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'Chosen ones' Putin and Medvedev are gay, claims former KGBshnik

By Igor Berezhansky
June 28, 2023

Former employee of the USSR State Security Committee Sergei Zhirnov claims that Vladimir Putin is a homosexual and had a relationship with Dmitry Medvedev.

Former employee of the KGB and the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Sergei Zhirnov told how the Russian dictator met with his wife Lyudmila, and also shocked the public with the statement that Putin was gay.

Zhirnov told about this in an interview with Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon.

How Putin became gay

"...he has other people, boys with whom he falls in love, there is Dima Medvedev and others, Roldugin (Soviet and Russian cellist Sergei Roldugin), he has a lot..." said Zhirnov.

Gordon clarified with the interlocutor whether Putin is really gay, and received the following answer: "Of course, why did you doubt it?" According to Zhirnov, Medvedev is also gay.

"Putin in 90, when he returned from Dresden, he sat "under the roof" of Leningrad University as some assistant to the rector for international relations, which means that he went to the current KGB reserve and was, strictly speaking, responsible for recruiting teachers and students. Medvedev was then a young associate professor who had just defended his thesis, Putin recruited him as a KGB agent, and then they had meetings - at the "opera" with the agent..., in a secret apartment. Then the pause is long. That's it. You can imagine what they were doing there in this secret apartment," says the ex-KGBshnik.

According to the ex-intelligence officer, the KGB knew about these "preferences" of Putin, but it did not surprise anyone, because "he was not the only one there."

The expert also told how Putin could become a homosexual.

"Putin is a little guy. He lives in the yard. He's weak. He's a "six." And the "six" is anything. It is possible that it was used as a sexual object. He got tired of it and went to fight. And wrestling is a men's company. Shower before and after classes, the locker room is all naked," says Zhirnov.

In 2006, at a meeting with children, Putin unexpectedly kissed a boy in the stomach / Photo: screenshot with video


Zhirnov claims that Putin got married only to go abroad.

"Putin is being dripped on his brains about the wedding, he finds himself some kind of doctor, everything is ready for painting. And she doesn't just run away from under the crown, but just on the eve of the wedding. Then he couldn't find anyone. And Lyudmila appears. And it wasn't him who found her, but she found her," says a former KGB officer.

According to him, Lyudmila Putina took care of her future husband for 3.5 years, and he ran away from her.

"By the way, she then hinted that not every time and not often they went out in bed," says Zhirnov.

Romance with Kabaeva

As for Putin's affair with gymnast Kabaeva, Zhirnov doesn't believe it.

"I don't believe a word. Not in (common with Putin. - Ed.) children," he convinces.

Earlier, Sergei Zhirnov named the names of two people Putin fears.


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