Solzhenitsyn controlled opposition for Third Rome/Eurasianism?

Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) chats with the famous Russian writer and former dissident, Nobel Prize winner Alexander Solzhenitsyn, in Solzhenitsyn’s suburban home 20 September 2000 near Moscow. Solzhenitsyn has spoken out against Putin on several occasions, criticising him for having done nothing to pull Russia out of “ruins” into which it has fallen. (Getty Images)

*Editor’s note: This is not an endorsement of Lyndon H. LaRouche. Jr. or his publication Executive Intelligence Review (EIR).

By Konstantin George/EIR
August 5, 1994 Anno Domini

The Russian writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn arrived by train in Moscow on July 21, completing a 55-day journey across the breadth of Russia which had begun in the Far Eastern port of Vladivostok. Solzhenitsyn, returning home after a 20-year exile abroad, has profiled himself as the “conscience of Russia” in its modem-day “Time of Troubles,” attacking the disastrous and criminal shock therapy policies of the Russian leadership in the past three years. The numerous speeches and remarks he delivered at each rail stop on the way to Moscow were subject to a nearly total blackout by the state­ run media.

At his arrival in Moscow, this abruptly changed. Re­flecting a decision by the Russian elite, above the level of Boris Yeltsin, Solzhenitsyn’s arrival was a highly celebrated media event. Covered live on Russian television were Sol­zhenitsyn’s scathing attacks on the regime’s shock therapy policies, and on the demographic and moral destruction these have brought to Russia. This media about-face marked the beginning of a shift in the Russian political-cultural realm, which will become more visible through the second half of this year.

Timed with this electronic media prominence was the publication in the July issue of the multimillion-circulation magazine Novy Mir, of an essay by Solzhenitsyn, “The Rus­sian Question at the End of the 20th Century”.

The real issue here behind the policy shift is not Solzhen­itsyn himself, but the breakdown of the Russian physical economy, and the accompanying moral breakdown and de­mographic holocaust. According to the Russian Economics Ministry, during the first six months of 1994, industrial pro­duction fell by 26 per cent. Since 1989, it has fallen by one-half, and there is no end in sight. In industrial plants all over Russia, production has ground to a total halt this summer. The workforce has been sent on forced “vacations” for July and August, and told to report back to work on Sept.

The Third Rome tendency

A large part of the Russian elite has, after collaborating with the austerity demands of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and enriching itself at the expense of the popula tion, decided that, to preserve their own capacity as ruling caste of a new Russian Empire, Russia must move away from shock therapy. The shift is toward a break with western influences, toward Moscow re-emerging as the centre of a Slavic empire, in a modem-day version of Russia’s historic “Third Rome” imperial ideology. Solzhenitsyn, a critic of both the corrupt leadership of the Bolshevik era and of the nomenklatura that has ruled since 1992, and the clear exponent of a new Slavic empire based on what he calls “tradition­al Russian moral values,” has become extremely useful to the elite.

Celebrated Russian author and Nobel laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn (L) is congratulated by Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov on the stage of the Theatre Na Taganke at a celebration of his 80th birthday 11 December. Solzhenitsyn declared that he earlier had turned down the St. Andrei award from Russian President Boris Yeltsin. (ALEXANDER NEMENOV/AFP via Getty Images)

Nomenklatura figures who in the past couldn’t have cared less about Solzhenitsyn, suddenly came forward to be seen in his company. This was shown at the welcome prepared for him in Moscow by Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, a man who exemplifies the “nouveau riche class of thieves” that Sol­zhenitsyn has been denouncing for their “dollar onslaught” on the people of Russia. Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gor­bachov, once again showing himself as an opportunist par excellence, was present in the front row, applauding Solzhen­itsyn.

According to Moscow sources, Luzhkov, following in the footsteps of his predecessor Gavriil Popov, is reputed to have amassed a huge personal fortune over the past two years. In his courtship of Solzhenitsyn, Luzhkov went be­yond appearing on the reception podium with the writer. Luzhkov presented Solzhenitsyn with a large, comfortable apartment in the center of Moscow, a generous gift from the nomenklatura which Solzhenitsyn accepted.

The scramble to be associated with Solzhenitsyn extend­ed beyond the arrival ceremonies. President Yeltsin, through his press spokesman, let it be known that he desired to meet with the writer “soon.” The day before Solzhenitsyn’s arrival in Moscow, the daily Izvestia printed an interview Yeltsin had given to the news agency Interfax, in which he declared that his goal is “to have Russia belong to the leading world powers.” He called the return of Solzhenitsyn “a sign for the coming renewal” of Russia, and added, “I look forward to the arrival of Solzhenitsyn”.

