Warburg and the Kalergi Plan

Power-crazy one worlders & the negro invasion

By Captain Arthur Rogers
July 1955 Anno Domini

Captain Rogers served on the Imperial General Staff during World War I and became one of Britain’s top officers in Military Intelligence. Before the war, Captain Rogers became secretary of the Liberty Restoration League, which was eventually to become part of the Nordic League. This latter organisation also included The Militant Christian Patriots and the White Knights of Britain. The nominal leader was Captain Ramsay M.P. After the war, Captain Rogers became a member of A.K. Chesterton’s League of Empire Loyalists and was a member of that organisation’s National Council. Originally published as “Power-Crazy One-Worlders & The Negro Invasion” by “Free Britain” issue number. 158, July 1955. Second Edition published by Renaissance Press.

Foreward K.R. Bolton:

“Free Britain” newspaper was published by the long running Britons Society, established by H.H. Beamish in 1919, with the specific purpose of exposing organised Jewry. The Britons continued into the 1970s, and were responsible for many of the classic political books still circulating widely among nationalistic circles throughout the world.

This article from Free Britain shows the origins of the idea of the EEC and European Community. The idea of a united Europe advocated by thinkers such as Mosley, Yockey, Thiriart, and various Fascist and National Socialist activists before them, is very different from the United Europe expounded by Count Kalergi and his plutocratic backers. One stands for a Europe of spiritual and cultural renaissance. The other for a Europe dominated by materialism, controlled by plutocracy, a land-mass that is really anything but Europe, a mingling of non-European races with the peoples of Europe as a prelude to World Government.

The author shows that Count Coudenhove-Kalergi, the pioneer of the United Europe of Mammon, was funded by the Warburgs and principally Max Warburg of the banking dynasty whose tentacles reached into the upper circles of both the USA and Germany, at a time when those countries were belligerents during World War I.

Kalergi was a high degree Freemason whose ideals of a united Europe of Eur-Asian-Negroid hybrids governed by a “Jewish aristocracy:” accord with Masonic aims. The Austrian Masonic magazine The Beacon (March 1925), enthused:

“Freemasonry, especially Austrian Freemasonry, may be eminently satisfied to have Coundenhove-Kalergi among its members. Austrian Freemasonry can rightly report that Brother Coudenhove-Kalergi fights for his Pan. European beliefs… Bro. Kalergi’s program is a Masonic work of the highest order, and to be able towork on it together is a lofty task for all brother Masons”.

Jewish financier Max Warburg. (Photo by ullstein bild/ullstein bild via Getty Images)

Max Warburg was head of the German Secret Service during World War I.

Max Warburg is identified by Stanford research specialist Prof. Antony Sutton in his authoritative Wall Street & The Bolshevik Revolution, as having supplied the Bolsheviks with funds. Sutton cites a study by Z.A.B Zeman, based on German Foreign Ministry archives, showing that Max Warburg established a Bolshevik publishing house for Lenin in 1916.

The Kaiser in exile in the Netherlands was to lament in the course of an interview to the Chicago Tribune in 1922 that he had taken the advice of his Jewish banker advisers — which must mean principally Max Warburg — and had allowed Lenin and his entourage to continue to Russia through Germany. Trotsky had likewise been permitted to travel from the USA to Russia despite being interned briefly at Nova Scotia, Canada, as a possible enemy agent.

The Council for Europe and the Kalergi Plan formed the basis of later organisations — such as the high level think tank, the Bilderbergers—promoting a united Europe as a prelude to World Government. In such organisations we again find the plutocrats, many Jewish, in prominence, the Rothschilds, Wallenberg, et al. The plan proceeds apace, backtracking and encountering obstacles here and there. The very concept of a united Europe, despite the way it has been promoted as a commercially driven piece of real estate, could easily backfire and become transformed into a United Europe, not of Mammon, but of an Occidental cultural and spiritual revival. Here there is tragedy and hope… E K R Bolton, Renaissance Press

