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NGO Committee recommends General Consultative Status for 'Institute of Noahide' and 'The Fishermen'

*Translated from the French
MAY 27, 2021

NGO Committee Recommends General Consultative Status for “Institute of Noahide” and “The Fishermen” and Takes Note of 647 Quadrennial Reports

The NGO Committee, which today completed the first part of its session, which began on May 17, today recommended to the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) to grant general consultative status to the "  Institute of Noahide  and “  The Fishermen  ”, both American. It deferred its decision on seven applications for special consultative status, pending responses to additional questions. It also took note of 647 quadrennial reports. Those from Britain's  Amnesty International  (UK) and a handful of other organizations are still awaiting approval. 

Winner of general consultative status, "  Institute of Noahide  " claims to promote peace, democracy and harmony through the values ​​of the seven laws of Noah universally accepted by all nations, cultures and religions. Since 2017, the Institute says it has been working with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNESCO) and UN-Women on education and promoting a culture of peace. She intends to organize a conference to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of the advent of democracy in the countries of Central Asia. The Committee also took note of the quadrennial reports of the NGO for the period from 2015 to 2018. 

Also a recipient of General Consultative Status, “  The Fishremen  ” says that with this new status, it will be well positioned to work more closely with UN agencies on the ground and offer valuable insights to the General Assembly. The NGO intends to participate in the next high-level meeting on human trafficking in September and is particularly focusing on this problem in Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. The NGO Committee took note of the quadrennial reports of the organization for the period 2016-2019. In all, he took note today of 647 of these reports, with the exception of those of 14 organizations including the British "  Amnesty International ". China wanted to know what this NGO is doing in the area of ​​climate change. 

The Committee can recommend three different consultative statuses with ECOSOC. The first, general consultative status is granted to large international NGOs, whose fields of action and work cover the majority of the points contained in the agenda of ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies. These NGOs are authorized to submit written communications and petitions to the Council, and to propose the inclusion of items on the agenda. 

Special consultative status is reserved for NGOs working in a specific area and allows them to submit written communications and petitions to ECOSOC. Finally, the List goes to NGOs which tend to work in a more technical and/or restricted way. They can only submit written communications to the Economic and Social Council. 

The Committee, which took note of the change of name of seven NGOs and recommended that ECOSOC close the file of 34 organizations without prejudice, will resume its work on June 7, 2021 to adopt the report of this first part-session.  

Grant of General Consultative Status

“  Institute of Noahide  ” (USA) 

“  The Fishermen  ” (USA).  

Consideration of requests for special consultative status carried over from previous sessions

How Turkiye Diyanet Vakfi (Turkey) was able to accumulate a sum of three billion dollars? How did she dispose of this money? asked Greece . The same delegation wanted to know the origin of the foreign financial contribution to Türk Kadınlar Birliği Derneği (Turkey). India has requested from United Sikhs ( USA) the document that it is already accredited to ECOSOC. She also asked for the latest version of the NGO's financial situation. 

Who are the members of Verein Euro Mea (Switzerland)? wanted to know Cuba . Why is it headed by a General Management and a Board of Directors when it only has three members? added the delegation. India has requested from İslam Dünyası Sivil Toplum Kuruluşları Birliği ( Turkey) the list of the 63 countries where it is present as well as that of all the projects it has carried out there. The Russian Federation pointed to the “inconsistency” of the financial information provided by INPUD Limited (United Kingdom). 

What is the nature of the activities of Widows for Peace through Democracy (UK) to implement Security Council resolution 1325 (2000) on “women, peace and security”? Turkey asked . 

Examination of quadrennial reports of NGOs with consultative status with ECOSOC

Turkey asked the Armenian Assembly of America (USA) for the list of participants in the conference on the Sustainable Development Goals that it organized in 2008. Who participated? Who funded it? Is there a final document? China asked International Association for Religious Freedom (UK) about the general congress it organized in 2018. The same delegation asked Human Rights Fights (USA) for examples of the activities it carried out on the American territory for the defense of human rights. 

What is the nature of the contribution of the International Bar Association (USA) to the United Nations Blockchain Project? asked China . The same delegation noted that Access Noworganized a roundtable in the European Parliament. What are the results? China asked Advocates for Human Rights what it is doing to advance Goals 5 and 16 on gender equality and open and peaceful societies of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. What Amnesty Internationalis doing (United Kingdom) in the area of ​​climate action? asked China .  

Cuba requested more information on the contribution of CIVICUS World Alliance for Citizen Participation (Switzerland) to the ECOSOC High Level Political Forum and the Human Rights Council. The same delegation asked the Committee to Protect Journalists Inc. (USA) how it protects the information it provides to the UN on the persecution of journalists around the world. What has the Ecumenical Federation of Constantinopolitans (Greece) done for the protection of the region's religious heritage? asked Turkey

Why is Freemuse - The World Forum on Music and Censorship (Denmark) reporting no activity in 2018? Cuba asked . The same delegation wanted to know if the information sent by Front Line, The International Foundation for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders (Ireland) to UN bodies is truly “reliable”.  Human Rights Now (Japan) was requested by China to provide a list of its partners between 2016 and 2019. 

What is the final outcome of the food conference organized by Human Rights Information and Training Center (Yemen)? Who participated? asked Libya . How does People for Successful Corean Reunification (Republic of Korea) ensure that the information it sends to the Human Rights Council is truthful? asked Cuba . He also wanted to know if the closure of the offices of UPR Info (Switzerland) in Kenya and Thailand had any effect on its operation. 

Change of names of NGOs with consultative status with ECOSOC

The Committee took note of seven name changes: “Africa and Middle East Refugee Assistance – AMERA” becomes “  AMERA International Limited  ”; “Dignité lmpact/Impact Dignity”, “  Dignité Impact/ Dignity Impact  ”; “Fondazione Rosselli Americas”, “  Knowledge for Development Corp.  »; “International Paint and Printing Ink Council”, “  World Coating Council, Inc.  ”; “International Peacebuilding Alliance (Inerpeace)”, “  Interpeace  ”; “IOGT International”; “  Movendi International ”, and “World Animal Net, Inc.”, “  World Federation for Animals, Inc.  ”

The Committee recommended that ECOSOC close without prejudice the files of 34 NGOs which, as of May 21, 2021, had still not responded to its last three reminders.