in Vladivostok on September 4-6. MIA "Russia Today" acts as the general information partner of the WEF.

The situation with the islands

Japan claims the islands of Kunashir, Shikotan, Iturup and the Habomai range, referring to the bilateral Treatise on Trade and Frontiers of 1855.
In turn, Moscow insists that the islands became part of the USSR following World War II, and Russian sovereignty over them is beyond doubt.
In 1956, the USSR and Japan signed a Joint Declaration, in which Moscow agreed, after the conclusion of a peace treaty, to consider the possibility of transferring Habomai and Shikotan to Japan. The fate of Kunashir and Iturup was not affected. However, subsequent negotiations led to nothing and the countries never signed a peace treaty.
In November last year, a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Shinzo Abe was held in Singapore. Then the Japanese prime minister said that the parties agreed to speed up the negotiation process on a peace treaty on the basis of the 1956 declaration.
At the same time, the Russian authorities have repeatedly stressed that Japan must first of all recognize the results of the Second World War, including Russian sovereignty over the South Kuriles.