29th May 1948: Count and Countess Coudenhove-Kalergi attend the Hague Congress. The Count, a writer, essayist and political publicist, founded the Pan-Europe Union in 1923. (Photo by Kurt Hutton/Picture Post/Getty Images)

Count Coudenhove-Kalergi

In the booklet “Freemasonry”, published by the German S.S, which ran to six editions between 1938 and 1943 Kalergi is revealed as espousing the idea that the Europeans should become a “racial mongrel”, a “Euro-Asiatic-Negroid race of the future”. He also said that only the Jews should be allowed to remain pure to provide the new aristocracy. The Masonic newspaper “Beacon” commented that Brother Coudenhove’s work “is a Masonic work of the highest order, and to be able to work on it is a lofty task for all brother masons”.


Race Mixture Backed by the Man who Financed Lenin & Trotsky

Warburgs Named in Kalergi Memoirs

FURTHER interesting evidence has now been put forward by our correspondent, Capt. Arthur Rogers, linking the World Government Movement with the international swindle of 1917 when Jews, mostly from America, took over the Government of Russia under cover of a “Working Class” Revolution.

There has long been ample evidence that both these hoaxes upon the unsuspecting Gentile world were the work of an international syndicate intent upon creating a Jewish World Police State out of the chaos resulting from social and racial upheavals fostered for this purpose. The Jewishness of both movements from top to bottom staggers every investigator, but it is where the control is traced in both cases to the same individuals that the evidence of a unified purpose is most telling. Hence the importance of this latest discovery which pins on one particular Jewish family much of the direct responsibility for both the spread of Communism and the UNESCO programme for mongrelising European populations with imported Negro and Asiatic blood.

As revealed in our correspondent’s report, the memoirs of Count Coudenhove-Kalergi, moving spirit of European Union and its race mixing policy, contain the statement that Kalergi owed the success of his movement largely to the financial support given in 1924 by the Jew Max Warburg—the same Max Warburg who seven years earlier, as we already know, persuaded the Kaiser’s Government to send Lenin into Russia with funds for starting the Bolshevik Revolution.

Our regular readers are, of course, aware that Warburg’s brother was a partner in the New York banking house of Kuhn Loeb and Co., which provided further funds for the Bolsheviks when the Jew Leon Trotsky was permitted to join Lenin with over three hundred Jewish revolutionaries recruited in America.

The consequent Jewish conquest of Russia through the 1917 Revolution is an historic fact. No less a fact is the present attempt to extend that conquest to the rest of the world by the creation of various supranational bodies associated with the United Nations Organisation and the liquidation of the white man and his civilisation through unrest in Asia and Africa and through race mixture in Europe, on which Kalergi admits his programme depends.


Racial issues, especially where Negroes are concerned, have now assumed great prominence. There has been a great influx into the United Kingdom of Negroes from the West Indies and West Africa who are said to be seeking employment or the something-for-nothing which the “Welfare State” makes available to them. In the U.S.A., a Supreme Court judgement has condemned segregation in schools, while recent legislation has had the effect of compelling employers to take Negroes into their service to the detriment of their businesses. The South African policy of “apartheid” has aroused a clamour, especially among people who are not directly concerned.

THESE developments are not only related to each other but are also connected with the moves which led to the setting up of the Council of Europe and the demand for World Government. It is remarkable, however, that negroes themselves have been anything but conspicuous in the controversies which have arisen except where some have publicly dissociated themselves from the agitation raised on their behalf.

This state of affairs calls for the calmest possible consideration before a decision is reached as to the action to be taken.


IN the U.S.A., a number of journals of good repute, while referring most charitably to negroes, as such, have strongly condemned the new conditions in that country and drawn attention to their origins, but the most comprehensive survey scen by the present writer has been in the factually reliable Williams Intelligence Summary for February, 1955 (Santa Ana, California).

