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Ilana Mercer and the Collectivity of the West

I was surprised to see your article by Mercer [KPA: which has since been deleted by Fitzinfo, but which you can read here - on Mercer's take on the 2023 Grammys].

You must know of the evasive, clever Mercer, her Dugin ties, her links with Israel, despite her inability to openly admit it, and finally (she can link and side with whomever she wants), her inability to unabashedly admire the CHRISTIAN culture of the West. Mercer may "wish us a Merry..." but there is always a "but" somewhere in her greetings.

If you look at these formidable classical musicians, including Mozart (my favorite) they were, as are all post-renaissance artists, in rebellion against God. That is fine with me, I CAN separate their beauty as rebels.

But what is Mercer's excuse, other than she realizes, and is horrified, that the contemporary Western culture which she coyly supports will ultimately destroy her and her Judaism?

And finally, if she is to "critique" the Grammys, then look at that perverted homosexual/unisexual who came in a red bloated-balloon costume, and horns on his head. And how about Madonna's equally bloated costume (her face), as she linked her serpent tongue with another (black) woman - talk about multicultural.

By the way, Rihanna SKIPPED the Grammys, and she wasn't nominated, so even Mercer's article starts with a false note (more than a note, actually). (Kanye West was credited for some collaboration, but was not nominated and did not perform. Cardi B was not nominated, but was there to present an award. Etc.)

Rihanna performed pornography instead at the Super Bowl, wearing her devil-red bubble/space suite. Apparently pregnant.

Mercer somehow convinced the desperate a-Christian conservative crowd that she is erudite, when in fact if you read her writing, it is filled with hyperbole and needless repetition - YES, we KNOW pop culture is evil...

But, then, if Mercer somehow got her info right, and wrote about what happened at the Grammys, she would realize that base music and discordant chords isn't simply the territory of blacks, as she slyly writes in a brazenly obvious "under-cover" racism. White pop singers are equally guilty. And Mercer always overdoes her alliterations, subjecting readers to her own hammering brain. "The beastly bacchanalia," she writes, giving Rihanna and Co. space in those Greco-Roman mythologies, contradicting her views of Rihanna's crassness.

Mercer may try to associate by omission in her title for her Grammys article "Beethoven & Bach ARE THE WEST, Not Cardi B, Kaney, Rihanna..." Kanye's last name is gone (is that Mercer's attempt at removing Kanye from the West?) - but he is already ahead of her with complete omission and his one-syllable identification: "Ye!" Once again, her clever attempt at playing with language fails - "Beethoven & Bach ARE THE WEST, Not Cardi B, Rihanna, or KANYE WEST" has rhythm to it compared to her slack attempt at mocking the rapping black artists she disdains.

I used to write about pop culture and found, several years ago, its open devil worship. Here is one about Rihanna.

I didn't have direct access to the Grammys this year, but they are something to watch, strange, slithering, "Western" at its Dionysian best (worst).

Mercer does not belong in your company. Plus, whatever she writes is easily visible in our Brave New Internet. She is giving us old news, and is getting paid for it in the bargain.

Most importantly, though, Mercer shows us her hand through her contribution to the Russia-run media, RT (formerly known without its acronym as Russia Today). Although her last contributions date back to 2013, she still has an active "bio" page, with links to her current activity (twitter, Gab, YouTube, LinkedIn, and podcast):

Tells us RT:

[Mercer's] on Twitter, Gab, YouTube, & LinkedIn; banned by Facebook, and has a new podcast. ALL these links are current.

I debated whether to add this below, since I don't want this post to be a personal attack on Mercer. But, I must do so, since it adds to Mercer's public, and political, identity.

Mercer, the ultra-Libertarian, decided to have her appearance changed a recent while ago.
[Both photos from Mercer's blog's gallery]
Her her most current look with plastic surgery bloating subsided.
[Photo from a screenshot from interview with David Vance of Hard Truths, January 31, 2023]
Mercer IS in Madonna's company.

