Bollyn as Adam Green’s Israel conduit and the Duginist Axis for Peace Conference

Green and Morphonios in Jerusalem.

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
March 30, 2023 Anno Domini

Two of the biggest questions I have about that manufactured disinformation operator Adam Green of Know More News is how he got in and out of Israel unscathed and why a high-profile 9/11 truther bothered to go to Green’s home and do several interviews with him.

At the time, 2018 and prior, Green didn’t have a large following. He is educated in business administration, worked as a grunt at ViaSat, and has very limited historical or theological knowledge, much less conspiracy research knowledge (his bait is your basic Leftist anti-Zionism). So why would the supposed king of 9/11 research Christopher Bollyn (aka Kinky Balloon, according to the late Michael Collins Piper) bother with a crummy little Youtuber like Adam Green? He’s appeared on CNN[1], been interviewed by Haaretz[2], and attended many lectures at Kremlin-backed conferences around the world talking about the Anglo-Israeli orchestration of the 9/11 attacks. Why on Earth would Bollyn care about some wannabe Youtube star like Green? Green is not unique or special. He just interviews random people (but how random was Bollyn?) and reads on video what others have researched or written, which is appealing to younger people who don’t like reading and would rather watch.

Green and Bollyn at Green’s Carlsbad, California home.

The only reasonable conclusion one could come to is that Bollyn is “giving a rub” to Green. No, I am not talking about Bollyn’s sexual proclivities, although those can’t be ruled out. What I am talking about is the figurative passing of the torch. Once again, we turn to the deceptive world of professional wrestling to understand real world deception:


“Helping a less popular wrestler get over by associating them with a more prominent or popular wrestler.”[3]

“Get over” means to be accepted by the crowd and potentially become popular. Green is the less popular disinfo artist being associated with a much more prominent one in Bollyn. Apparently, the rub Alex Jones gave to Green didn’t work very well, which is why Green left the Infowars fold? So if Bollyn and Green are the wrestlers, who is the promoter? Indications point to the East, as I suggested in Christopher Bollyn gatekeeping 9/11 truth on behalf of Moscow? If you haven’t read this article yet, please do so before reading on here.

Bollyn with Lebanon’s Islamic Prime Minister Selim al Hoss at the close of the “anti-imperialist” Axis for Peace conference in Brussels, Belgium.

Could it be that Bollyn, who not only lived in Israel working in the Marxist Kibbutz system but also married an Eastern European-derived Israeli woman (Bosmat Merimsky) who worked in the Israeli defense services, provided Green the connection with which he could pass in and out of Israel with relative ease? Green was publicly anti-Zionist at the time he went to Israel (and just happened to bump into fellow anti-Zionist and Kremlin shill Jake Morphonios-on Russian TV/ a contributor to pro-Kremlin Iranian site).[4] You would think the Israeli authorities, who monitor this stuff like hawks, would have roughed up the gangly hipster, at least a little bit. But as far as we can tell from the videos Green posted, nothing at all happened to him or Morphonios. It’s possible Green’s “former” employer Viasat could’ve provided help with Green’s access to Israel, as ViaSat is sponsored by the Israeli government[5], but for that to be possible, it seems Green would have to have been more than just a grunt working in an IT depot. But who knows. Bottom line, it’s highly suspicious that a publicly anti-Zionist figure is traversing Zion with ease.

Bollyn seems to be more connected then he lets on. Add to the list of the Communist connections outlined in my first article on Bollyn (linked above), I came across more in Communist Venezuela. I happen to have spent some time in that country and know with certainty that it is a Communist country[6], despite Kremlin narratives to contrary (you will find much of the alt media championing Venezuela as an anti-globalist freedom fighter, which is typical Commie rhetoric).

In February 2006, Bollyn claims that the late American Free Press publisher Willis Carto assigned him to cover a story in the “Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela” (Simon Bolivar was a freemason, Soviet-styled “liberator”, much like Che Guevara) and petition dictator Hugo Chavez for support for the AFP. Brewing in the background at this time, Michael Collins Piper at American Free Press grew suspicious of Bollyn and seemed to see him as some kind of Israeli operative that was sent to the newspaper as a plant. Piper suspects that Bollyn was trailing him all the way in Mexico, long before they officially met. Long story short, Bollyn was fired by AFP—along with Kremlin asset Raphael M. Johnson (currently writes for such shill sites as Russia Insider)—and then retaliated by accusing AFP of being a Zionist operation (via the Mark Lane angle) and used stunts (staging his own arrest by police) to try and hijack AFP’s audience for his own gain—a series of events that tend to confirm Piper’s suspicions that indeed Bollyn was an Israeli operator. It seems Bollyn was there to prevent AFP and/or Piper from unearthing too much truth, or just to cause dissension and infighting. Bollyn then began feuds with others in the patriot movement, including the late Victor Thorn.[7] The demoralizing thing about the feud between Bollyn, Piper, Hufschmid, Daryl Bradford Smith, and WingTV was that they all seemed to have Leftist, pro-Kremlin leanings and espoused mainly generic anti-Zionist viewpoints (see The Kremlin directs the anti-Zionist movement on behalf of Israel).

