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Dagestan to build Noahide-like spiritual centre


It is planned to build a spiritual center in Derbent, which will include a synagogue, a mosque and a church. The head of Dagestan, Sergei Melikov, stated this at a meeting of the IX parliamentary forum “Historical and Cultural Heritage of Russia”. The construction of the facility will be carried out using extra-budgetary investments.

“Such a center symbolizes the harmony and historical existence of religions and cultures not only in ancient Derbent and Dagestan, but throughout our entire large country. The development of a unique culture confirms the relevance of the theme of our today’s forum, that cultural heritage is the basis of interethnic mutual understanding of the peoples of Russia, which is still relevant for us today and is embodied in new projects,” said the head of the region .

The facility will be built as part of the development plan for the city of Derbent, designed for the period until 2027, and will become the center of a new microdistrict. In addition to religious buildings, the spiritual center will include social and cultural buildings. The synagogue will be designed for 900 parishioners.