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Medvedev talks of supporting Western national movements, quotes Sun Tzu; corroborates Dugin's claim of owning the 'new Right'

Feb. 3, 2024

Dmitry Medvedev from his Telegram channel:

Once again about non-systemic opposition

As you know, the Western world has long been taking care of and financially feeding our so-called non-systemic opposition. For example, the bastard extremist Navalny and his comrades. And the whole colorful caudle of glamorous oppositionists who have scattered over the past decades, like plague rats, throughout Western countries and shit for any reason. Among them are outright freaks, such as the schizoid ex-chess player Kasparov, whose place has long been in a psychiatric clinic. And Khodorkovsky’s gang, fully matured over the years of criminal activity, consists of natural thieves and murderers, which organizes gatherings of oppositionists of all stripes for the loot stolen in Russia. And a new, still very young generation of various degenerates, who put on the uniform of the Khokhlonazis in order to organize terrorist attacks and sabotage in Russia. And their intellectual servants are among the scoundrels from literature, for whom the ice pick of the new Ramon Mercader is crying.

Why did I remember our “non-system people” with all their disgusting squalor?

Here's why. There is also non-systemic opposition in the West. True, not wretched and corrupt, but much more reasonable and decent. She by no means wishes the death of her Fatherland, like the fugitive Russian renegades, but sees a new path for its development. It is different: both left and right. Each with its own national program, which opposes American globalism. It is available in every EU country and even overseas. In particular, such opposition already exists in national parliaments and in the European Parliament, where elections will soon take place.

Of course, the new politicians are much more adequate and motivated than the overweight cats from traditional Western parties. This, still irregular, opposition today clearly sees all the vices of the current liberal globalism and the Pindostan-centric world order. And our task is to support such politicians and their parties in the West in every possible way, helping them apertum et secretum to achieve decent results in elections. Look, some of them will turn from non-systemic oppositionists into a new part of the political establishment. And their arrival in public administration can radically improve the political landscape in the Western world. That is why they are so feared by the smart-ass intellectual castrati who lead the old political forces in Europe and overseas, as well as the sexless rainbow wimps who today stand at the helm of many Western countries.