Farmers of Holland protests fake opposition Trojan horse

Farmers from Belgium’s northern region of Flanders block roads with tractors during a protest against the regional government’s nitrogen emissions policy, in Brussels, Belgium, on Friday, March 3, 2023. Hundreds of tractors driven by farmers converged on the Belgian capital creating major traffic disruption as the debate over agricultural pollution increasingly turns into a political issue in many of the European Unions farming nations. Photographer: Valeria Mongelli/Bloomberg via Getty Images

By Steven Herman
March 17, 2023 Anno Domini

‘BoerBurgerBeweging’: the Dutch Trojan horse

The big winner in the Dutch provincial council elections on 15 March 2023 was the BoerBurgerBeweging (BBB, translated as Farmer-Citizen Movement). It was particularly striking how this party was able to win the ballot even though it was founded barely four years ago.

In the traditional media, it sounds like “a sledgehammer blow to the establishment”. But is it?

Turbulent times

A possible political landslide had been predicted beforehand.

There were the harrowing stories about the victims of gas extraction in the city of Groningen.

The ‘surcharges affair’ eventually led to the fall of the Rutte government and the historically long government formation that followed… with the result that Rutte was hoisted back into the saddle.

On the upside, the Dutch government took a series of measures to curb (read: at least halve) livestock farming and cope with the so-called ‘nitrogen crisis’, culminating in a legal framework in late 2020. However, these plans had severe consequences for Dutch farms, which faced such strict standards that many were forced to shut down their operations.

From the beginning, farmers united in a variety of initiatives to resist their own government’s stranglehold. Perhaps the best known is the Farmers Defence Force.

Farmers Defence Force - Steun onze boeren; steun elkaar!

Logo of the Farmers Defence Force

Dutch farmers have campaigned relentlessly since 2019. Countless upside-down flags were hung on facades and bridges. A symbolism adopted from shipping, where ships in distress flip the flag to notify the outside world of their plight.

Gemeenten halen omgekeerde Nederlandse vlaggen van boerenprotesten weg: 'Dit is niet de bedoeling' | Hart van Nederland

Inverted flags in the Dutch street scene (Source: ANP / Bart Stoutjesdijk)

Embarrassing detail: during a field visit by Prime Minister Mark Rutte to his Belgian counterpart Alexander De Croo in January, the Dutch flag appeared to be hanging upside down by mistake.

Rutte en De Croo schudden handen voor de Europese, Belgische en... omgedraaide Nederlandse vlag. .

Source: ANP, Algemeen Dagblad, HLN

Several times they marched in column to the political centre of the Netherlands in The Hague. They got the mustard for this from truckers from the Canadian Freedom Convoys, who marched to Quebec in corona times to voice their displeasure against Justin Trudeau’s policies. The man even had to go into hiding for a while. Today he is still in power, busy loading weapons for the hopeless war in Ukraine.

It is striking that the now-established opposition parties like Forum voor Democratie (FVD) and Partij voor de Vrijheid (PVV) have not been able to capitalise on the discontent in society. Indeed, the FVD took heavy hits and lies counted out against the canvas. Geert Wilders’ PVV did not fare much better. I refrain from in-depth analysis, but it does seem that the BBB lured many voters away from these parties.

Election results compared to previous ballot (2019).

What is the BoerBurgerBeweging (Farmer-Citizen Movement) or BBB?

So the new star in the Dutch political firmament listens to the name BoerBurgerBeweging or BBB. They profile themselves as the ‘voice of and for the countryside’, as is also prominently displayed on their website (see image below).

Print screen from the BBB website after the win was announced.

The BBB was established on 1 October 2019, with the cooperation of marketing company ReMarkAble. This company may count major players in the food industry among its clients. For instance, the Bayer-Monsanto company (Bayer owns Monsanto) is a major client of ReMarkAble.

It is not the first time a political party has hired a marketing firm, but it may be a first time that a political party emerges from a marketing firm.

The founder, owner and marketing director of ReMarkAble, are also secretary and treasurer at the BBB. Along with other employees, they have been actively involved in the BBB’s election campaign.

The BBB has received donations from ReMarkAble from 2019, totalling EUR 174,0001. Of this amount, the BBB declared EUR 160,000 on their Facebook page2.

The address of the BBB is the same as the address of Bayer Monsanto’s communications office in the Netherlands: Groningerstraat 21, 7418 BX Deventer.

Bayer Monsanto, Cargill and Dupont have bought nearly 17 million hectares of agricultural land in Ukraine. That is about 60% of the available arable land in the country.

See for more on this subject:

1 Amounts to be confirmed.


During World War II, Bayer was part of IG Farben and produced Zyklon-B for the Nazis.

In 2018, Caroline van der Plas, chairwoman of the BBB, thanked Bayer Monsanto via a tweet3.

What can we expect from the Farmer-Citizen Movement?

The answer is: nothing.

Nitrogen policy is framed within the globalist climate agenda, which in turn flows from Agenda 2030 and the so-called ‘sustainable development goals’.

The implementation of Agenda 2030 may be slightly delayed, but the process will continue. The last paragraph of the report below already indicates ‘that the plan just needs fine-tuning’.


Tristate City rules

The real reason farmers have to leave has nothing to do with nitrogen. The farms are an obstacle for entirely different reasons:

  • the plans to radically redraw the Dutch territory and move people to cities as much as possible;


  • to take food production away from farmers, as part of the plan to create food scarcity and put production in the hands of big players, who together with the government will control the entire chain4.