Can anyone see the parallels with Adam Green, first attaching himself to Infowars, leaving it, then accusing it of being a Zionist operation? Infowars is no doubt a Kremlin-Israeli sponsored outfit, but the parallel remains.

“At the time, I was in Europe covering the Ernst Zundel trial in Mannheim and had made excellent contacts with Lebanese and Syrian leaders at the Axis of Peace conference in Brussels,” Bollyn says. This was in late 2005, before his Venezuela excursion.[8]

The Axis For Peace conference has all the hallmarks of a KGB operation. Of course, we know the “peace movement” is a Soviet front to ultimately promote Western disarmament for greater ease of Communist victory over the world. The Conference, which listed Bollyn as a panelist[9], was sponsored by Russia Today, Al Jazeera, Tele Sur (Venezuela state media) and others (while in Venezuela myself, I remember watching a documentary on Tele Sur called Painful Deceptions, which I learned years later was the work of Bollyn associate Eric Hufschmidt. It was another typical Soviet-styled 9/11 bait documentary—blaming the West for 9/11 and some Zionist elements thrown in to make it seem legitimate. Evidently, the Bollyn did get through to the Venezuelan government, at least in as far as getting his buddy Hufschmid’s documentary televised). Most of the other panelists and presenters at the conference were of Marxist, U.N., and/or Islamic persuasions, much like sister conferences like the Duginist New Horizons conference of Iran that our resident Vatican II shill E. Michael Jones is known for attending.

The conference’s final declaration stated,

“We salute the mediation of Russia who stands by the application of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, and the presumption of innocence in international relations. We call upon the UN General Assembly to support Russia’s efforts in favor of the re-establishment of a multilateral dialogue; to support its strong stance against financing terrorism, double standards in international politics and the interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states.”[10]

It might as well have called for Dugin’s multi-polar world order cry with Putin as the peacemaker.

Dugin collaborator Soviet General Leonid Ivashov at the Axis for Peace Conference, at which Bollyn was a panelist.

The most notable figure at Axis for Peace was former aide to the Soviet Ministry of Defense General Leonid Ivashov, who was involved in the writing of Aleksandr Dugin’s 1997 Eurasianist propaganda piece Foundations of Geopolitics.[11] Also in attendance was KGB operative Yasser Arafat’s advisor Ahmad Tibi. Interestingly, Lyndon LaRouche’s wife Helga Zepp-LaRouche was there, too. You would think at some point in all of Bollyn’s conferencing around the world that he would have crossed paths with Dugin himself.

Bollyn with Duginist Ivashov.

Back to Bollyn’s Venezuela trip, he used it as a chance to shill for the Latino-Soviet regime, defending the overweight hillbilly Chavez (locals told me how sounded like a hillbilly anytime he spoke), condemning the U.S. for unjustly vilifying the Bolivarian government, and glorifying life in the socialist hellhole.[12]

“Hundreds of thousands of poor Americans in five Northeastern states have been on the receiving end of Venezuela ‘s generosity. This winter alone, hundreds of thousands of low-income Americans from Pennsylvania and New York to Maine and Vermont have received more than 25 million gallons of subsidized heating oil for their homes.” Bollyn wrote.[13]

In the first in his series about Venezuela, Bollyn penned the letter from Margarita Island,[14] which is a tourist destination in Venezuela. You have to wonder if Bollyn was ever shown the shanties and absolute squalor that dominates Venezuela. Or maybe he was but chose to ignore it for the good of the Mother Russia.


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      1. Yes i understand! I was pro russia years ago but now i am mostly sure that jews control east and definetly west!

        Thanks for bringing other site of the story!

        I have read so many places that putin mother is jewish what do you think?

