Skousen correct about Putin, but some red flags up

Anti-communist meeting, 11 December 1961. (Left to Right) John Birch Society member and former FBI special agent W. Cleon Skousen (uncle of Joel Skousen); Sam M Cavnar; John B Kilroy; General Orvil A Anderson; Julia Brown; Dr. William L Brashears.; Caption slip reads: (Photo by Los Angeles Examiner/USC Libraries/Corbis via Getty Images)

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
Oct. 12, 2022 Anno Domini

Joel Skousen’s general premise that Putin is controlled opposition and Russia’s occupation of Ukraine is unjustified is spot on, but he is out of touch on other points, like where he calls Russia a Catholic majority or ignores Jewish power.

Credit to Skousen for taking the contra against crypto-Jew Vladimir Putin when so many compromised mainstream and alternative political analysts are either misrepresenting Putin as a fascist (bad) ultra conservative or as a nationalist (good) conservative (neither is true). His recent analysis Putin’s culture war with the West is very good and I encourage everyone to read it.

However, in his critique of Russia as a hypocrite, the Mormon-educated Skousen writes:

“Like most Catholic majorities around the world, few attend mass, and even fewer abide by the Christian doctrine of fidelity in marriage because of the ease at which confession and absolution of sins can be had.”

Russia is an Eastern Orthodox majority. It has never been Catholic. This is not an insignificant difference. Skousen is of a wise age and a seasoned political analyst who should know this. Why doesn’t he? Is he deliberately distorting the religious situation there? It’s hard to believe that Skousen hasn’t read at least one of Lyndon Larouche’s many pieces from the 1980s (back when EIR was half decent) demonstrating how the Soviets amalgamated Eastern Orthodox messianic expectation in the form of Third Romism with the old Byzantine-inspired (Khazarian) Russian imperial war plan.

Skousen seems to suggest that the Catholic sacrament of penance is inherently flawed. It may be easier to obtain absolution from a Novus Ordo confessor, but this is not Church teaching. The sacrament of penance is a serious matter that is not carried out willy, nilly. It is a act of contrition to God, through his priesthood, with absolution given only to the truly repentant.

Skousen claims that he and Christopher Storey were the only two “political scientists” in the world at the time to reveal the “collapse” of Communism being a psyop. What about Soviet defectors, like Igor Gouzenko? If anyone deserves the most credit in revealing this massive deception, I can’t think of anyone more appropriate than Anatoliy Golitsyn. (I recall asking alleged Russian defector “Boris” on the Jerome Corsi show in 2020-2021 about Anatoliy Golitsyn, and he acted as if he had no idea who he was. Are these analysts this ignorant?)

While Golitsyn never seemed to reveal the leading Jewish role in world affairs, especially as it pertains to the Communist conspiracy, his information dovetails nicely with the research of other analysts brave enough to name the Jew (the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and Golitsyn’s works provide a seamless narrative of the current world situation). That’s not the case with either Storey or Skousen. While their work tells much truth, it misleads by not identifying the leading culprits. Is it “for fear of the Jews” that they omit this crucial detail, is it ignorance, or have they been running cover for the synagogue in a multi-layered onion of controlled opposition to the controlled opposition (dialectics)?

As for Skousen’s final point about who is to blame for the so called sabotage of the Russian Nordstream 2 pipeline, I agree with him that “there are no good guys in this conflict, only competing evil sources along with naive and unknowledgeable people in the middle who are going to suffer.” Both the Western (decoy) NWO and the Eastern Eurasian NWO benefit from this “sabotage”. It’s only the plebs who lose.

This critique is not meant to discredit either Skousen or Storey, but to, in the case of Skousen, call him to greater accountability in accuracy about the Roman Catholic Church and in identifying the primary enemies of America and the West. If you cannot name the Jew, you lack either courage and/or sound judgment. I can’t rule out that the Skousens are part of the Jewish, Bernard Baruch-controlled anti-Communist movement of America, as outlined by the late Michael Collins Piper here. One particular quote revealed by Piper’s research comes from Morris Horton, who stated this about the workings of Jewish-controlled anti-Communism in America:

“Most of the Communists and many of the anti-Communists are on the same payroll, the Jewish payroll. They carry on a sham battle with each other. The first basic rule of this sham battle is: ‘Never drag any real truth into the matter on either side; tell anything else you want to tell, but never tell the truth.’ This is the basic background of most of the phony ‘experts’ on Communism who have been ‘experting’ about it for forty years and haven’t made a dent in it.” —Source

Furthermore, Skousen’s late uncle W. Cleon Skousen was a member of the seemingly controlled opposition John Birch Society, worked for the FBI under the apparent Mossad-compromised J. Edgar Hoover, and may be connected to the masons.

