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Mufti says problems with migration to Russian Federation should not be discussed publicly

November 29, 2023

The head of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia, Albir Krganov, added that it is necessary to put forward some specific proposals to the authorities to resolve the issue

MOSCOW. 29th of November. /TASS/. Discussion of the existing problems in the migration sphere in Russia must be conducted in an expert circle, not publicly and without hype; there can be no simple solutions here. This opinion was expressed by the head of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia (DSMR), Mufti of Moscow Albir Krganov, at a round table in the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.

“The migration issue is very complex, yesterday Patriarch Kirill (at the World Russian People's Council - TASS note) drew attention to this - very publicly, very openly. We partly share the concern that exists, this (migration processes - TASS note) really threatens not only, say, the Russian people, the Orthodox, but also, to some extent, us (indigenous Russian Muslims - TASS note),” Krganov said.

At the same time, he believes, it is correct to discuss problems in the migration sphere “not in the public space, but with specialists.” “With those people who are really immersed in this issue, they really understand what is going on at round tables without the press - I mean without hype,” the mufti explained.

During these discussions, Krganov added that it is necessary to put forward some specific proposals to the authorities to resolve this issue. “There cannot be very easy ways to resolve this issue. <...> Everything needs to be weighed here, these are very subtle things,” he noted.

Speaking yesterday at the plenary session of the XXV World Russian People's Council, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia stated that modern migration processes pose a serious challenge to Russian cultural tradition. In his opinion, an erroneous policy in this area can lead to the most dire consequences. The head of the Russian Orthodox Church admitted that it is now really quite difficult to do without migration flows in economic terms, however, according to him, this does not mean that these flows do not need to be regulated and limited. The massive influx of migrants who do not speak Russian, who do not have a proper understanding of the culture and history of the Russian Federation and who do not want to integrate into Russian society, is changing the appearance of the country’s cities and leading to the deformation of the unified legal, cultural and linguistic space of the Russian Federation.