  1. Holy Spirit, you got triggered!
    I guess I have to repeat myself.
    1- I was not defending Green. In fact I think the biggest clue he is controlled opposition is his silly attack on Christianity.
    2- I was replying to the user Boris, who said Green associates with Jones. It is in fact still true that he does not. Check “association” in the dictionary.
    Can we stop playing this game?

    1. Who is Holy Spirit?

      We don’t actually know that Green doesn’t associate with Jones. He claims to have left Infowars, but Adam Green is a liar and cannot be taken at his word. But it doesn’t matter now. We have enough on him to know he is controlled opposition.

  2. “The only reasonable conclusion one could come to is that Bollyn is “giving a rub” to Green. No, I am not talking about Bollyn’s sexual proclivities, although those can’t be ruled out”

    😂 That cracked me up.
    I’ve never read or listened to Bollyn, is he really that big of a deal?

  3. These Jews and their agents build each other up and tear each other down as part of their discrimination campaign. Hufschmid, Bollyn Piper, Green etc. are all working together. They pretend to be enemies just like pro wrestlers do. There are not many famous people exposing Jewish crime who are not working for Jews or Jews themselves. If you assume every famous person known for speaking out against Jews is working for the Jews, every last one of them, that may not be absolutely true, but not far from it.
    It is my belief that a high percentage of these people are in fact Jews, not non Jewish government agents. Why would want to hire some gentile and trachea him the secrets of their the Jewish tribe and use him as an agent when there are so many Jews who will do the job? If they are not Jews, some have strange connections, living on a Kubbutz in Israel for example or Eric Hufschmid’s connections to Rupert Murdoch. Some of this stuff is stuck in our faces.

    Anyway, To be honest I did not read the whole article but virtually every single person I read about it in it is an obvious Jew or shill.

    In summary, almost everyone you mentioned in the article is a Jew or agent of the Jews playing games with each other, telling lies and stirring up drama. I am 100% certain Adam Green is working for the Jews, and I think it is very likely he is not Jewish. I will add that this stuff is not rocket science. Anyone who has an examined the information that you have laid out about Green, or a fraction of it and defends Green is suspect.
    Maybe it is worth it to you to attempt to convince someone that these disinfo clowns are not who they say they are and sometimes you may convince someone of the truth about these characters, but many of the people who defend Green and company are disinfo agents as well.
    So you inevitably argue or discuss things with people who are Jews or agents of the Jews, possibly wasting a lot of time.
    I do not see any way someone can always tell the difference between a genuinely gullible person and a liar.

  4. Oh dear, all these characters that you disparage, I have at various times over the past twenty years come across and found elements of their output to be of help to my enquiring mind. Yes, Alex Jones is an obvious
    disinfo. agent by omission, but even so, at times, will present something worthwhile as all clever disinfo. agents are wont to do.
    Adam Green with Christopher Jon Bjerknes and their collaboration on Lurianic Kabbalism with all the rabbi clips spewing their hatred for Edom/Amalek from their own mouths. Well, maybe I am on some Jewish shit-list now for daring to view this stuff, who really knows, nevertheless, IMO is compelling stuff.
    As with Michael Hoffman who also has much to offer, as your good self, from a devoted Christian Catholic perspective. As for Michael E Jones, well TBH I find him sour and repulsive to look at and avoid, lol.
    Fellow Aussie, Brendon O’Connell, despite his nasty, vindictive nature also puts up much worthwhile info. to consider.
    I consider Christopher Bollyn’s 9/11 exemplary and don’t see how he could be a gatekeeper. After all he was physically attacked in his own home by Jewish agents and suffered broken bones.
    Many others I could mention like Jim Stone, Henry Makow, Kyle Hunt and Renegade Tribune, Occidental Observer, etc. all worth a look in.
    Timothy, as a matter of interest, who do you consider trustworthy sources?

    1. After all he was physically attacked in his own home by Jewish agents and suffered broken bones.

      Did you click any of the links in the article, because the alleged attack on Bollyn is believed by credible people to have been staged, exaggerated, and outright fabricated in order to catalyze Bollyn as a truther.

      I don’t really consider anyone to be a reliable source.

