Chabad boasts of orchestrating Perestroika [deception], fake collapse of USSR

Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev visiting Jerusalem on June 18, 1992, Israel. (Getty Images)

By Sholem Lugov
Aug. 31, 2022 Anno Domini
Translated from Russian

On August 30, 2022, at the age of 92, the first and last President of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev, who went down in world history as a man of peace and an architect of perestroika and glasnost, died. The attitude towards him has always been ambiguous and contradictory: he was adored abroad, and many hated him in his own country.

But for me, Gorbachev was remembered for the fact that it was he who destroyed the iron curtain and opened the way to Israel for hundreds of thousands of Soviet Jews. It should also be noted that Gorbachev signed with Reagan the first agreement on the limitation and dismantling of nuclear weapons – the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles. It was Gorbachev who initiated the change in the political course of the USSR and played an important role in the virtual disappearance of the Soviet threat to world peace.

Mikhail Gorbachev started out as a communist, but gradually he realized that the entire Soviet system was unacceptable. Communism brought not freedom and equality, but repression, a police state and a new hierarchy of power. Then he decided to start perestroika, but few people know that the main role in this process was played by the Lubavitcher Rebbe SHLITA King Moshiach.

When Gorbachev assumed the post of General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU (leading the party, and in fact the state) in 1985, all authoritative Western media predicted the emergence of a new tyrant. At that moment, the Rebbe made a prophetic announcement: he asked Professor Branover to inform all his friends and acquaintances in Russia that communism would soon collapse, the Soviet Union would cease to exist, and the long-awaited freedom would come.

Two years later, the Rebbe turned to the Israeli government with a request to begin preparations for accepting a large number of repatriates from Russia, although no one even dreamed of this.

And so it actually happened!

The Rebbe’s prophecy was fulfilled, although Gorbachev himself, according to him, had no idea what would happen in the country. (For more on this, see the article “The Lubavitcher Rebbe in 1985 foresaw perestroika in Russia”).

One of two things: either the Rebbe scanned Gorbachev’s thoughts and came to the conclusion that the USSR would collapse, or else he inspired him with the idea of ​​disintegration and changed the course of governing the country.

It is interesting to note that Gorbachev died in the middle of the week, when we read the chapter of the Torah “Judges”, and every Hasid knows perfectly well that the famous speech of the Rebbe is connected with this chapter, in which he calls himself the prophet of the generation and Moshiach, leading all mankind to the coming Liberation.


  1. In his letter to Mazzini , I think Albert Pike does state what I think the Synagogue of Satan is counting on as the key to victory : the revelation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer. This is the secret doctrine of Blavatsky and the Illuminnists. Well not so secret if you have read Genesis 6 and Genesis 3:15. But concealed by them.

    The fallen of the Angels , the sons of God , came to earth and they sired hybrid offspring with the women of the earth. And this age of the world called Zep Teppe in Egypt is remembered by them as the golden age when the demi-gods walked the earth and ruled the earth. The Fallen were , of course always behind the thrones.

    This could be it. As in the Days of Jared, they could be coming back. Neil Young even had a song about that in the 1960s : After the Gold Rush.

    As to our Lord’s clue that the time of his return would be like the Days of Noah. He says nothing about the geo-political chessboard. Rather he speaks of feasting and giving in marriage. What kind of marriages?

    As in the Days of Noah, there must also be an Ark.

    1. ” this age of the world called Zep Teppe in Egypt is remembered by them as the golden age when the demi-gods walked the earth and ruled the earth ”

      The Lakish (Lachish) relief – part of the Assyrian palace relief – in the British Museum in London pictures the Assyrian victory over the kingdom of Judah in 701 BC / Lakish is an ancient city near Jerusalem 21 November 2021

      14.14 “The people that were fighting against them / the people that were killing them depicted them ( the Hebrews, jr) as a negroid people…and it is ovious that the people in Israel today do not match the depiction of the Brews on the Lachish relief…”

      Archeological research was done / skulls & bones popped up & were analysed

      17.17 “ the entire population in the city of Lakish in the territory of Judah had Egypto Nubian skulls (aka black skulls ) .

      ( Napoleon on holidays in Egypt ordered his soldiers to chop off the (n-word ) nose of the Sphinx btw )

      CIA O

    2. ” this age of the world called Zep Teppe in Egypt is remembered by them as the golden age ”

      7 November 2019 The Africanity of Ancient Egypt / Huggins Lectures by ( white ) professor Christopher Ehret

      18.41 ” So my beginning comment here / Ancient Egypt was in Africa / we can’t really doubt that can we ? It is in the continent / but more important Ancient Egypt was of Africa / and that of course is not the way the past two centuries of Western scholarship have presented its history ”

      He hits the essence when he labels it : ” the selfserving racialist presumptions of the 19th century ” / he will know that this falscher Bilderberg ( false mountain of images) is still in the mind of many / Las Vegas very real gaschambers / if u know what I mean ….

