David Duke avoids explaining his life in the Soviet Union, advances tired 3D chess excuse for Putin

David Duke below the occultic double-headed Phoenix at Russia’s State Duma.

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
Aug. 15, 2022 Anno Domini 

I would like to thank David Duke for taking the time to reply to my query (from his Gab account) as to his why he lived in the Soviet Union and what he was doing there. But I can’t. You see, he never actually answered my question but, instead, turned it into an opportunity to shill for Vladimir Putinstein and the neo-Soviet “Russian Federation”, like the apparent obedient operative that he is.

His infantilized response was something a politician would do. He tries to set the tone early by appealing to his white nationalist audience with,

“It is also important to note that Moscow has the largest White population of any city on Earth!”

There is little, if any, evidence to back this up. When I challenged this, one of Duke’s apparent followers threw me a Wikipedia link showing how Russia was over 90 per cent “Russian”, as if “Russian” constitutes whiteness. Even a casual observer or someone who’s been to Russia knows that Russia is highly multi-ethnic, and white-skinned Russians tend to have Asiatic features, due to much Tatar, Mongol, and Central Asian race mixing over centuries of the empire’s existence (One could argue that the Russian’ Empire’s multi-ethnic character is what made it more vulnerable to the advances of revolutionary Communism—a system which feeds on division).

Putin’s brain Aleksandr Dugin, an apparent associate of David Duke and an admitted hater of whiteness even though he himself has white skin, stated in 2001 during the early formations of the Eurasian movement:

“Never in Russian history, in the history of our statehood, have we known a mono-ethnic state, a state that would be based solely on the dominance of a homogeneous ethnos … This is the basis of the philosophy of Eurasianism, that the Russians are not, say, an ethnic and racial community that has a kind of, how to say, monopoly on statehood. We also exist thanks to the alliance, thanks to the infusion of a powerful Turkic factor into our common state historical construction.”

(Turkic, sort of like the Khazars?)

Duke with Putin’s brain and National Bolshevik Aleksandr Dugin.

There are Chinese people who have whiter skin than many Europeans, but does that make them white? If we take white to mean those of European stock, then absolutely not. And for those Slavs who have white skin with little or no Asiatic blending, they are of a different mentality than Northern Europeans and even Southern Europeans. Anyone who has had to deal with Slavs, be it personal or business, knows this. They are different. Are they “white”? Duke doesn’t seem to explain. I am not well read in the writings of Adolph Hitler, but I understand that he was not a fan of the Slavic peoples (apparently, Duke didn’t get the message from his supposed neo-Nazi controllers). There are exceptions, but in my own personal experience with Slavs, having spent considerable time in the Russian Orthodox community before my conversion to Roman Catholicism, they tend to be a brutish, simple, and chauvinistic people prone to pettiness, crime, and corruption. I doubt very much Duke would get into these details. He wouldn’t want to alienate is apparent Soviet benefactors or inform his large audience of the race reality of the Slavs to the point that they lose sympathy for Putin and Neo-Soviet Russia.

Duke drones on,

“At the same time Russia is about RUSSIANS, and Russian heritage, it has a friendly attitude to other minorities. Why is this?

It is because Russian leaders understand real politic, they know that if the Jews are able to divide the Russian empire Russia would be bankrupted and face huge problems of survival.”

No, Mr. Duke. It has a friendly attitude towards minorities because it is a multi-ethnic socialist state, which is what they are turning the West into. Russia was a multi-ethnic society even before Bolshevism came into the picture. The October Revolution only expanded on that and divided the empire further. Russia has never really had a tangible identity, and it still has none today. You cannot identify a mongrelized melting pot, and that’s why Eurasianists can only identify Russia as the “Third Rome”, “Eurasian”, and in other ridiculous terms (keep in mind here that the original Rome was largely multi-ethnic).

Duke in one of his many appearances on Russian state media Russia Today—formerly “Soviet Russia Today” and operated by Russian Jewish oligarch Mikhail Lessin.

