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New York chosen as headquarters of United Nations because Rebbe Schneerson lived there, U.N. created when he left USSR for America, admits Chabad

NEW YORK—Members of the Coalition for Jewish Concerns pray in front of the Isaiah Peace Wall at the United Nations July 18, 2002 in New York City. Violence in the Middle East escalated with a double suicide bombing July 17, 2002 in Tel Aviv, Israel killing three people. U.S. President George W. Bush condemned the attacks saying that terrorism is getting in the way of creating a Palestinian state. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

The secret of the creation of the UN

Chabad’s false messiah Mendel Menachem Schneerson reveals the secret of the timing of the UN, that it is connected with the arrival of the Rebbe in the U.S., and also explains that New York was chosen as the location for the U.N. due to the fact that the Rebbe lives there…

Translation: Sholem Lugov
Source: Dwar Malchut, ch. “Mishpatim”
In his speech, the Rebbe King Moshiach talks about the meeting between the heads of the United States and Russia in 1992 and their decision, the essence of which is: “And they will beat swords into plowshares.” The Rebbe reveals the secret of the timing of the UN, which is related to the Rebbe’s arrival in the United States, and also explains that New York was chosen as the location for the UN due to the fact that the Rebbe lives there…– And it must be said that the adoption of this decision at a meeting in the city of the head of our generation , my father-in-law and teacher, the Rebbe (where representatives of different countries gathered, including the president of this country, who was forced to come from the capital to this city 24 ) contains a hint that all this has come to pass as a result of the activities to spread the Torah and Judaism, justice and honesty, throughout the world, which was and is being carried out by the head of our generation, Moshiach of the generation 25 . And until the completion of this work in our day, when the whole world has become ready and suitable for the beginning of the actions of King Moshiach, “And he will judge the nations, and give instruction to many nations; and they will beat their swords into plowshares . “Rebbe’s Notes:24) And although the simple reason for this is that a special place where representatives of different countries of the world gather was not originally chosen in the capital of any country, but the real reason that this place was chosen in this particular city is that that it is the capital of the “kings-rabbis” (see “Gitin” 62a at the end and more), my father-in-law and teacher, the head of our generation (see note 26).25) See “Sefer ha-Sichot” 5752, part 2, pp. 469-470, that the head of the generation is the Moshiach of the generation…26) And it should be noted that the UN organization was created to achieve peace among the peoples in the lower hemisphere after the arrival of the head of the generation in the lower hemisphere (starting with a decision taken during the war, about 5702 and most importantly – at the end of the war in about 5705 .) and the place was set in the city of the head of our generation, up to the construction of a special building (about 5711) – and this emphasizes the fact that unity and peace among peoples is a consequence of the activity of the head of our generation to correct the world (through the spread of the Torah and Jewry, justice and honesty throughout the world) . And with the intensification of the purification of the world by the head of our generation, the existence of an organization becomes stronger, the purpose of which is to influence the unity and peace on earth, until the completion of the purification of the world during the fulfillment of the prophecy: “And they will beat swords into plowshares”, which is the basis of this organization. [ And yet, these words are carved on the wall of the (UN) building].Translator’s notes:

When the United Nations was created, the very first line of the preamble to the UN Charter stated:

We, the peoples of the United Nations, determined to save future generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lives has brought unspeakable grief to humanity, strive to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights and freedoms.

5702: The foundations of the activities and structure of the UN were developed during the Second World War by the leading members of the anti-Hitler coalition. The name “United Nations” was first used in the Declaration of the United Nations signed on January 1, 1942 (12 Tevet 5702). And on Sivan 28, 5701 (June 23, 1941), Rebbe Shlita King Moshiach and his wife arrived in the United States.

5705: The UN Charter was approved at a conference held from April to June 1945 and signed on June 26, 1945 (Tamuz 15, 5705) by representatives of 51 states. The date of entry into force of the Charter on October 24 (Cheshvan 17, 5706) is celebrated as United Nations Day.

5711: Construction of the United Nations building completed on August 21, 1950 (Elul 5710)



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