This survey merits careful study, but suffice to say that it shows authoritatively that a Communist drive was started in the USA in 1920 under the direction of Alexander Bittleman, who is also the general secretary of the organisation which publishes the Morning Freiheit, the Yiddish organ of the Communist Party.

Now associated with this Communist drive there is the older National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People. According to a book by one of the founders of that association its inspirers were Dr. Henry Moskowitz and Anna Stransky, both Jewish revolutionaries, the latter having been imprisoned in Czarist Russia for incitements to violence.

Its president is not a negro but a Jew, Arthur B. Springarn; a number of revolutionaries, who are also Jews, are among its legal advisers; while shown as a director is Senator Herbert H Lehman, described as one of the leading Communist agents in or possibly the actual chief.

Among those shown as leading supporters.of this association, there are known Communist and near-Communist subversives such as Mrs Eleanor Roosevelt, the widow of the late president of the U.S.A.

Thus says the Williams Intelligence Summary:

“The entire negro revolutionary movement, destroying the once peaceful relations between negroes and their white neighbours in America, was launched and run not by negroes but by Marxist Jews.”



THE arrival and apparent settling in Great Britain of large numbers of Negroes is as unsatisfactory for the Negroes as for the indigenous people. The climate is quite unsuited to Negroes who would be in every way better placed with their own families in more harmonious surroundings.

In so far as unemployment has caused them to move, unjust economic, unjust economic policies such as those relating to the production and bulk purchase of sugar, are very much to blame and ought to be corrected. Even so, this cannot be the reason why Great Britain has been made the destination because it is quite certain that, unaided, the negroes could not afford the long journey.

There are thus no grounds for disbelieving reports, in the Empire News and other newspapers, that persons with strange names, who seem to have come from New York, have been providing Negroes in the West Indies and West Africa with the money for their fares, as loans without security.

The very remote possibility of these loans being repaid makes it evident that they are not normal business transactions; but it is permissible to wonder why the funds provided should take the form of loans if they are really charitable gifts and, if the negroes are to be subjected later to pressure for repayment, what form that pressure will take.


ALTHOUGH the public of the United Kingdom have no direct political responsibility for the affairs of Her Majesty’ s Dominion of South Africa, they have been subjected to noisy agitation against the policy of “apartheid.”

This agitation has been promoted largely by an organisation, which, although calling itself “Christian Action” (not to be confused with Catholic Action), is remarkable for the manner in which it substitutes leftist “ sentimentality for true morality., It condemns all racial or colour discrimination out of hand, regardless of the reasons, or the consequences, or of common sense.

It observes that persons of European origin in Africa have a tendency not only to consider themselves superior to Africans but also to treat them Unjustly, as inferior beings. If this’ is, unfortunately, to some extent true, and perhaps at present almost inevitable, it might well afford a strong argument for, rather than against, apartheid” in some form, but the agitators will have none of it. They call it persecution.

Generally speaking, those of the European clergy from South Africa who are engaged in this agitation do not seem to realise that the Christianity they profess to preach is a universal religion – that the conversion of Africans does not imply that they must become European or as near European as possible.

Indeed, these clergymen, although they insist that all races are equal in every way, indicate that they really believe that they themselves, as Europeans, are inherently superior and that it would be repressive and unjust to question any unattainable desire that Africans may have of becoming Europeans too.

There are, however, in South Africa many clergy who think quite differently while large bodies of Africans have declared themselves in favour of “apartheid.” The agitation by Christian Action” is essentially political; it is without moral content and it is non-African.

European Union Council president Herman Van Rompuy (C) delivers a speech after receiving his award of the European Prize Coudenhove-Kalergi 2012, in Vienna on November 16, 2012. (ALEXANDER KLEIN/AFP via Getty Images)


THE book, An Idea Conquers the World by Count (Richard Nicholaus) Coudenhove-Kalergi, which has a preface by Sir Winston Churchill (Hutchinson & Co. 1953) throws much light upon the real aims of those who are concerned to promote a supranational world government and to agitate against racial discrimination of all kinds, with one significant exception regardless of whether it is discrimination between races which are quite different from each or discrimination against a particular race.

