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Bollyn as Adam Green’s Israel conduit and the Duginist Axis for Peace Conference

Green and Morphonios in Jerusalem.

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
March 30, 2023 Anno Domini

Two of the biggest questions I have about that manufactured disinformation operator Adam Green of Know More News is how he got in and out of Israel unscathed and why a high-profile 9/11 truther bothered to go to Green’s home and do several interviews with him.

At the time, 2018 and prior, Green didn’t have a large following. He is educated in business administration, worked as a grunt at ViaSat, and has very limited historical or theological knowledge, much less conspiracy research knowledge (his bait is your basic Leftist anti-Zionism). So why would the supposed king of 9/11 research Christopher Bollyn (aka Kinky Balloon, according to the late Michael Collins Piper) bother with a crummy little Youtuber like Adam Green? He’s appeared on CNN[1], been interviewed by Haaretz[2], and attended many lectures at Kremlin-backed conferences around the world talking about the Anglo-Israeli orchestration of the 9/11 attacks. Why on Earth would Bollyn care about some wannabe Youtube star like Green? Green is not unique or special. He just interviews random people (but how random was Bollyn?) and reads on video what others have researched or written, which is appealing to younger people who don’t like reading and would rather watch.

Green and Bollyn at Green’s Carlsbad, California home.

The only reasonable conclusion one could come to is that Bollyn is “giving a rub” to Green. No, I am not talking about Bollyn’s sexual proclivities, although those can’t be ruled out. What I am talking about is the figurative passing of the torch. Once again, we turn to the deceptive world of professional wrestling to understand real world deception:


“Helping a less popular wrestler get over by associating them with a more prominent or popular wrestler.”[3]

“Get over” means to be accepted by the crowd and potentially become popular. Green is the less popular disinfo artist being associated with a much more prominent one in Bollyn. Apparently, the rub Alex Jones gave to Green didn’t work very well, which is why Green left the Infowars fold? So if Bollyn and Green are the wrestlers, who is the promoter? Indications point to the East, as I suggested in Christopher Bollyn gatekeeping 9/11 truth on behalf of Moscow? If you haven’t read this article yet, please do so before reading on here.

Bollyn with Lebanon’s Islamic Prime Minister Selim al Hoss at the close of the “anti-imperialist” Axis for Peace conference in Brussels, Belgium.

Could it be that Bollyn, who not only lived in Israel working in the Marxist Kibbutz system but also married an Eastern European-derived Israeli woman (Bosmat Merimsky) who worked in the Israeli defense services, provided Green the connection with which he could pass in and out of Israel with relative ease? Green was publicly anti-Zionist at the time he went to Israel (and just happened to bump into fellow anti-Zionist and Kremlin shill Jake Morphonios-on Russian TV/ a contributor to pro-Kremlin Iranian site).[4] You would think the Israeli authorities, who monitor this stuff like hawks, would have roughed up the gangly hipster, at least a little bit. But as far as we can tell from the videos Green posted, nothing at all happened to him or Morphonios. It’s possible Green’s “former” employer Viasat could’ve provided help with Green’s access to Israel, as ViaSat is sponsored by the Israeli government[5], but for that to be possible, it seems Green would have to have been more than just a grunt working in an IT depot. But who knows. Bottom line, it’s highly suspicious that a publicly anti-Zionist figure is traversing Zion with ease.

Bollyn seems to be more connected then he lets on. Add to the list of the Communist connections outlined in my first article on Bollyn (linked above), I came across more in Communist Venezuela. I happen to have spent some time in that country and know with certainty that it is a Communist country[6], despite Kremlin narratives to contrary (you will find much of the alt media championing Venezuela as an anti-globalist freedom fighter, which is typical Commie rhetoric).

