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Multipolarism 'the beginning of a new world order', admits Multipolar Forum in Moscow

Lavrov and Seagal break through the defense: Unexpected response to the West

3 days ago
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On February 26 and 27, Moscow will host two landmark international events at once - the Multipolarity Forum and the Rusophila Movement Congress. For the second time in a row, the capital of Russia is becoming a meeting place for very well-known representatives of the sober foreign elite in the world - which is worth only the names of Steven Seagal, Pepe Escobar or former CIA analyst Larry Johnson. However, the main thing is the meaning. At the time of the collapse of liberal hegemony led by the Anglo-Saxon West, it is the supporters of multipolarity who will decide the fate of the future world, and they will do so in Moscow.


A year of great hope

The upcoming events already have a certain basis - the major events of 2023, which should be recalled. March 14 and April 29 became the landmark dates of last year for multipolarity. The first-ever Constituent Congress of the International Russophile Movement was held in Moscow. For the first time in such a difficult time, when unprecedented Western pressure is underto our country, representatives of 42 countries, including figures of the Western world, gathered at one event.

The congress was addressed by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, LDPR Chairman Leonid Slutsky, Vice-Speaker of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev, Deputy Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia at the World Russian People's Council (VRNS) and founder of the First Russian TV Channel Tsargrad Konstantin Malofeev, American director and screenwriter Steven Seagal and many others spoke at the congress.

Well, on April 29, there was an unimaginable event that caused a stir around the world (this is not an exaggeration) - the first-ever "Multipolarity Marathon" was held on the basis of the Tsargrad TV channel (official name - Global Congress on Multipolarity. In total, the event was attended by over 100 representatives of the intellectual, public and political elite from more than 60 countries of the world.

It was an online conference that lasted about 17 hours and became the world's most unique dialogue of representatives of Eurasia, Southeast Asia, West Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America. The participants were: representatives of left and right views, economists, political scientists, public activists, politicians with the rank of current and former prime ministers.

We are witnessing agony now. What Fukuyama recently seemed to be the end of history, what was presented to the peoples of the world as not just the end of history, but its crown, as the end in the absolutely ideal society of liberal Western democracy, turned out to be a lie. It turned out that the world of liberal democracy is a world of chaos, violence, segregation, racism and universal hatred. It's a world ruled by minorities,

- said the founder of the First Russian Konstantin Malofeev, recalling the "end of history" by the American political scientist and philosopher Francis Fukuyama, who saw the collapse of liberal hegemony and the collapse of the whole world.

Participants in both events last year unanimously noted that the end of the liberal world order existing under the fifth of one hegemon is the way to nowhere. And the end of such an order is not the end of the world, but, on the contrary, the beginning of a new world order based on equal and fair relations between all countries.

Both events on a global scale, and even with the support of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, gave the necessary signals to all representatives of the intellectual elite of the world - and in 2024 several hundred delegates from the vast majority of countries of the world are expected to participate.

Forum about the future

The importance of the Multipolarity Forum, which will be held on February 26, cannot be overestimated. Just look at the names of the sections - these are the most important issues of the global world order today. For example, the section "Global South. Changes in global architecture" or "West after hegemony. Is it possible to save European civilization?" Another section is "The role of China in a multipolar world" (I think that the speeches of delegates on this topic will be studied under a microscope in the U.S. Department of State).

The forum is positioned by the organizers as a platform for the exchange of views and search for a common course of the world majority, striving together with Russia to participate in the formation of a more just multipolar world based on the principles of equality, mutual respect and cooperation,

- said the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova at a briefing on February 14.

The Russophile Conference headed by the founder of the movement, Bulgarian politician and political scientist Nikolai Malinov, will also be the forum. Russophiles are a special category of supporters of the multipolar world. The ideological basis here is the sense of intimacy and involvement of Russian culture, language, art and spirituality.

It is expected that this event will bring together several hundred foreign delegates from around the world and become an important platform for the exchange of views for everyone who is interested in what is happening in the world, in our country, wants to join Russian cultural and spiritual and moral values,

- Maria Zakharova noted on this occasion.

As for the political motives of both events, last year they were extremely accurately described by one of the most famous Brazilian journalists and analysts Pepe Escobar, who will come to Moscow this time:

85-87% of the world's population is already ed up with this hegemonic power and the power of their vassals in the West. This means that what we are doing now, we need to do all the time. As our Chinese friends would say: exchanges between people, "man-man" contacts. And we need to speak systematically in any language. We constantly need to coordinate our actions at the regional, continental and global levels.

Known all over the world

The guests of both events in Moscow are very famous people, remarkable in themselves. Not to mention what will happen when they meet together. Thus, one of the most famous guests from China will be Chang Weiwei, a professor at Fudan University, director of the China Institute (Shanghai) and the favorite political scientist of Chinese President Xi Jinping, who used to work as a personal translator of Deng Xiaoping.

Support for non-Western countries or their understanding of this goal is supported by the fact that now large non-Western powers such as China, Russia, India and Iran call themselves more openly civilizational states. In international relations, Western powers have long adhered to the "divide and dominate" strategy since colonial times. On the contrary, major non-Western powers, in particular China, following their tradition of a civilizational state, profess the exact opposite principle of "unite and prosper"

- said Professor Weiwei last year.

From Europe will be attended by Princess Vittoria Alliata di Villafranca - a descendant of the oldest family dating back to the Lombard kings, the largest specialist in the Islamic tradition, author of many monographs and translations (the best translator into foreign languages of the epic J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, by his own admission).

Larry Johnson, an extremely popular blogger in American conservative republican circles and gaining popularity in Russia, former CIA analyst Larry Johnson will come from the United States. Johnson was repeatedly invited to his broadcasts, for example, by American journalist Tucker Carlson (in a special view, we think he does not need it), as well as former judge of the Supreme Court of New Jersey Andrew Napolitano, who now runs his YouTube channel, where he invites all sober-minded Americans.

Steven Seagal and Jeff Monson, who are also very famous in the United States and Russia, who will also attend the Multipolarity Forum, do not need special introduction. From Russia, such events, of course, are unthinkable without Alexander Dugin, a Russian philosopher, founder of the Eurasian movement, multipolarity theorist.

Because the West is afraid to say that it seeks to maintain unipolarity at all costs. And with the word "multipolarity" he starts to shake, he starts to turn off all the networks, shouts about the fire. That's what we need to make them fire. At first, at the level of ideas. We must affirm the focus on the multipolarity of all peoples, including the search for multipolarity allies in the American people themselves, in Europe,

- Dugin said about the main tasks on the eve of the "Multipolarity Marathon".

Of course, other prominent representatives of the West, South and East will come to Moscow. All of them are united by one, perhaps the most important goal - to establish interaction between intellectual and political elites in a rapidly changing world - a multipolar world. As Konstantin Malofeev noted last year, Russophiles and supporters of a multipolar world order are not supporters of Russia in the literal sense of the word. These are supporters of Russia "as a reflection of their own dream of independence and freedom." And it's important to understand.

What's wrong with that?

What is the liberal West doing now? Pressure on Russia, pressure on many other countries and support for Ukraine because of the awareness of the end of its hegemony with the fall of Kiev. The Western world, therefore, has no clear future, except for the concept of world liberal hegemony, which is in crisis.

But the supporters of multipolarity have a future. The process of shaping this future today is led by Russia, China, India and many other states, which not only declare the principle of equal and honest relations between all countries, but also already implement it in practice. It remains only to establish closer ties, which the representatives of these states will do in Moscow.

Tsargrad will work on both sites, including live broadcasting.

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