Count Coudenhove recounts how he became the founder, in 1922 of the Pan-European Union from which there has now developed the Council of Europe. That international organisation, like the United Nations Organisation and the Atlantic Treaty Organisation, is clearly intended to provide a possible stepping-stone for World Government.

Count Coudenhove also refers to the publication, in Oct., 1923, of another book of his, called Pan Europe (Paneuropa Verlag, Vienna) in which he advanced the cause of his pan-European movement. He then goes on to say:

“Early in 1924 Baron Louis Rothschild telephoned to say that a friend of his, Max Warburg, had read my book and wanted meet me. To my great astonishment Warburg immediately offered a donation of sixty thousand gold marks to see the movement through its first three years. Max Warburg was a staunch supporter of pan-Europe all his life and we remained close friends until he died in 1946. His readiness to support it, (the movement) at the outset contributed decisively to its subsequent success.”

Later in the same year that he met Max Warburg and received his backing, Coudenhove wrote a pamphlet entitled Pacifism, which was afterwards reproduced in an anthology Prakatischer Idealismus (Paneuropa Verlag). In this he wrote:

“The man of the future will be the cross-breed. The Pan-European will be of the EurAsian Negroid race, similar in appearance to the ancient Egyptians, and of these the Jews will form a new aristocracy of spiritual grace.”

It was not long after Coudenhove paid his first visit to the United States, where, according to his book, a three months tour was arranged for him by Max Warburg’s brother, Felix Warburg, whom he describes as “the well-known philanthropist,” and Paul Warburg, “the founder of the Federal Reserve System.” He omits to mention that Max Warburg was a financial adviser to the German Government, which in 1917 he successfully urged to provide a passage through Germany to Russia for Lenin and other revolutionaries, without which the Bolshevik revolution could not have taken place.

Paul Warburg went to the U.S.A. in 1902, becoming a partner in the finance house of Kuhn, Loeb and Company. He married a daughter of Solomon Loeb and thus became a brother-in-law of Jacob H. Schiff, who had married another daughter and succeeded as head of the firm. ‘The well-known financial support which this Schiff gave to revolutionaries in Russia on a huge scale was another major cause of their success.

In 1913, a Bill, promoted by Paul Warburg, gave the Federal Reserve Board the exclusive power of note issue to the reserve banks as well as the power to fix the discount rate. This Bill, together with the Gold Bill of 1934, therefore provided a small group of financiers with unfettered power to expand and contract the currency – that is, to raise and lower prices whereby they are able to create booms and depressions as they choose, either in particular industries or throughout the nation, affecting the whole world. By these means, sovereign power in the U.S.A. has passed to these monetary dictators.

The reason for their advocacy of World Government cannot but be to rivet the same system, and thus their own absolute dictatorship, permanently upon all mankind.

Mr. James P. Warburg, the New York banker and son of Paul Warburg and Nina (nee) Loeb, his wife, giving evidence before the Foreign Relations Committee of the U.S.A. Senate on 17th February, 1950, said: “You will have World Government whether you want it or not, if not by consent, by conquest.”

In the same year as his journey to the U.S.A., Count Coudenhove visited London, where he received the enthusiastic support of Mr. Leopold Amery, who introduced him to Mr. (now Sir) Winston Churchill, later to become the leading agitator on behalf of “United Europe.”

In 1936, Mr. Winston Churchill became the president of the British section of the New Commonwealth Society, which was the first international organisation to demand an international tribunal having at its disposal international police and air forces. ln October,

1946, when he agreed to become the first president of the United Europe Movement, he referred to Count Coudenhove as its creator— which he had also done a month earlier in a speech broadcast from Zurich on 18th September.

