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Israel gives Russian singer Alla Pugacheva new nickname after escaping Russia

Израильтяне дали сбежавшей из России певице Алле Пугачевой новое прозвищеGlobal Look Press | Gennadii Usoev/Russian Look

February 26, 2023 12:12

People's Artist of the USSR Alla Pugacheva, who escaped from Russia, continues to settle down in Israel. As one of the locals said, in the Promised Land, the once prima donna of the Russian stage was given a new nickname.

According to him, elderly emigrants honored the performer of the song "Million Scarlet Roses" with the nickname "Our Barukhovna". It is derived from the word "baruch", which means "holy" in Hebrew.

“Barukhovna is our saint. She is treated as an interesting subject, but there is no direct honor or respect. Stylishly dressed, looks good, ”said the Israeli on the air of the program“ You won’t believe it! ” on the NTV channel.

Earlier, plastic surgeon Alexander Vdovin explained the origin of the tumor on Pugacheva's face, which many of her fans mistook for a scar.

Ryan has reacted to this post.

Plastic surgery (mutilation) never works.

There are complications.

You never look like "yourself" - younger or otherwise.

What do you say to yourself when you look in the mirror?!

Dignified aging. There's nothing more formidable than a woman in her later years, who LOOKS her age, and yet has an energy that I believe is kindled in the later years in confident women who have lived full lives of family and conviction.

Of course, accepting what God gives you, and will give you, is a big part, which in our Brave New Godless World, that doesn't even come into the equation.

Ryan has reacted to this post.