In February 2006, Bollyn claims that the late American Free Press publisher Willis Carto assigned him to cover a story in the “Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela” (Simon Bolivar was a freemason, Soviet-styled “liberator”, much like Che Guevara) and petition dictator Hugo Chavez for support for the AFP. Brewing in the background at this time, Michael Collins Piper at American Free Press grew suspicious of Bollyn and seemed to see him as some kind of Israeli operative that was sent to the newspaper as a plant. Piper suspects that Bollyn was trailing him all the way in Mexico, long before they officially met. Long story short, Bollyn was fired by AFP—along with Kremlin asset Raphael M. Johnson (currently writes for such shill sites as Russia Insider)—and then retaliated by accusing AFP of being a Zionist operation (via the Mark Lane angle) and used stunts (staging his own arrest by police) to try and hijack AFP’s audience for his own gain—a series of events that tend to confirm Piper’s suspicions that indeed Bollyn was an Israeli operator. It seems Bollyn was there to prevent AFP and/or Piper from unearthing too much truth, or just to cause dissension and infighting. Bollyn then began feuds with others in the patriot movement, including the late Victor Thorn.[7] The demoralizing thing about the feud between Bollyn, Piper, Hufschmid, Daryl Bradford Smith, and WingTV was that they all seemed to have Leftist, pro-Kremlin leanings and espoused mainly generic anti-Zionist viewpoints (see The Kremlin directs the anti-Zionist movement on behalf of Israel).

Can anyone see the parallels with Adam Green, first attaching himself to Infowars, leaving it, then accusing it of being a Zionist operation? Infowars is no doubt a Kremlin-Israeli sponsored outfit, but the parallel remains.

“At the time, I was in Europe covering the Ernst Zundel trial in Mannheim and had made excellent contacts with Lebanese and Syrian leaders at the Axis of Peace conference in Brussels,” Bollyn says. This was in late 2005, before his Venezuela excursion.[8]

The Axis For Peace conference has all the hallmarks of a KGB operation. Of course, we know the “peace movement” is a Soviet front to ultimately promote Western disarmament for greater ease of Communist victory over the world. The Conference, which listed Bollyn as a panelist[9], was sponsored by Russia Today, Al Jazeera, Tele Sur (Venezuela state media) and others (while in Venezuela myself, I remember watching a documentary on Tele Sur called Painful Deceptions, which I learned years later was the work of Bollyn associate Eric Hufschmidt. It was another typical Soviet-styled 9/11 bait documentary—blaming the West for 9/11 and some Zionist elements thrown in to make it seem legitimate. Evidently, the Bollyn did get through to the Venezuelan government, at least in as far as getting his buddy Hufschmid’s documentary televised). Most of the other panelists and presenters at the conference were of Marxist, U.N., and/or Islamic persuasions, much like sister conferences like the Duginist New Horizons conference of Iran that our resident Vatican II shill E. Michael Jones is known for attending.

The conference’s final declaration stated,

“We salute the mediation of Russia who stands by the application of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, and the presumption of innocence in international relations. We call upon the UN General Assembly to support Russia’s efforts in favor of the re-establishment of a multilateral dialogue; to support its strong stance against financing terrorism, double standards in international politics and the interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states.”[10]

It might as well have called for Dugin’s multi-polar world order cry with Putin as the peacemaker.

Dugin collaborator Soviet General Leonid Ivashov at the Axis for Peace Conference, at which Bollyn was a panelist.

The most notable figure at Axis for Peace was former aide to the Soviet Ministry of Defense General Leonid Ivashov, who was involved in the writing of Aleksandr Dugin’s 1997 Eurasianist propaganda piece Foundations of Geopolitics.[11] Also in attendance was KGB operative Yasser Arafat’s advisor Ahmad Tibi. Interestingly, Lyndon LaRouche’s wife Helga Zepp-LaRouche was there, too. You would think at some point in all of Bollyn’s conferencing around the world that he would have crossed paths with Dugin himself.

Bollyn with Duginist Ivashov.

Back to Bollyn’s Venezuela trip, he used it as a chance to shill for the Latino-Soviet regime, defending the overweight hillbilly Chavez (locals told me how sounded like a hillbilly anytime he spoke), condemning the U.S. for unjustly vilifying the Bolivarian government, and glorifying life in the socialist hellhole.[12]

“Hundreds of thousands of poor Americans in five Northeastern states have been on the receiving end of Venezuela ‘s generosity. This winter alone, hundreds of thousands of low-income Americans from Pennsylvania and New York to Maine and Vermont have received more than 25 million gallons of subsidized heating oil for their homes.” Bollyn wrote.[13]

In the first in his series about Venezuela, Bollyn penned the letter from Margarita Island,[14] which is a tourist destination in Venezuela. You have to wonder if Bollyn was ever shown the shanties and absolute squalor that dominates Venezuela. Or maybe he was but chose to ignore it for the good of the Mother Russia.


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