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E511 Ministries’ confused world of decoys and controlled opposition

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
Sept. 16, 2022 Anno Domini

Normally I wouldn’t care what some obscure Protestant thinks, but because E511 Ministries’ video presentations are so thought provoking about political deception, I felt I had better give my analysis of it, as controlled opposition is the focus of my blog. (see E511 videos here, here, and here)

John Blanchette of E511 attempts to debunk exposure of the New World Order in general as a Satanic decoy designed to get people trapped in a distracting fleshly paradigm which ultimately will make them more vulnerable to sin and to the still-yet-future anti-Christ deception of the world. To my readers, this concept won’t be new to them, as I have tried to argue that movements like anti-Zionism, anti-globalism (i.e., the kind put forth by those like Alex Jones, Dugin, etc.), and even some anti-Communists movements are controlled opposition designed to corral and stifle legitimate opposition to what I deem a Judeo-masonic-Bolshevik conspiracy against God and man. According to Blanchette, I am stuck in the fleshly mindset of the “false light” by speaking out against Communism, Judaism, Freemasonry (things created expressly to oppose God), and also for being patriotic and a nationalist.

There are arguments with which I agree, however. One theme of Blanchette’s analysis is that Satan will use a liberation script to gain acceptance from an otherwise opposed public. He is correct that the New Age movement is being used to co-opt worldwide populism. Also, Blanchette rightfully sees Vladimir Putin, Qanon, the “Great Awakening”, Jordan Peterson, Alex Jones, Pizzagate, the caricaturization of “wokeism”, etc., as being part of the “false light gnostic awakening movement”. They are indeed decoys of an organized plot to mislead the public. But then he will say that labeling these persons/groups as controlled opposition is yet another deception, as it keeps you stuck in a fleshly trap and not in spiritual state. Ironically, he claims that being anti-X, Y, Z from either a patriot or Christian viewpoint will lead one into Gnosticism. But isn’t attempting to separate the physical from the spiritual a tendency toward Gnosticism itself? He says that to fight or rise up against conspiracies and/or their conspirators are what Satan wants. Now, I would agree that fighting against anything without God and His truth as the objective could lead someone towards a deceptive end, but self-evident truths are not necessarily bankrupt outside of a spiritual context. And although we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, we do not abandon the material world, for our families and friends are worth fighting for, as are the unsaved. We even have a Godly duty to prolong and protect the lives of ourselves. This is not Gnosticism or fleshly (Blanchette needs to read St. Thomas Aquinas). The longer we can stave off execution of the anti-Christ system, the more time we have to repent, do righteous works, and to help others repent and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Does Blanchette realize why controlled opposition was created? It wasn’t created for it’s own sake but to prevent real opposition from destroying it. It was created to neutralize as a counter measure.

I think that anti-conspiracism, as it were, can be a distraction to the point where it blinds people spiritually, but I don’t think it’s always or even mostly the case, as Blanchette seems to argue. The Bible warns of conspiracies (e.g., Jeremiah 11:9) and the Catholic Church has warned of conspiracies against God, His people, and His created world since its inception. Are they, too, getting caught up in the “false light”?

Blanchette claims that world Jewry, which he naively calls Zionist Jewry (he doesn’t understand that anti-Zionism is controlled opposition fostered by Jewry itself) is the harlot of the Apocalypse that God has set up to be destroyed by the anti-Christ Beast system in the end. It is possible that world Jewry could be double crossed by Satan in the end, but nobody really knows. Nobody has a guaranteed interpretation of the Apocalypse. But if world Jewry is not the authentic Semitic nation that followed God in ancient times, then it’s difficult to argue that Satan would double cross Jewry because they were at one time God’s chosen people and the devil would get a kick out of annihilating God’s chosen. I would argue that if world Jewry were the Edomites/Khazars that they seem to be, Satan could use them all the way to the end of the world. Why would a double cross be needed?

Blanchette can’t really bottle it all up. It seems that he rightfully recognizes some things as controlled opposition but can’t form a coherent narrative about how they fit in with an end times deception or with the current geopolitical trend. I appreciate his zeal, but his analysis seems unfocused, confused, and at times, wrong. Behind most of the deceptions in our day lurks the Jewish Kabbalah, something he doesn’t seem to mention. Decoys, deceptions, and controlled opposition are militarily foisted onto the masses as part of a dialectical ritual outlined in the Kabbalah and its splinter teachings.

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