Duke suggests that Jews are targeting Russia today because they are somehow a bulwark against Jewry, even though Russia’s oligarchic neo-Soviet leadership is disproportionately Jewish, even though Jews never left Russia after the fake collapse of Communism in 1991, even though the Rothschilds were never thrown out of Russia and Russia’s Central Bank is a member of the Rothschild Bank of International Settlements, and even though Jewry’s central power—be it corrupt high finance or the Chabad movement—seems to be concentrated in Moscow today, even above Tel Aviv, Israel. Late Jewish-American Jack Bernstein exposed the whole charade in his pamphlets, particularly in The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel. Israel is nothing but a Soviet satellite working to undermine the West as a two-faced ally and to keep the Middle East divided for easier Russian control and expansion of its long sought after Eurasian landmass. Former Mossad asset Juval Aviv even admitted that Mossad is “an old Russian school”. Nearly every Israeli Prime Minister has had Soviet roots—all of these important facts are ignored and covered up by David Duke so that his audience remains ignorant and deceived in the lead up to the neo-Soviet Eurasian takeover of the world. He is setting up patriots to accept a world regime they will later regret accepting. But by that time, it will be too late.

Duke provides himself with an alibi, pretends not to be a total Putinist shill when he writes,

Does Russia and Putin do enough to advance our ideology. (sic) The short answer is No. I think he needs to do more and that it will soon be time to name the Jew (but in, of course, a reasoned and factual way).”

It’s really sick that Duke strings along his audience with this nonsense. He provides no evidence that Putinist Russia is advancing our (the white) cause (Russia is already multi-ethnic). Furthermore, we know from the admissions of the Nazbolic Eurasianist, closeted homosexual Aleksandr Dugin that the Russian Federation hates white people (Dugin even admitted that Russia fuels black supremacism in the West). Of course, Duke won’t tell the truth about what Dugin really thinks. They are in apparent cahoots. Would Mr. Duke care to explain why he associates with an open national Bolshevik, Crowleyite, homosexual, West and Catholic hater, and someone fond of the Jewish Kabbalah and Freemasonry?

“…the reason the Jewish globalist world order, media, and banking establishment hates Putin and the Russian people is because: THEY KNOW HE IS THEIR ENEMY AND RUSSIA ITSELF IS VERY COGNIZANT OF JEWISH GLOBAL POWER AND THE DANGER Jewish global supremacy PRESENTS TO RUSSIA AND THE WORLD….”

David Duke, then leader of the Ku Klux Klan, patrols the California-Mexico border for illegal immigants in a “Klan Boder Watch” automobile. | Location: Dulzura, California, USA.

Duke figures that if he repeats “Jewish global Power” enough, his case is argued. It’s amateur hour, folks. Russia’s mainstream media is as controlled and Jewish dominated as the West’s. The Western media’s criticism of Russia and Putin are superficial and short-lived—deliberately. They won’t nail him down for what he really is because the Western media has long been penetrated by the same Bolshevik Jewish elite that run RT, Pravda, TASS, etc., and they are all in on the charade. It’s like the phony dialectic between the Scottish rite masons and the Grand Orient (continental) masons. While their blows at each other might make it seem like they hate each other and are fundamentally opposed, it’s nothing more than sibling rivalry at worst. Even if we accept Duke’s denial that Putin is Jewish, he cannot answer for the disproportionate number of Jews in the current Russian oligarchy. All he can resort to is the Qanon-like nonsense that Putin is just playing along with the Jews because of a prolonged strategy for eventual overthrow.

“His (Putin’s) skills enabled him to infiltrate the coterie of the Yeltsin regime, biding his time until he became President, and then serving the true Russian interests.

He still plays the more subtle game of subverting the enemy while I believe the time has come for open challenge of the Jewish Supremacy that rules most of the world!”

This rhetoric is for children. Duke is becoming irrelevant in the patriot movement. The lengths he will go to in order to shill for Putin reach the absurd. Another example:



Wrong again, Mr. Duke. Putin is talking about deNazification because that was the narrative back in the 1940s when the Soviets “liberated” Europe from the Nazis, and why let a good narrative go to waste, right? History repeats itself. Duke uses all upper case letters, because that’s how arguments are won.

The problem with Duke is not so much his dime store anti-Judaism but his scandalous and treasonous shilling for the Eurasianists while pretending to be a white nationalist and U.S. patriot. More disturbingly, is he just and unwitting fool for accepting Russian propaganda or a deep-cover double agent given the mission to sway the Western dissident community to the side of those conspiring against them? Why was he living in Russia, what did he do there, and how did he come to be associated with Kabbalist degenerate Aleksandr Dugin?


  1. I hate David Duke with the burning passion of a million suns. Him and those cut from his cloth (looking at you Trump) are deceivers who intentionally subvert the organic, natural, movements to restore the people to their soil with their abrasive, clowning buffoonery.

  2. No true nationalist limits the concept of nationality to so-called whiteness. The difference in mentality between Germanic peoples and Slavs is considerable; it varies even among Nordic peoples.

