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The self-perpetuating nature of unfettered immigration

View of perticipants in an anti-integration rally on the steps of the Arkansas State Capitol, Little Rock, Arkansas, August 20, 1959. Several carry American flags and others hold signs which read ‘Race Mixing is Communism’ and ‘Stop the Race Mixing; March of the Anti-Christ.’ The rally was held in protest to the admission of the ‘Little Rock Nine’ to Central High School. (Photo by John T Bledsoe/PhotoQuest/Getty Images)

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
November 3, 2022 Anno Domini

Leftists today argue that immigration is absolutely necessary because of a mass die off of baby boomers and increase demand in labour.

The mass die off of boomers wouldn’t be a problem for the maintenance of the overall population of Western nations had not social engineering disturbed the natural cycle of Western reproduction (parents having two or more children to replace themselves) through their Satanic schemes of abortion; the queering and oversexualization of both men and women, but especially men; miscegenation (promotion of race mixing); increase in artificial environmental sterilants—all of which unnaturally perpetuate the endless cycle of mass immigration.

Increasing demand in labour is correlated, in general, to expansion of the population. The more people there are, the more demand there is for goods and services. As a result, growth of the economy is required to accommodate the added demand, as is the labour to produce the extra goods and services.

If a nation’s population growth stagnates or only grows very modestly, the demand for goods and services can easily be accommodated without the need for much, or any at all, immigration. In the case where there might be an immediate shortage in labour, it can be argued that temporary labour could be drawn from other Western nations of same host race stock or by encouraging married couples to have more children. Ideally, a well-planned population would foresee any significant demographic shifts and implement measures to avoid potentially troublesome scenarios (no, I don’t mean a planned economy).

These are reasonable arguments that are completely absent from the immigration debate today, if there ever even was one allowed in the first place. Instead, we are told that we must open the borders and let in everyone, no matter the stock, so that we can meet labour demand. End of discussion. Any counter argument is dismissed and rendered racist, bigoted, and foolish. Arguments from the controlled opposition alternative media and “conservative” mainstream media, like Fox News, tend to focus on the problem being “illegal immigration”. They all ignore the elephant in the room that nobody has the balls to address, through cowardice, selfishness (being bought off), or ignorance. Immigration is a problem itself. It is not as necessary as they make it out to be—certainly not the way they propose.

So, we have opened the borders to everyone (thanks to ethnic displacement schemes like the Hart-Celler Act, the devilish spawn of the Jewish Kalergi Plan) and, you guessed it, demand has increased commensurately with the expansion of the population. But it doesn’t stop, because the borders never close. Demand continues to rise and rise. More and more labour is needed, and justification for more immigration is given to the bewildered masses to the point where it becomes an unsustainable self-perpetuating cycle.

Eventually, the system will collapse under its own disproportionate weight, and the nation will become dysfunctional and eventually die (and be conquered). This could happen even if the population expansion maintained the homogeneity of the host nation. But dysfunction is even more likely if the population expansion were to take in foreign stock, as multi-culturalism has never worked in human history and never will.

While unfettered economic growth might be good in the short term for corporations and their shareholders, selling their cheap, Chinese-made garbage products, eventually the host nation will begin to implode and with it, the corporation; although, it could simply pack up and find another host nation to exploit. But eventually, the supply of fresh host nations will run out (sort of like today) and where does that leave the fate of corporations? One could argue that this is what could lead the corporate trajectory to nationalisation and collectivism, which is where we seem headed now.

In contrast, small businesses are not so much focused on growth as they are on service, innovation, and quality. Growth, then, is a bonus, not an end itself. The West was built on the backs of small businesses. Small businesses are more connected with the communities they serve and, thus, have a vested interest in the health of those communities. The international orientation of corporations seems to detach them from this important responsibility, and so, corporations fail to see or don’t care about the hazards of unfettered immigration. They just go along with the agenda, so long as their earnings continue to rise. “Deal with the fallout later”, the irresponsible refrain goes. Or they don’t see a fallout at all.

I have said it before and I will say it again, the key element to securing the implementation and worldwide acceptance of one-world Communist anti-Christ government is demographic change. The international Kahal know that the American-British stock is too strong to accept slavery disguised as the workers revolution, thus the need for massive immigration. The answer is not legal immigration but immigration restriction. Also, Westerners need to get comfortable again with a smaller, more manageable economy. One can still make profits and advance in a smaller, small-business-dominated economy. In such an environment, corporations would dwindle, as their shareholders wouldn’t tolerate diminishing profits and would have to innovate to find ways of putting their capital to better use.

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