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Algerian civil war

Just wanted to jot down some thoughts on the subject of controlled opposition and how I think the model we see inflicted upon us today was first out into practice during the Algerian civil war.

(I may be wrong in saying first out into practice, but whatever lol)

Anyways the important point is that at the time of the Algerian civil war in the 90's counter insurgency counter revolutionary operations were basically centered around winning hearts and minds, building local trust, establishing local relationships, creating rapport, that sort of thing. When Algeria first fell into civil war the Government adopted a completely different strategy.


Their strategy was to sow confusion amongst the various rebel groups by actually funding and controlling many. In fact they created so many that people who wanted revolution didn't know which ones to join. In such a chaotic environment the government was able to get its operatives inside the legitimate opposition groups and subvert them from the inside. Soon rebel groups began battling one another and spies were everywhere. The rebels became bogged down, confused, and paralysed and needless to say the Government won.

It makes for an interesting case study and perhaps one day I will write an article on it. Thanks for reading.