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Moscow refuses to extradite to Moldavia a Russian-Jewish oligarch now hiding in Israel

In the photo: Sarah and Elon Shore
Source: TASS
Feb. 15, 2024
The operator of the “Moldavian Laundromat” will serve time in Russia.

The head of the Interpol office in the republic, Viorel Centiu , said that Moscow stated that the international organization should not interfere “in political, military, religious and racial issues.”

The head of the Interpol office in Moldova, Viorel Centiu, said that Russia refused to extradite opposition politician Ilan Shor to the authorities of the republic .

“Today I received a letter from my Russian colleagues, in which they confirmed Shor’s presence on the territory of the Russian Federation. But Moscow refuses to extradite him to Moldova,” Tsentiu said on the Moldovan TV channel TV8. According to him, the Russian side referred to the fact that Interpol should not interfere “in political, military, religious and racial issues.”

Shore previously told reporters that he would likely move to Russia, where his wife, Russian singer Jasmine (Sarah Shore), and children live.

In November 2023, the Moldavian authorities requested assistance from the foreign representative offices of Interpol to detain Shor, whom judges of the Chisinau Court of Appeal sentenced to 15 years in prison in the case of withdrawing $1 billion from the banking system of Moldova , which the republic called the “theft of the century.” The scandal erupted in 2015, provoking protests in Chisinau and the fall of two governments and the ruling coalition of pro-European parties that supported the US and the EU.

Shor was convicted in this case, but appealed the verdict and was under judicial control until the final decision, which did not prevent him from leading the Shor party and being elected as a member of parliament. However, after another change of power in June 2019, Shor left the country along with the former leader of the Democratic Party, Vladimir Plahotniuc . The US and UK authorities put both on the sanctions list. Shor was in Israel and stated that he was ready to appear before a Moldovan court. He said that he would testify in the case of withdrawal of funds, but only if the Moldovan authorities lift his arrest and make the trial public.

The Shor Party has been holding anti-government protests since 2022, insisting on the resignation of Moldovan President Maia Sandu and the government formed by the ruling Action and Solidarity Party. Participants in the protests accuse the country's authorities of being unable to cope with the economic crisis and putting pressure on the opposition. In response, the president announced the danger of a coup d'etat and advocated granting additional powers to the intelligence services. In Moldova, dozens of activists from different parties were arrested, the broadcast of 12 TV channels that provided airtime to the opposition was suspended, and dozens of information portals were blocked.

Moldovan billionaire, politician, bankster and bandit of Jewish origin Ilan Shor, the second ex-husband of Sara Manakhimova (singer Jasmine), lost the case against Moldova for the Chisinau airport. The businessman is hiding in Israel from international persecution.

The Stockholm arbitration concluded that the Cypriot company of Ilan Mironovich did not fulfill the terms of the concession, and therefore does not have rights to the assets and land. The company is called Komaksavia Airport Invest Ltd, but previously it was Komaksavia LLC, registered in Russia. In Moldova, several cases related to Shor, his party, business and criminal shenanigans are being investigated and heard.

Philip Kirkorov arrived on one of the ships on July 28 . He had to swear under oath that he did not take $200,000 to perform at Ilan and Jasmine’s wedding. But at that same Chisinau airport, the cunning Bulgarian “accidentally” showed the wrong passport and was not allowed in. “One word from Romanians.”