Austrian President Heinz Fischer holds a copy of a book by Richard Nicolaus Eijiro Coudenhove-Kalergi presented to him by Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama at the premier’s official residence in Tokyo on September 30, 2009. Fischer is on an official working visit to Japan. (EVERETT KENNEDY BROWN/AFP via Getty Images)


THIS Count (Richard Nicolaus) Coudenhove-Kalergi has been responsible for other books. In 1935, he edited and brought up to date Anti-Semitism Throughout the Ages, (Hutchinson & Co.) by his father, Count (Heinrich) Coudenhove-Kalergi; and he is also the author of Europe Seeks Unity (Institute of Public Affairs. and Regional Studies, New York University. 1949), In this be wrote:

“The third argument for immediate federation is Europe ‘s economic situation. Everybody agrees that nothing would promote faster recovery than the adoption of a European currency, based probably on the gold standard.”

He did not raise the issue of whether those who have made a virtual corner in gold might not have been the very persons responsible for “Europe’s economic situation.”

It must be evident to the meanest intelligence that a supra-national government, whether for Europe or for the world, could not in practice rest upon a popular franchise, either direct or indirect, Its problems would be wholly. beyond the understanding of those called upon to use their votes. With an elective World Government, a huge majority of the electors would be illiterate Africans, Chinese and Indians. The Christian code of moral law would be submerged.

It is therefore probable, not to say certain, that the effective power would be exercised by: the dominant money manipulators and financiers. Count Coudenhove, who with the backing’ of International Finance has played an important part in promoting supranational power, has done more than confirm such a supposition. He has made it plain— perhaps unintentionally—that world domination by a group of international financiers is the deliberate aim of the real promoters of World Government.

It is also plain that those promoters, will stop at nothing to gain their ends. Not content with world wars, or the periods of depression and mass-unemployment which they bring about, these financiers plan the cross-breeding of the races of the world, and the destruction of stabilising national traditions and loyalties, no doubt remembering that miscegenation was a major cause of the decline and fall of Rome.

But Count Coudenhove is quite wrong where he says that “the Jews will form a new aristocracy of spiritual grace.” There would be no aristocracy, but an oppressive autocracy, and but little grace. Moreover, “the Jews” implies all the Jews—each and every one. In truth, however, there are multitudes of Jews who know nothing of this conspiracy, while some are in active opposition to it. It is a conspiracy by a few, with many dupe supporters, against the peoples of the world, designed to bring them into a degraded servitude from which there could be no escape.


It was not long after those who lust for world domination had established the Soviet Government that their agent, Trotsky, wrote in his Bolsheviki and World Peace:

“The task of the proletariat is to create the Republican United States of Europe, as the foundation of the United States of the World.”

Under the same instructions and guidance, corrupt and ignorant politicians to the west of the “iron curtain” have adopted a complementary policy. The two-pronged advance of International Communism and International Finance is now developing into a menacing pincer movement. This advance can be halted, and the enemy’s forces destroyed, provided that moral courage is forthcoming to replace the seemingly hypnotised inaction of those few politicians who are able to perceive the true nature of current events.

Such moral courage will not be forthcoming if decent, patriotic men and women do not know that it is needed. It is for their enlightenment that these words have been written.



  1. This is a terrific article. One of your most important finds. No critic can have any valid grounds to dispute the validity of the direct connection of the Kalergi Plan and global communism with the Protocols after reading this.
    Can one obtain copies of these original books?

  2. Mgr. Henri Delassus wrote about a “United States of Europe” being plotted by the judeo-masonic forces in his work “La conjuration antichrétienne” (“The anti-christian conspiracy”) which, for as far as I know, has never been translated into English. The work in French can be read on the internet library “Bibliothèque Saint-Libère” at the section “Franc-maçonnerie et sociétés secrètes” (“Freemasonry and secret societies”), and the part regarding a “United States of Europe” can be found in the second volume, chapter XLI, “L’Idée de république universelle en France” (“The idea of universal republic in France”).