A problem is created, a plan of action drawn up and a solution put forward. This is yet another strong example of Hegelian dialectic, applied time and again by the dark globalists.

Those ‘solutions’ include the Tristate City project. This is a frenzied plan for a kind of super city of 30 to 40 million Europeans, in which the Netherlands, the Brussels and Antwerp regions (Belgium) and the German Ruhr area are given an urban role. In that plan, there is no room for farmers. It also indicates that the future is one without nation states; that too is part of Agenda 2030.

You may decide for yourself how far advanced the Tristate City project is:

4 We are also encouraged to eat insects these days, about which more soon!


New World Order

For this article, I made grateful use of the text posted by Brecht Arnaert on his Telegram channel5, and the response to it by Michel Roofthooft. They noted that BBB is also the abbreviation for Build Back Better.

This slogan has been around for years. It means that the old world must decay before a new, (allegedly) better world can emerge. Joe Biden used the term in his 2020 election campaign.

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and already-named Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also liked to use it.


Explained: How to Build Back Better | Joe Biden For President 2020, available on YouTube.

To truly 'build back better' we must reimagine what prosperity looks like | Financial Times

Boris Johnson, former PM of the UK (Photo: Financial Times)

Budget 2021: economic highlights (source: YouTube)

Almost all Western leaders are implementing Agenda 2030. This Agenda is the work of the United Nations, in close cooperation with the World Economic Forum (WEF). To prepare for their role, the WEF developed the Young Global Leaders training for heads of government and state. Rutte, Macron, Johnson, Trudeau, De Croo, among others, can call themselves laureates of this programme. It explains why they are all heading in the same direction.

The final goal is the New World Order, the Novus Ordo Seclorum. It is literally written on the back of every 1-dollar note. How that comes about, you will read in one of my next articles.

Grootzegel VS Achterkant

Steven Herman, 17.03.2023



  1. French Controlled Opposition – Marine Le Pen
    Marine Le Pen (born Marion Anne Perrine Le Pen, 5 August 1968) is a French politician, lawyer and the president of the Front National (FN). She is the youngest daughter of long-time Front National (FN) leader Jean-Marie Le Pen who had a close association with Nick Griffin leader of the British National Party (BNP). Since she joined the Front National party (FN), Marine Le Pen has advocated tolerance for abortion, homosexuality and immigration. She has also met with Jewish leaders and declared that anyone who questions the “Holocaust” construct will immediately be expelled from her party. In keeping with her patronage of the Jewish tribe Le Pen is cultivating a relationship with Jew Louis Aliot. Aliot, vice president of Front National has been trying to “rebuild [Front National’s] connections to the Jewish community,” and said: “we should not allow it to be said that the FN is a party excluding Jews. One can be of Jewish faith and belong to the FN.” If the Front National (FN) was ever patriotic under her father’s leadership Marine Le Pen’s agenda is to corrupt.

    France: Jews in Le Pen’s Party Make Blacklist of Jew-Aware Candidates

    Ex-French Foreign Minister: Israel Controls French Intelligence.

  2. So many people are blind to controlled opposition. Otherwise intelligent people, I do not understand it. Even this article talks about the mainstream media but does not mention the fact that it is Jewish owned. I can’t fully trust someone who does not name the Jew, even if it is just not to get banned from youtube or whatever, Of course, naming the Jew does not prove someone is not controlled opposition.
    Let us pretend that Jews are just like any other ethnic group. What if black people owned the media? Would everyone cower away from mentioning this or say it is irrelevant?
    People are so fucking stupid. Look at the Jewish outfit, the daily wire for example.
    In the comment section of one of their videos about a black woman playing Cleopatra no one mentions the media is Jew controlled. So you have a Jewish company pretending claiming to expose nefarious activities of the media and a bunch of gullible goyim in the comment section cheering one of their agents on and the fact that Jews own the media is forbidden to be said and everyone is either so stupid that they think that the fact that the media is owned by Jews is irrelevant or they bite their tongue in the comment section. I am not even getting into how many Jews and their agents are commenting.
    People are regards if they do not realize that all famous people are controlled opposition. I try not not to use the word all when referring to a group very often but it is all of them and even the famous people in in the past, before the internet was popular who were not in with the Jews usually sell out. It is impossible to be famous and speak about political issues and not be in with the Jews.
    I have said thus before but I think Brenton Martinez is a Jew too. I can back that up if you want me to.

  3. There were “real gas chambers” at all the camps. These chambers were not built, or used, to kill people, but were actually small, airtight chambers, usually no larger than big cupboards, in which prisoner clothes were deloused with Zyklon-B. Zyklon-B was used at the labour camps, not as a method of extermination but for the sake of maintaining hygiene among the inmates. It had been normal German technology since the 1920s. Typhus and dysentery were omnipresent problems at the camps where Zyklon-B was used as a disinfestant…….
    The American army used Zyklon, once the typhus epidemics started to arrive around 1942. A 1921 report in the New York Times titled “New Delousing Plant” described how immigrants infected with typhus were treated on Hoffman’s Island, New York. Their clothing was gassed with cyanide gas using their equivalent of Zyklon, while the immigrants had their hair cut off and were put through showers; then their clothes were returned. It was the same process in the German camps.

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