      1. Who published Bollyn’s books? It is pretty obvious that Hufschmid and his gang are controlled opposition or Jews. Hufschmid’s site was advertised on television for him during a television show about 911 truthers. I wrote an article in 2009 about Hufschmid on WordPress which has since been taken down. When I was about to publish it someone working for WordPress said “the matrix has found you, turn back”. It is still available on some other blog site. I do not like to use the word all too often but all very well known people who speak out against the Jews are working for the Jews. I do not know of any exceptions. I would not describe Bishop Williamson as very well known, at least not compared to Bollyn or the Alex Jones crew. I could be wrong but I think Williamson has been duped by Putin and is not in with the Jews. I naively was not aware of E Michael Jones being controlled opposition, though it struck me ass odd that he was on the Alex Jones show.
        Anyway, anyone who makes a living out of talking about politics, including people who name the Jew are working for the Jew. If there are any exceptions I am not aware. I did mention Williamson but he is not making much or maybe any money out of talking about Jews. I really do not know why so many people trust people who have studios, high profile guests and no apparent other income. Though I have never read an old fashioned paper and ink style book on the Jew I have read some online. Even Eustace Mullins sold out to the Jew in the end. Anyone who gets their book published by a Jew publishing company, which is almost all of them is controlled opposition.
        There are Jew and Jew agents making little blogs or just paid to comment on videos. I think some Jews do it without being paid, at least not formally.
        You have more patience than me. Debating whether Bollyn or Adam Green etc. work for the Jews is like debating whetstone or not Tucker Carlson does. I know someone who seemed to have a basic understanding of the Jewish question but told me Trump was one of the good guys. He also told me that time travellers changed the Bible. I have not spoken to much much since.

      2. Hey Fitz, once again this is not directly related to the article but I do not seem to be able to get in contact through email. I know you must be busy and once again please excuse me for talking about something not related to the article.
        When I am on YouTube the tranny stuff, drag queen story stuff, tyranny this and tranny that. I think it is a big pile of bullshit. Few people seem to ever mention that the lgbt has a light shone them. For example a tranny named Dylan Mulvaney was at the White House and of course people say the lgbt is behind and they are right but this stuff is not a grass roots movement and who invited him to the White House. This stuff does not affect my life and probably not your life but I think it is a big issue because it is showed down our throat constantly. I think this stuff is a big joke and I am actually surprised how much attention people are giving it. I do think it is very bad but it is also a smokescreen. I would like to hear your opinion on it or maybe you think it is something that should just be ignored. I know the next time I go to YouTube there will be videos about it recommended to me and just like the Jordan Peterson videos they will be pushed on me even if I do not look at them or got a new computer.

        1. Jason, I tend to agree. They are making LGBT seem more popular than it is in a way that reminds me of how Alfred Kinsey popularized homosexuality by fudging statistics. I try to ignore it myself. Such blatant sexual deviancy condemns itself. However, I can understand parents protesting its normalization and getting arrested for doing so.

          1. I could not agree more. I do understand parents not wanting the LGBT pushed in schools but the way people are so obsessed with the whole issue just seems stupid. One thing that I think should be noted that very few who liked to talk about this issue note is that none of this LGBT stuff idiots organic. There is a big spotlight being shone on the LGBT and people who discuss this topic do not seem to understand that. If there is an LGBT activist on television people rage at the LGBT activist, in many cases deservedly so but they do not seem to think about the network that pit him there and if a school is pushing LGBT bullshit someone made the decision to do so.
            Even the gay marriage thing. I thought of it as some kind of joke when I heard about it and very few homosexuals want to marry.
            I am not trying to defend homosexuals but whatever way one looks at it, even assuming homosexuals are pure evil, the fact there is an obvious hidden hand promoting this stuff eludes people. Few people look below the surface. This LGBT stuff also gives people who want someone to hate and look down upon an outlet. You are right about the whole thing being exaggerated. I do not know one male who is openly homosexual right now and even when I lived in a big city, people who were openly homosexual in the downtown area were a fairly small minority, though not uncommon, elsewhere in the city it was fairly rare to meet someone who was openly homosexual. This whole LGBT thing is a smokescreen for more important issues and aside from faggots adopting kids and sexual degeneracy being taught in school I do not see any point in talking about it all. Though there has to be a long term goal with this stuff, after being bombarded with the Covid bullshit for years I do not give a fuck about any of the LGBT, even the bullshit they teach at schools does not affect my life.

          2. Good advice to ignore it but the situation for children and young people is really dire, since to them sexual degeneracy is really only about the issue of consent or lack thereof.

            They have been indoctrinated with a very different view of what’s normal and they think, because they’ve been told, that the highest moral good is to tolerate ( celebrate ) deviancy, the more extreme the better. The bulk of a whole generation is ignoring that biological imperative of heterosexual love which is needed if the West is to survive.



