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A Chabad mezuzah and rebbe portrait at the KGB office

Putin’s rabbi and chief rabbi of all Russia Berel Lazar installs a Jewish mezuzah at a synagogue on Kaliningrad. Russian President Valdimir Putin himself hammered one in at Moscow’s Marina Roscha synagogue in 2001. The mezuzah ceremony is exlusively for Jews, feeding the growing evidence that Putin is Jewish.

By Sholem Lugov/Moshiach.Ru
November 11, 2018
Translated from the Russian

Rav Nekhemia Ledayev and his brother from France every year travel around the countries of the former USSR and distribute mezuzahs to Jews. It’s all free! Thousands of mezuzahs.

Rav Nekhemia Ledayev

Before arriving in the city, they usually publish relevant advertisements in local newspapers. Once, when they arrived in Poltava, they received a call from the KGB and were invited to come in.

At first they were a little scared, but then it turned out that everything was just the opposite. The officer told them that a Jew was working in one of the offices and he needed to install a mezuzah!

When they got there, they saw portraits of Stalin and Lenin on the wall. They removed them and hung up a portrait of the Rebbe King Moshiach.

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