On the same day, Yeltsin suddenly recovered from a five­-day cold to tour a Moscow art exhibition of painter Ilya Glazunov, a notorious exponent of Russia’s Third Rome identity. In a further sign of the shift, the Russian elite lifted the ban on the film “The Great Criminal Revolution” by Stanislav Govorukhin, an adviser to the opposition grouped around former Vice President Aleksandr Rutksoy. The film is a trenchant portrayal of how Russia during the Gorbachov and Yeltsin years has come under the rule of a corrupt nomen­klatura-mafia alliance (see EIR, July 15, 1994).

MOSCOW—11 December 1998—shows Russian author and Nobel laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn sitting on the stage of the Theatre Na Taganke during the celebration of his 80th birthday in Moscow. “Literature is primarily responsibility to God and Humanity. In this sense, the writer is not free, he is free in his creative quest, but he has responsibility,” Solzhenitsyn said in a video address at the Moscow presentation of the first three volumes of his new Complete Works Interfax agency reported. With what happened to him, one would think the writer would have reached across the stage and pulled down the emblem of the Soviet hammer and sickle. Why was that Soviet symbol there in the first place—nearly eight years after the so called collapse of communism and after the Communist Party was supposed to have been banned? (ALEXANDER NEMENOV/AFP via Getty Images)

Russian geopolitics

The coming shift in Russia will unfortunately not be con­fined to the long-overdue break with IMF policies. All indica­tions, including the favours suddenly granted to Solzhenitsyn, point to a move to consolidate a new Russian empire, at the expense of at least three currently independent nations: Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. Solzhenitsyn, like nearly all other leading public figures in Russia, whatever other merits they might have, suffers from his own variant of Rus­sian geopolitics, and favours some variant of a new empire.

The high-profile coverage of Solzhenitsyn has served to introduce or re-introduce a debate on exactly what the geo­graphical contours of the new empire should be. Solzhenitsyn himself, as his televised statements affirmed, has emerged as an advocate for the policy that the empire should be confined to a Slavic core. He has attacked the concept of Rutskoy and others in the opposition for their wish to recreate an empire with the geographical scope of the former Soviet Union. Solzhenitsyn has declared that the Caucasus and Central Asia “belong to the Islamic world,” which Russia is “not part of”.

In a television interview, Solzhenitsyn called for creating a Slavic Union out of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakh­stan, run by Moscow. One can see from this the shift from one form of immorality, allowing the rape of Russia by IMF policies, to another one. Solzhenitsyn’s immediate solution to Russia’s historical crisis, including its demographic one, is to annex these three republics, thereby bringing back into the fold about 20 million of the 25 million Russians now living outside the borders of Russia. Beyond that, as Solzhen­itsyn makes no secret of, is the intent of russifying as many of the Ukrainian and Belarusian population as possible, to regenerate the “Great Russian” stock.

His stance on what belongs and what does not belong in the new empire is not only based on considerations of pan­ Slavic ideology—meaning which nationalities are “suitable” for russification and which aren’t.

Solzhenitsyn and others argue that the new empire will fail if it incorporates Central Asia, because it would then have to pour in enormous invest­ments to overcome the results of 70 years of Bolshevik loot­ing, investments which, instead, should be solely directed for the benefit of the Slavic core.

MOSCOW, RUSSIA—Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during the opening ceremony of new monument to Soviet dissident and writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn in Moscow, Russia on December,11, 2018. (Photo by Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images)

The fate of Ukraine and Belarus

The idea of a Slavic core has become the dominant one in the thinking of the Russian elite, especially in the wake of the recent presidential elections in Ukraine and Belarus, where Leonid Kuchma and Aleksandr Lukashenko, the can­didates who favor union and integration with Russia, were victorious.

But the Russian elite’s addiction to the geopolitics of reconquest has already produced a dichotomy in policy, con­cerning whether or not to break with the IMF. For the near future, such a break, to the extent it comes, will be confined to Russia. For reasons of easing the reconquest policy, the stabilizing benefits of such a break are not to be extended to other republics. Moscow’s reasoning is quite simple and crude: The worse the economic and social situation in Ukraine becomes, the easier a reconquest will be.

The actions of Kuchma in Kiev since his July 10 election victory demonstrate this policy. Kuchma has been loudly de­manding union with Russia, while also calling for an agree­ment with the IMF that will commit Ukraine to a vicious aus­terity policy. Only eight days after his July 19 inauguration, Kuchma met in Kiev with IMF Managing Director Michel Camdessus, to discuss an agreement for more shock therapy.