      The Lachisch relief in the British Museum in London is about the siege by the Assyrians of the ancient city Lachish ca. 700 BC in the territory of Judah / the Assyrians depict the Hebrews of that time clearly as blacks aka Negroes

      21 November 2021
      14.14 we can see first hand that the people that were fighting against / the people that were killing them depicted them as as a negroid people…& it is obvious that people who are in Israel today do not match the depiction of the Hebrews on the Lachish relief ”

      Furthermore Skulls & Bones of skeletons in a massgrave in Lachish were analysed and point to Egyptian / Nubian skulls Plus DNA research showed the presence of E1B1A present in presentday blacks… Black Madonnas all over Europe

      ( Crypto – fake – j. Vlad Putin l.État cést Moi – is imv behind the whitewashing of the Russian Icons )

      CIA O

  2. “The Soviet strategists realise that only with such a new image, implying a ‘Break with the Past’ and severance from Communism, can these organisations be converted into effective weapons for convergence with their counterparts in the United States. A further internal objective is to emphasise the change in the system by means of the spectacular, televised but calculated removal of old Communist symbols like the monuments to Lenin and Dzerzhinskiy, and the red banners.

    These Changes do not represent a genuine and sincere repudiation of Soviet design and intentions to secure an eventual world victory. Although very spectacular, the changes are cosmetic. They demonstrate only that Arbatov and others know how to manipulate the American and other Western media through the use of powerful symbols such as the dismantling of the Berlin Wall, the toppling of Lenin and Dzerzhinskiy statues and Yeltsin’s Staged ‘defence’ of the Soviet ‘White House’.

    If the Soviets were truly moving towards genuine democracy, and were intent on a true ‘Break with the Past’, these symbolic changes would be accompanied by the introduction and implementation of a de-communisation programme, the irrevocable (not cosmetic) prohibition of the Communist Party and Komsomol organisations at all levels throughout the USSR, and the removal of ‘former’ Party And Komsomol members from all the main seats power including the KGB, the Soviet army and its political commissar administration, the Ministries, especially those for the Interior and Foreign Affairs, and the trade unions.

    To carry conviction, the necessary purge of former Communists would have to be carried out at all levels, as was the intention with the denazification programme in Germany after the war. Without any such programme, present changes, however impressive, will remain cosmetic.

    One important criterion for judging the sincerity of the abrupt and virtually simultaneous conversion of former Communist leaders into true democrats would be a frank official statement from them that the Soviet Party and Government adopted a long-range strategy in the years 1958-1960 and that ‘perestroika’ is the advanced phase of this strategy and it is to be abandoned forthwith in favour of normal, open, civilised relations. There has been no sign whatsoever of any such admission.”

    Page 142

    “Yuri Bezmenov, a KGB agent who defected to the West in 1970, discussed Soviet methods of subversion in his writings and interviews. According to Bezmenov, the James Bond-style spies of popular culture who blow up bridges or sneak around stealing secret documents couldn’t be further from reality. Only 10 to 15 percent of the KGB’s personnel and resources were allocated to traditional spy operations, with the rest going to ideological subversion.”

    Section ‘2. War of Espionage and Disinformation’, Paragraph 12

    Kozyrev pinpoints the problem earlier — to the late Soviet period. For so many of the Soviet power players “the cold war never stopped”, he says. “That’s what most people in the US, in the west, don’t understand. That’s why they’re surprised [at recent events] and I am not.”

    12th para

  3. Oh man, I’m shocked with your comments; Gorbatchev did nothing if what you described, the man [like Putin] was always a communist puppet controlled by Chabad and the jewush bankers. Communism never ‘collapsed’, it just changed name [a jewish trait] and colour: now green. ALL USSR and Russia presidents have been puppets of the jewish bankers!!! Gorbatchev didnt initiated anything among soviet jews and Israel; haven’t you read “The Hidden Tyranny” with Harold Rosenthal? He spoke about russian jews and Israel – so read it. Whatever Reagan and Gorbatchev done, they done it because they were told to do it by international jewry… if you dobt understand the reality behind nation’s leaders doing what they are told by international jewry [chabad & bankers], you’ll never discern what’s really going on with politics and geopolitics.
    I thought the article was about how perestroika was a massive deception engineered by Chabad!!!

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