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Chabad defends Elon Musk against accusations of anti-Semitism

Who benefits from accusing Elon Musk of anti-Semitism?

Accusing Elon Musk of anti-Semitism is common leftist propaganda. This is slander and personal hatred.

Who benefits from accusing Elon Musk of anti-Semitism?
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Ran Baratz, a brilliant Israeli publicist (in my opinion, one of the best), gives in his X (formerly Twitter) a comprehensive, literally minted, answer to those who accuse Elon Musk of anti-Semitism.

Accusing Elon Musk of anti-Semitism is common leftist propaganda. This is slander and personal hatred. The attack is based on three main claims.

1. Musk attacks American Jews.


Musk believes that the progressivist theories embraced by most American Jews (and most of the left) are doomed to fail and are boomeranging back to them. He is right. Now that the United States has been overwhelmed by an explosion of monstrous anti-Semitism, many Jews themselves are beginning to understand this.

2. He attacked the Jew George Soros, calling him “Magneto” (a Marvel comic book character, a mutant villain seeking to destroy humanity).


To me, Musk was putting it mildly about Soros, a billionaire and agent of global chaos who holds far-left views. By the way, on this matter, Musk and I have an artistic disagreement. In my opinion, a more suitable image for Soros is a villain from James Bond films.

3. He criticizes the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which accused him of anti-Semitism.


Musk also spoke too softly about ADL. The ADL has become a progressive left-wing organization that has itself partnered with anti-Semitic structures and organizations to advance far-left agendas. Hopefully, the ADL will also begin to realize its mistake.

So, what do we have left in the bottom line here?

It's business as usual - progressives slander and incite against everyone who thinks differently from them, and especially against those who give the right a free and equal platform, which they would like to shut up so that the right-wing agenda would be censored from all existing platforms.

In general, the standard modus operandi of the left, routine, so to speak. Good news everyone.


Netanyahu and Musk in Kfar Azah, destroyed by terrorists



On November 27, American billionaire and entrepreneur Elon Musk arrived in Israel and, together with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, visited Kibbutz Kfar Aza near the Gaza Strip, which was one of the hardest hit by the Hamas attack on October 7. The businessman agreed with the prime minister that Hamas must be destroyed and that Israel has “no other choice.”