“In 1956, reeling from a scandal in the police department, the mayor of Salt Lake City, Adiel Stewart, offered Skousen the job of chief of police. The extent of respect that Skousen enjoyed in the city was reflected in the fact that he was encouraged to accept the offer not only by his own Mormon Church President David O. McKay, but also by the local Catholic and Masonic community leadership”. —Source


      1. ……..and your point is?

        Most scholars admit the all encompassing connection of Freemasonry with the Kabbalistic Cult that runs Washington Neocons and “owns” The Fed.

        GEG may be being politically correct to get his excellent book ” The Monster from Jekyll Island” reprinted continuously. This describes the money scam very well but does not point to the perpetrators as a collective other than calling them “Bankers”

        Come on TF you know this !

  1. “While their work tells much truth, it misleads by not identifying the leading culprits”
    That would mean it is Disinfo and controlled opposition. Joel is on a payroll.

    1. I wouldn’t go that far, but his Mormon traditions are anathema and a stumbling block.

      The problem is that in order to remain relevant, Skousen self censors. He’ll throw the Catholics under the bus, but will never mention the Jews or what I say as the synagogue of Satan. Jesus specifically warned us about them. The Mormons believe the American Indians are the lost tribes of Israel. The Mormon Church hierarchy and traditions almost perfectly mimic the Freemasonic way. That’s because it’s founders were Freemasons.

  2. I am simply wondering if Joel is right about the imminent Russia and China nuclear first strike against the US in three to five years?

  3. I am simply wondering if Joel is right about the imminent Russia and China nuclear first strike against the US in three to five years?

    Doesn’t matter. Your country is finished.

  4. Sorry, but Russia is right on this one; all they have asked for is a neutral Ukraine as a buffer. Do you want redchinese nukes across the fence from your country? The illegal ukranian puppet govt has been murdering Russian speaking citizens for 8 years. ukraine is a giant jewish money laundering system, that, btw, pumps out the majority of kiddie porn apparently. ukraine is a Russian problem and none of our [US] business. Im surprised that Russia has been going so easy on it. I wouldnt.
    And sorry, but catholicism is in direct opposition to Biblical teaching. No ‘priest’ can absolve one of anything; we have the right and duty, as a baptised Christian to approach the throne of God directly; there is no intermediary other than Jesus.

    1. Russia is right to be pursuing the same geopolitical strategy as the Soviet Union? Think about what you are saying. You are getting caught up in the ruse that Russia is merely defending against NATO encroachment, which is the same excuse the Soviets use. So, you are perpetuating Soviet narratives. Russia is one of the largest producers of child porn. It goes on in Ukraine, for sure, but that does not justify Russia’s neo-Soviet annexation of Ukraine in any way. The Bible says that priests can absolve sins.

      “Receive the Holy Spirit. For those whose sins you forgive, they are forgiven; for those whose sins you retain, they are retained” (John 20:22).

      Surely, you don’t reject the Bible.

      1. Your comment is not helpful and further confuses because:
        1. You equate Christian Theocratic Russia with the old USSR – different Worldviews!
        2. This is not about Nations – that is merely a useless lable . The enemy is within All Nations and pupettering National Governments to NWO objectives.
        3. The Kabbalistic Jews within Russia are the “child porn” producers – not the Slav , Orthodox Russians that make up 80% of the populace.
        4. Parts of Ukraine and Kiev has always been Russian going back 1000 years. The post USSR break up and rape of those lands by NY Zionists carved up those territories with little respect for Traditions.
        5. Ancient Khazaria is being rebuilt which is why Ukraine has for years been the cesspit of money laundering for the criminal cabal that rules Washington. Biolabs set up by the NeoCon cabal was the last straw for Putin.

        Annexation and a good chlorox of Ukraine is entirely biblical and redolent of the story of Lot in the bible when The Lord pronounced on Sodom & Gommorah.

          1. Not different worldviews. Read Goltitsyn’s Perestroika Deception.
          2. While it may be an international conspiracy, they do fight nations within that. The West is still capitalist, and that’s why all targets are on the West.
          3. You know the child porn producers and what ethnicity they are? I highly doubt that.
          4. Parks of Ukraine being Russia are a Soviet narrative. You are advancing a Soviet narrative, thus revealing either your shilling or ignorance of history.
          1. Soviet Russia was Communist? Putin’s Russia is Orthodox – the prevailing Worldviews cascaded down are very different. I will however look at your book.
            2.The West is long past Capitalism – we are into crypto communist crony capitalism! That is a cliche trigger term ( like Jew) that needs to be defined if you are going to use it.
            3.. Long historical record of documents linking Jews to the porn industry – It is no secret. See Dr E Michael Jones’s books for the low down on this.
            May be a Soviet narrative but it is definitely a historical narrative that cannot be denied. Your imputation of my motive is not of interest. We are talking about objective facts here. Kieve was one of the founding cities of The Russ – do you deny this? The Dnieper River has long been a boundary line.

            I get the impression you are cherry picking facts to support YOUR preferred narrative.

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