    From a footnote in the chapter: “C’est aux environs de 1850 que la formule « Etats-Unis
    d’Europe » apparut dans l’histoire. On la trouve sur les
    lèvres de Victor Hugo dans le discours par lequel, en
    1849, il ouvrit le congrès de la Paix tenu à Paris. Elle
    apparaît en même temps en Italie et en Belgique. Au
    congrès de Lausanne, en 1869, Victor Hugo, qui présidait
    encore, employa une autre formule : « Nous voulons la
    grande République continentale. »”

    My translation: “It is around 1850 that the formula “United States of Europe” appeared in history. One finds it on the lips of Victor Hugo in the discourse by which, in 1849, he opened the congress of Peace held in Paris. It appeared at the same time in Italy and in Belgium. At the congress of Lausanne, in 1869, Victor Hugo, who presided still, employed a different formula: “We want the great continental Republic.””

    A small extract from the main text: “Aux congrès de Genève, de Lausanne, de Berne,
    du Havre, qui eurent lieu à cette époque, le cri
    le plus fréquemment répété, fut, avec celui de haine
    à l’Eglise catholique : « Plus de frontières ! »”

    My translation: “At the congresses of Genève, of Lausanne, of Berne, of Le Havre, which took place at that time, the cry the most frequently repeated was, with that of hatred against the Catholic Church: “No more borders!””

      1. There was doubtlessly Soviet influence in the rise of the European Union; the Flemish nationalist politician Wim Verreycken was able to look through Stasi archives and found that there had been co-operation between the Stasi and “Belgian” marxist politicians like Louis Tobback, and also mentioned were political parties like CVP (“Christian democrats”) and Agalev, precursor of what is now called the Green party in the Flemish region. No investigation was opened and Laurette Onckelinx, marxist of the francophone Parti Socialiste and said to be initiated into freemasonry, dismissed it claiming that there had been no Stasi interference.

        This was the covert situation in European countries as the EU was being built like a tower of Babylon, and the freemason Coudenhove-Kalergi is viewed as one of its founding fathers; the Kalergi Plan with its envisioned Eurasian-Negroid phenotype ties into the duginistic strategy regarding the West, for Dugin hates the Aryan race and capitalises on the Mongol ancestry of the Russians to set it against the Aryan kindreds in the West, and he has expressed support for anti-white Negroid animosity. Also, he and Putin seek alliance with the mohammedan semi-negroid world against the western peoples.

        A dark power is rising in the East, and it was foreseen by the church father Lactantius; he wrote the following regarding that which precedes the manifestation of Antichrist:

        “Cuius vastitatis et confusionis haec erit causa, quod Romanum nomen, quo nunc regitur orbis — horret animus dicere, sed dicam, quia futurum est — tolletur e terra et imperium in Asiam revertetur ac rursus oriens dominabitur atque occidens serviet.” – Divinae institutiones, liber VII, cap. 15.

        “Of which destruction and confusion this will be the cause, that the Roman name, by which the world is now ruled — the mind fears to say it, but I will say it, for it is the future — will be taken from the earth and the dominion will revert to Asia and again the east will dominate and the west will serve.”

        Of the four world kingdoms mentioned by Daniel the two first (Assyrian and Medo-Persian) were Asiatic, then empire went to the Grecians and afterwards to the Romans; in the Roman dominion Christ was born, Peter, commanded by God, placed his See in Rome and after great struggles the empire was christened. Divine Providence thus set Rome as a force against the mysterium iniquitatis mentioned by St. Paul because it was the fourth world kingdom, and after its fall the power of Antichrist would rise, and like Lactantius said, that power is ultimately going to be Asiatic. That is why various church fathers identified the Roman empire as the katechon holding back the manifestation of the son of perdition.

        With the rise of the Pontifical States the pope, as the temporal king of Rome, had become the katechon, and with the fall of the papal kingship of Rome in the nineteenth century, the katechon has been removed from the geopolitical arena, and judeo-masonry built up American power during the 20th century to keep Europe overthrown and in servitude only to now move its power eastwards, and thus the prophesied things are gradually taking shape.