  3. More European Far Right Conferences in Russia – Publication: Eurasia Daily Monitor Volume: 11 Issue: 155

    “As early as 2006, American white supremacist historian David Duke joined a number of prominent Far Right leaders from throughout Europe in MOSCOW at a conference on the “White World’s Future.” […] More broadly, the Kremlin’s use of Far Right parties in Europe appears to be part of a strategy to disrupt (or possibly destroy) the EU and divide the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Europe’s Far Right parties also tend to advocate for such goals. Gabor Vona, the Hungarian leader of Jobbik, for instance, is rumored to be a Kremlin agent and makes frequent trips to Moscow (XX Committee, accessed August 14). Likewise, Marine Le Pen of the French Front Nationale was photographed with outspoken Russian nationalist and Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.”

    Paragraphs 5 & 7


  4. I’m not white but Asian. More into research & knowledge. The only reason white culture is infiltrated and destroyed from all centers is because the dark forces fear, if white culture is left to its own device, it would soon become a breakaway civilization nothing resembling on earth.

    The Alex Jones, David Duke, Black Promotion, Mass Immigration, Jews, Jesuits, etc want to keep white people under management so they seem normal to us outsiders but if you have spent anytime with white people you would know how they operate with higher ideology.

    I lived in Thailand condo surrounded by white retirees from west and you would soon see the difference living among Thai’s, Indians, Chinese, Blacks and Whites…You would prefer your neighbors were WHITE…they live you alone, mind their business, are helpful when needed. For example, I locked myself out of my condo and had to jump the railing on the other side 20th floor to get into my condo. No one helped, not even thai’s they shut the door on me, only a white guy, opened his condo, and happily invited me in and let me use his balcony to jump into my condo.

    White People are by far the least racist. Thai’s are more especially Thai women. White Supremacy is hijacked, I feel what white people really want is to be left alone and let them do their thing, I see that in Thailand a lot.

    Word Of advice for Non Whites: if you are looking for a condo in Thailand, go for condo building which has maximum white people. your life will be easy and you would learn lot of social manners and We have a lot to learn from them

  5. https://mailstar.net/convergence.html

    You have to read this.

    Two things about Rome and about Judah. Rome was caucasic multiethinic, probably with streight semitic roots. Real jews anti zoharic and anti hasidim like lithuanians or yemenites can’t be used in the narrative of the actual “judaic” system.
    You have to speak about edom and the doctrine of Zevi and Frank that it is specifically pagan edomiticism.

    Deceiver not always do it beacuase they want and know it. Keep in mind.

  6. Israel is nothing but a Soviet satellite working to undermine the West as a two-faced ally and to keep the Middle East divided for easier Russian control
    they tell the USA the same, Israel is an American satellite.
    I think White means European Christians? They haven;t defined Whiteness very well in the media, especially when there are Pale skinned Jews claiming antisemitism. It just doesn’t have the effect they want.
    Duke was a government agent from day one.

  7. I’m disappointed to know he has those links with Russia; this fact alone shows he’s not exactly what he tries to sell.
    So he wrote books exposing jewish/communism, and then has connections with talmudists in Russia?
    It’s like Jordan Peterson… he is not what people think of him… at all.

  8. As a Russian I know interethnic mixing varies by region. Where I am from in St. Petersburg Mixing with Germanic and Baltic peoples are common and the Mongoloid element is practically absent. I personally am an ethnic Slav Russian with some Scandinavian ancestry. Russians that are considerably mixed with Mongoloids are in Trans-Baikal, Amur, and Primorsky regions.

    In Moscow Central Asian immigrants have only come in recent years, in 1991 Moscow was a really white and slavic city

  9. Why did David Duke get a nose job? You can go to Google images or Wikipedia and clearly see he once had a nose job. He is rumoured to be Jewish. He, like most white nationalists leaders is obviously working for the Jews.

      1. Just go to Wikipedia or do a Google image search. He definitely had a nose job.
        I have known he was controlled opposition for a long time but I think he is a Jew now.

    1. I am pissing a lot of people off by telling them that white nationalism is and always has been Jew controlled. Some people just do not understand controlled opposition. I want to do some research on the Klan’s Jew connections but Google and DuckDuckGo were not being too helpful. Thanks for the link.

      1. Your Welcome.

        In the western nations there is a policy of open liberalism, wheareas in my home country of Russia this type of fake nationalism is mainstream.

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