    Photo credit: (CC BY 4.0)

    Representatives of the International Movement of Russophiles (IMR) delivered a lecture in the capital of Venezuela, the website of the National Movement of Russophiles reports. The military from the presidential honor guard was told about Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine and about the desire to establish a new world order.

    The speakers stressed that Russia has to sacrifice a lot to carry the struggle. They also called for support for the Russophile movement and to oppose Russophobia. All those present expressed their willingness to support the IMR.

    The founding congress of the International Movement of Russophiles was held in Moscow on March, 14. It was attended by representatives of about 40 countries. The congress took place during a period of attempts by Western countries to abolish Russian culture and present Russia in a negative light. The meeting was intended to demonstrate that people around the world are sympathetic to Russia, are aware of the role of Russian civilization in history and support Moscow’s policy.

    Russkiy Mir

  6. Bollyn as Jewish controlled op? after implicating Israel full-on for 9/11? to what end – just to have bollyn cover everything to set him up for a dis-creditation campaign after? Why would Bollyn be jewish controlled op?
    And Adam Green did a lot of great anti-zionist videos – very effective stuff, hard to question his motive there as anything but sincere. Also done in a lead-up to really warn about global Noahide laws. Adam Green’s whole “Christianity is a myth, Jesus is a myth” approach now is stupidly overt so as to make him villified, but smacks also of Jewish controlled opposition. His Noahide angle is weakened heavily by his own anti-Jesus videos now, as the Noahide guillotine threat is against Christian “idolaters” – so the agenda here is convoluted.
    I appreciate Fitzpatrick talking about Adam Green though, Bollyn also. I think they do warrant further analysis.

    1. Bollyn is controlled by way of his association with Russia and Communists. Blaming Israel for 9/11 is no longer the Litmus test.

      Christopher Bollyn gatekeeping 9/11 truth on behalf of Moscow?

      Anti-Zionism is a decoy.

      And besides, Adam Green “borrows” his content from other researchers—the research that is half decent, anyway.

  7. You’ve got some good info here, but… the roots of “marxism” i.e. “communism” is sitting right there in you bible: joshua describes a perfect TERROR PURGE where, one family hiding some gold stolen from a looted, plundered, massacred city “g-o-d” SENDS A PLAGUE that WIPES OUT INNOCENT israelites… until joshua stages his purge and gets the perp to confess (where he and his entire family are immediately wiped out). The “g-o-d SENDS PLAGUES to WIPE OUT WHOLE POPULATIONS” is a constant theme of the bible – in Joshua, in Kings (?) when the Assyrian army is forced to lift its siege of jerusalem because of a plague – and of course, the CENTRAL STORY of the bible, “g-o-d BRAGS on KILLING EGYPTIAN CHILDREN” – by plagues!
    if you think the bible is the font of all decency and morality, you are a Darwinian dead end, you might as well sell your children to the gulags

    (I know this is confusing – both the Radical Left AND the Radical Right are CONTROLLED by the bible thumpers – but as your many articles show, chabadniks at the center, the bloody murderous core of russian, north korean, and china ‘communism’ aka terror purges and terrorized, enslaved, DISPOSABLE SLAVE populations)

  8. as a Christian, i am disappointed & angry at Adam Green’s new emphasis on trying to prove Jesus was a Jewish-invented myth – why do you think Green is now doing this so heavily?

    1. John, I think Green is a counter-intelligence, Synagogue asset whose mission has always been to spread anti-Christian propaganda. The reason we couldn’t detect this from 2015-2020 was because that five years of his operation was dedicated to building his audience, and to do that, he had to tell us everthing we wanted to hear to the best of his ability. Once he had established enough of his audience, he could dispense with telling us what we wanted to hear and move on to his true objective. Old bait-and-switch tactic.

      1. it’s a tough one i think to grasp. Green seems fully intent on exposing the destruction of the west thru Noahide laws and beheading. And Green goes very far in exposing rabbis and their plans to destroy the west because of its amalek/edom ‘roots’ etc. why would the synagogue want so much explicit dirt and motive exposed on itself? only to try to trash Jesus as Green’s end game? You think?
        Tough one, Fitz. Why dont you reach out to Adam Green, offer to debate him?

  9. Adam Green will debate people. But if he sees you may expose what you feel is counter-intel he will avoid you, if in fact your theory is correct. Let me know. Thanks.

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