        It is often assumed that the city of Rome would be the end time Babylon, but what if it will not be? What if it will be a Middle-eastern power? According to Cornelius a Lapide in his commentary on the Book of Apocalypse the theologian Dominicus Soto was of the opinion that the end time Babylon is going to be the historical Assyrian Babylon (in present day Iraq) rebuilt. Jewish “exilarchs” have historically dwelt in Iraq and the gnostic Mani established the seat of manichean sorcery there. Dugin is a crowleyist and Crowley’s “Ordo Templi Orientis” is neo-catharism, and catharism was manichean.

        What Germanic and Celtic people must now do is to build resistance, Catholic and Aryan, in the West to save what can be saved. Catholic counter-revolution is now bound up with the white struggle for the ethnic survival of the western peoples; the combination of the spiritual regenerative force of the Catholic religion with the innate prowess and natural virtues of the Aryan race, purest in its “nordid” appearance, is feared by the enemy who attempts to thwart it wherever he can.

  3. Kalergi Plan in Real Time and its results…
    Anastasia Rubińska(Polish), found naked and dead, hidden in a bag and covered with branches
    Greek police arrested Pakistani and Bangladeshi migrants who admitted to drugging and raping the 26-year-old.

    Poland Jewish Prime Minister

    Polish government plans to accept up to 400,000 immigrants a year

    4 Eritrean migrants accused of gang-raping Swedish woman and filming crime.

    Two Pakistani men are jailed for life in Greece for gang-raping a British 18-year-old on her sunbed after she went for a morning swim on holiday

    Blacks needed for Ukraine Scam WhiteGenocide

    Putins Blacks- Invented storyline to White Genocide Russia under Ukrainian Brother War guise:-
    Russian Embassy Kenya – African students facing racism in Ukraine – welcomed in Russian Universities free education.

    Putins- White Replacements photo backup https://i.postimg.cc/13NpMnsd/putins-blacks8.png

    The Kalergi Plan.

    Jenny Jacobson
    Churchill’s mother was Jenny Jerome. Her father was involved in theatre investment and changed his name from Jacobson to Jerome.‘Cunning, no doubt, came to Churchill in the Jewish genes transmitted by his mother Lady Randolph Churchill , née Jenny Jacobson/Jerome.’ Moshe Kohn, Jerusalem Post

  4. “ In truth however, there are multitudes of Jews who know nothing of this conspiracy, while some are in active opposition to it.“. OBVIOUS BULLSHIT

    I read a comment talking about some people thinking that Rome is the Whore of Babylon. I do believe the Vatican is currently under Jewish control but the idea that the Jews submit to the Vatican is absurd. Anyone who promotes this idea, be they Protestant, sedevacantist, atheist or whatever is doing a disservice to truth, providing cover for the Jews and serving the Father of Lies.

    It appears to me that since Protestants think “faith alone” saves them, the Catholic Church runs the world and Jews are God’s chosen people that the group of religions known as Protestantism have no moral code and provides cover for the Jews by placing the blame for all the world’s problems on the Vatican. Nothing good or even interesting has ever come from Protestantism. Fitz, I really think you should reconsider calling Protestants Christians, for they are not and they believe you are going to hell. Protestantism is one of the main reason why Americans are stupid and can be used as evidence against the idea that whites are more intelligent than any other race or a parrot or budgie bird for that matter. No other major religion or group of religions has as many inconsistencies as Protestantism. I could go on but anyone who worships a book that was made by another religion that he or she thinks has worshipped the Devil since it’s inception but somehow the book was inerrant, except for the Deutoronical Canon which Protestants later removed and worships a group of people who hates them and laughs at them (Jews) is an idiot.

  5. So the “white man” can easily save himself by ‘becoming Jewish,’ if only at least for as long as it takes to make it to and through the formation and exercise of world government. In which case, he can cover his tracks as a Crypto-Christian. That’s how the white Jews hid amongst the white Christians (Jew is not a race). White Christians can return the favor and preserve their race.

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