These negotiations with the IMF are occurring while Ukraine is undergoing the worst production collapse of any industrial nation in modem history. Industrial production has fallen by a staggering 40 per cent in the first six months of 1994. As in Russia, the rate of collapse is accelerating in the summer months. In Lviv and other Ukrainian cities, the workforce of every single industrial plant has been sent off on forced vacation for the summer, with orders not to report back to work until Sept. 1. The patience of the population, nothing short of extraordinary till now, is moving toward the breaking point.

The motive behind Kuchma’s sacrificing what’s left of Ukraine to the IMF is not hard to gauge. It is to enrage most of the population so much against the “West” that they will, with the exception of the staunchly patriotic West Ukraine, accept the Slavic Union alternative being prepared in Moscow.


  1. This raises the question. Was Solzhenitsyn’s life part of a script? Perhaps only partially. Perhaps opportunistic Russian-Jewish Chabad mobsters in control of Russia capitalized on his fame. But why did he seem so pro Eurasian then? Why didn’t he speak out against the perestroika deception going on, which was much more apparent in Russia during the 90s and 2000s than it was to outside observers in the West then and today? He saw firsthand all the evidence of the perestroika deception. Where was his alarm at it?

    Perhaps his magnum opus The Gulag Archipelago was more a revelation of the method than it was an unmasking of the horrors of Bolshevism and the endless failures of the Soviet system.

  2. Indeed, the famous Russian dissident should have had a ringside seat during all these “Perestroika Deception” years to see what was combined from behind the scenes so as to keep on his attacks on the system.
    The fact he now seems to be “part and parcel” of this Eurasianism machinery as promoted by the Russian super pundits the likes of Dugin would rather seem to indicate the novelist has been swallowed into the system despite an initial genuine heartfelt opposition to them. The same phenomenon is at work almost everywhere where we can see the same happening to real opponents who end up working with the very ones they used to criticize. The psychological and persuasive tools the circumcised elite have then at their disposal enable them almost every time to submit, one way or another, their apparent staunchiest threats before any direct suppression is decided upon.
    There’s for instance a case of a French rapper during the 90’s who was attacking these same people (in France) and who ended up working for them. Has Solzhenitsyn fallen in the same trap?…

    1. I am French and wonder about whom you are referring to; could it possibly be rather humourist Dieudonné? Who, as a masonic invitation document shows, was invited to an initiation ceremony in 2000. (He is thus completely in bed with them.)

  3. Solzhenitsyn was likely a gatekeeper, fading Jewish influence in communism moving into the Perestroika deception:

    At the end of chapter nine of his book ‘Two Hundred Years together’, Solzhenitsyn denounces “the superstitious faith in the historical potency of conspiracies that leads some to blame the Russian revolutions on the Jews and to ignore the Russian failings that determined our sad historical decline.”

    page 12 (in search bar)

    “Willing to go further in his defense than Mr. Solzhenitsyn himself was his wife, Natalia, who is herself half-Jewish. The charge of anti-Semitism is ”nonsensical” and ”absolutely absurd,” Mrs. Solzhenitsyn wrote in a letter. Her husband was surrounded by Jewish friends in Russia, she said, both in and out of the Gulag.”

    “Prof. Mikhail Agursky, now a Soviet expert at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, was one of several Jewish dissidents in the Soviet Union who defended Mr. Solzhenitsyn against charges of anti-Semitism. He has not changed his mind. ”He is a strong supporter of Israel and always has been.”

    paras 17 & 21

    “Isn’t it surprising that a Russian writer who writes about Russian history had to use the help of two Jews.”

    7th para

    Some stated that Solzhenitsyn from line of Jews (Solzhenister).

    Column Robert Segal, last 3 paras

  4. CHABAD LEADER, MESSIAH MENACHEM MENDEL SCHNEERSON ON HIS PLANS TO DESTROY SLAVS.- First of all, we will divide the Slavic nations (of 300 million, half of them Russians) into the small countries with weak and severed connections. For this, we will use our old method: Divide and conquer. We will try to pit these countries against each other, and suck them into civil wars for the sake of mutual destruction.Slav, Russian, can be destroyed, but never conquered. That is why this seed is subject to liquidation, and, at first, a sharp reduction in their numbers.As for the history, there is nothing to say. We will give our own history to the cattle, and show that the entire human evolution was moving towards the recognition of the God’s chosen nation of Jews to be masters over the entire world.