Mercer is married to an Irish-South African "rock" musician, about whom she has written, and a daughter whom she occasionally mentions. I understand the need to acknowledge family members, and also musicians who appear to follow a Western pattern, but it has been decades since I listened to chord-heavy "pop/rock" music, with obtuse melody and deliberate loudness, and with the heavy chords obstructive and degenerative. This is the signature style of Sean Mercer.

Some thoughts on contemporary music here.
And my commentary on Mercer's creepy defense of the creep pedophile Michael Jackson here.
I got interested in Mercer because her initial point of entry to North America from South Africa was Canada, via the beautiful western (?!) province of British Columbia. Shortly thereafter, she moved to Seattle, just across the border, to the US, and obtained her American citizenship. I found this interesting at first, then realized that she has no interest in the collectivity of the West. Canada and America, although two different countries, have similar, if not exactly, the same, issues, which she could have covered, from her mountain post in BC, and even reduced the left-leaning Canadian public to shift right-ward. But her "rightness" is just an extension of her libertarian politics, so, that wouldn't have happened anyway.
My (very brief) email interaction with Mercer on the question of nationality here.
And my early views on Mercer, which evolved/changed fast here.
Kidist Paulos Asrat

Mercer's Beethoven, Bach, West, Rihanna article is posted at The UNZ Review.

Mercer is a regular contributor there, and her article was posted on February 23. I found it only a couple of days ago - I don't go to that site frequently.

Two commentators catch on to her duplicity:

Haxo Angmark (comment #16):

the Jewess neglects to mention that it’s (((Arnold Schoenberg))) and 60 years of his

– and his accolytes –

12-tone sonic poison that drove away 95% of the audience that

White “classical” music used to have. When the Jews

– and their well-paid shabbatz goyim –

complete the liquidation of White Western Civ,

every artifact – art, literature, and music – will be completely destroyed:

not even a memory.

Pat Kittle (comment #21):

Rap is all ooga-booga to me, but I digress.

Why is (((defenestrated))) Kanye the specific target of your parting shot?

Could it be more than his rap that offends (((you)))?

The first is my observation regarding her husband's "rock" compositions and music of "obtuse melody and deliberate loudness, and with the heavy chords obstructive and degenerative." So, Mercer may not discuss Schoenberg's music, but her husband's work is not far off from it.




- Sent email with my commentary to's Commentary Editor Ron Strom

- Posted commentary with links on The New American

- Sent message through message form at

These websites, including, all published Mercer's article.

Mercer is advertising these postings of her article through her blog


Of course she's gotta be posted on that Kremlin/Eurasianist rag Unz. Typical.

Funny, though, they allowed my article to be posted in the "comments" section. "Freedom of Speech?" There were a couple of commentators who caught on to Mercer. She's silent on her blog/website - as per usual. I've linked all this to her sites - she's savvy about screening who's "quoted" her.

Keep up the good work.


OK, I figured this would be interesting.

Townhall sent me an email saying I need to register as a paid (they call it VIP)  member in order to post/comment.

I said to the nice woman who sent me the long "invitation" email: "... your decision makes your website a closed [paid membership] system of like-minded people talking to each other."

And The New American removed the comment/post after a day of posting, so people did read it, and found the references.

Mercer doesn't have clout - she is small potatoes - and not a very good writer at that. But, it is fascinating and interesting how the system backs her mediocre pieces.

There is MUCH MORE going on. Cash, of course, too. And it is funny!

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Timothy Fitzpatrick

The problem of #MoralHazard is tackled in the Torah & Talmud: ‘When an individual, a firm or an institution is #BailedOut there is an incentive to act recklessly.’

A Talmudist.

Here is Mercer in her latest tweet, arranging things just as they suit her:

#Trump: "AMERICA is the greatest threat to #WesternCivilization, not

#Russia--it's more than anything else ourselves and some of the horrible, USA-hating people that represent us'

His is the most remarkable statement ever made by a US president


These crypto Russophiles. LOL.

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Timothy Fitzpatrick