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Dugin's Satanic 1986 music album 'Blood Libel', written under his pseudonym Hans Sievers (%D0%B0%D0%BB%D1%8C%D0%B1%D0%BE%D0%BC)

Russian music observer:

“Every disc, without exception, is charged with infernal energy and consecrated in rituals.”

paragraph 9 … p;cnt=9000

Hans Sievers (A. Dugin) - Astaroth, 1986.

Alexander Dugin in the role of the black magician Hans Sievers descends into an eerie metaphysical dungeon, where he defeats his infernal overlord Astaroth and becomes the eternal ruler and master of darkness.

Texts of Astaroth:

I haven't prayed for many years
I'm looking for my own entrance
At midnight my soul awakens
Blue Lord Astaroth.

He comes blue like a thief,
He's soft like a cat
This blue lord, the midnight lord,
This blue lord Astaroth

We walk with him through a warm world
Where there is neither night nor day
There is a huge red vampire
Stroking me tenderly

We walk with him through the lunar courtyard.
The lunar shadow is one step forward.
In front of me is a lord, this blue lord.
This blue lord is Astaroth.

Together we go underground
We hear the singing of underground birds
Before the fire of hell
My master falls on his face

And the shine of red spurs
And the shine of black waters
This is the blue lord, the hellish lord
This is the blue lord Astaroth.

We tear up the bodies of murdered children
We drink drinks from an open womb
We play bowls
And we rape the black coffin

Listen to the chorus of fallen angels
He kindly calls me
This blue lord, hellish lord
This is the blue Lord Astaroth.

I eat poisonous mushrooms
I sweetly cherish my vice
Towards universes and worlds
The lord and I play tarok

But we argued.
In the end, he made a disappointing move.
This blue lord, midnight lord
This blue lord Astaroth

He wanted to warm his hands on me.
I wanted to take me like this.
And in his dishonest game,
the Fool disappeared from the deck.

And his gaze became embittered
And he twisted his mouth in anger
This terrible sir, unpleasant sir
This blue lord Astaroth

Witches dance the dashing cancan
I scream as if I don't belong
And zero lasso
This is my last trump card

I can't see you point blank!
Where are you, blue underground grotto?
Oh my dear lord, oh my dear lord
Oh my dear lord Astaroth...

And for me there is no turning back
My mentor abandoned me
I wandered for thousands of years
Where there is no night and no day

The kingdom of darkness is my yard and home
Watching me at the gate
This blue lord, hellish lord
This blue lord Astaroth

I haven't prayed in years
This is what he did to me
Infiltrate my prison
Just his icy laugh

This is a terribly evil chord
This is a dark prison vault
This is the eternal judge, this is the eternal Lord
This is the eternal Lord Astaroth

Oleg Telemsky, a Russian esotericist, Thelemite and member of the OTO, says that DUGIN is under the control of the demon Astaroth.

- How do you feel about the Yuzhinsky circle, where the writer Yuri Mamleev, the poet, translator and mystic Evgeny Golovin, the artist and journalist Igor Dudinsky, and the philosopher Alexander Dugin came from?

- Let’s be clear right away: there is Yuzhinsky’s circle, and there are individual people. I really love the early Yuri Mamleev (his stories, novels “The Moscow Gambit” and “Connecting Rods”). Now the writer is seriously ill, actually fighting for his life. He did a lot for literature - he is the only non-French person to join the Union of French Writers. And that says a lot.

I have great respect for Evgeniy Vsevolodovich Golovin. I have read his books several times and believe that he was one of the greatest men of his time. I am friends with his daughter, who helped us give lectures on Jungian psychology.

As for Dugin, I have a very negative attitude towards him - as a politician who now takes an ultra-conservative, totalitarian position and is doing everything to ensure that Russia is separated from the rest of the world. I have an even more negative attitude towards the magical entity that owns it. Behind him stands the demon Astaroth. (Astaroth, according to Western demonology, is one of the highest-ranking demons in the hellish hierarchy - author's note). These are very serious forces of the infernal plane.

- So they control him?

- Forks. Moreover, he himself may not know about it. This does not mean that, as in the films, a spirit came to him and said: “Obey me, smerd! (slave)” It’s just that some entity begins to direct its energy through you, and you become a representative of this entity. Simply put, for me Dugin is a standard example of a black magician. This is a man who initially sympathized with Hitler and Nazism. Interestingly, in the 90s he delved into Thelema and even translated a couple of Crowley's texts. But I quickly realized that there was no secret of power in Crowley's texts. He needs power, like any infernal entity. Dugin is a truly infernal, terrible force. It is he and the forces behind him who have a very strong influence on the current government .

-How did you understand that the demon Astaroth is behind Dugin?

- Back in the 80s, Dugin, under the pseudonym HansSievers, recorded several songs, one of them was called “Astaroth.” I advise all fans and connoisseurs of Dugin to listen to this song. This is the only place where he does not lie, where he revealed himself as he is. This is his real story...

last 8 paragraphs … on-astarot

Judges 2:12-13

“And they forsook the Lord, the God of their fathers, who brought them up out of the land of Egypt, and followed strange gods and the gods of the nations living around them, and worshiped them, and provoked the Lord in anger. Leaving him and serving Baal and Ashtaroth." … amp;l=13#x

Alexander Dugin. "Manifesto of the New Wizards" 1995

7. The current politician and artist are themselves outdated. They are unable to absorb MAGIC and be reborn. They must be replaced by a new type.

8. This is a NEW MAGIC involved in politics or art. … 77078.html

Dugin 1995, dedicated to the memory of Satanist Aleister Crowley.

11:19: Eduard Limonov, co-founder of the NAZBOL party along with Dugin, addresses “Lucifer, Satan”

15:05: Rotating crucifixes

22:30: Dugin praises Satan, from Crowley's texts

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