  5. Yeah it’s kind of weird how he’s practically the only writer about the gulag that somehow got published and made it out and also got the various awards that are jew controlled. It fits the profile of kabbalistic dialectical controlled opposition, of which the fantasy term “anti-semitism” fits into so well, one of their prime tools, of course they invented it and control it even running it in person in many cases. And remember this is the home base of marxism, they can program anyone to do anything, they can replace people with doubles perhaps even clones and more, maybe it was all manufactured and he didn’t even write the books. I have not read 200 years together but did read the first two gulag books years ago. The jew tactic is to put all cards down so they know what’s under them all. I don’t see how anyone could take anyone seriously on the ussr and many other evil things if they exonerate the talmudist/kabbalist pagans, including their proxies. Solz would have be a total idiot to not know at least some of the real history of the criminal russian revolution, so his works have to be treated very suspect. That may be part of the plan too. The serpent travels a crooked path. Reminds me of the John Birch Society which was totally masonic and supposedly anti-communist, sure.


    As to the jew zelensky there are a few videos on bitchute going through how he is really just another actor, some really gross cross dressing music videos, imdb info on his acting career that magically turned into a real political career. Just more proof that all this is just some kabbalistic exercise, the hapless people on both sides who have nothing to do with it and no real information other than the fake news they’re given. I think people should go back and watch The Running Man movie to see a portrayal of manipulated video in the story in order to move people into desired conclusions, scary but real. It’s just like other modern wars that people were railroaded into believing was necessary with lies, afghanistan, iraq, libya etc etc Everytime I see one of these ukraine flags it’s scary how people don’t even attempt to form their own opinions or half try to verify information coming at us from the videodrome machine. Putin is just working the script as well, no clearly good side here or heroes. And this is a great excuse for gas prices, inflation and any number of things that further the agenda, which is nothing but the result of deliberate conspiracy and then the greedsters not in on it are happy to go along. One goal of the gas price jump is to push electric cars which involve much less open ended freedom of movement in various aspects, right on script Biden pushing them, dude may as well state “this speech sponsored by xxxxx” openly lol Notice how no one mentions the deliberate massive inflation by the Fed with quantative easing of what I recall purchasing various investments with 75 million new dollars per month, and this is from years ago. So they look to one of the major source of the problem to fix it! kabbalism du jour, ridiculous farce all over the place everywhere.

  6. I think Solzhenitsyn as a historical witness did leave a record of the crimes of Bolshevism and Communism. This was his historical period.

    But as we all know, the Old Serpent sheds its skin and creates a new vector for the Synagogue imperium and its world Judenstaat. They will create new golems and train new judas goats to manage their captured nations and states.. Those who oppose them will discover that a new tar baby has been created for them to punch. .

    Solzhenitsyn left an impeccable record of historical facts and events. His works must be read with other writers who better understood the Jews, their history, their Cainite Edomitic seed-line and rebellion against God. Fr Fahey’s work should be read with Solzhenitsyn’s. His work : The Real Rulers of Russia [then and now] is still one of the best.

  7. Agreed. Fr Fahey’s works are some of the best, most well researched work on the judaeo-masonic-marxist mafia by a true blue traditional Catholic well before the Vat2 plague. I can’t count how many books in his references that I’ve found and tried to find of real worth long before the official conspiracy industry came about which is mostly just for profit and also controlled by you know who under various guises.

    I’ve read most of them and I go back to them again and again, it’s just a shame that he never did a proper bibliography, you have to find his references in his page notes, on almost every page. Some of the best, and easiest to find, that Fahey references are De Poncins ,A.N. Field, Arthur Kitson, Lady Queensborough, Nesta Webster. He also collaborated on Waters Flowing Eastward but could not lend his name to it for political reasons. You can find all of them on

    I am currently looking for an Achilles Laurent book Fahey mentions about secret marx history, The Polish Jew by Beatrice Baskerville, Salluste Les origines bolchevisme and he also mentions the Cause of World Unrest which I think is pretty easy to find. He seemed to know somewhat about the crypto army but not the scale of it, for example Kerensky was not listed as a crypto jew, Fahey unfortunately was unaware that Mauritain, whom he quotes extensively, was actually a jew who happened to “convert” to Catholicism and thus was playing a double game and was an abettor of Vatican 2. He does point out some of Mauritains double talk and twisted logic at times though. Fahey was undecided about Lenin as a jew, he goes into it with references pretty well but was unable to make a conclusion one way or another. I think he was also unaware of Stalins strong jewish associations and background. I don’t find Eustace Mullins weird book “curse of canaan” where he mentioned Lenins jewish name to be well referenced(none in my ebook copy) or well written either, seemed like someone whose mind was going by that time.

  8. Was going just to mention that I am reading The Cause of World Unrest and besides totally ignoring Englands terrible history especially the murder of a rightful Catholic King in the late17th century and the setting up of the massively criminal Bank of England as one awful result among others, and being from a Protestant writer, it’s pretty well written and informative. The writer also was still under the false idea that English Masonry was a good institution as opposed to Continental, like Nesta Webster was.

    For instance it goes through the Protocols and illustrates examples of its being carried out in real life up to the time of publication in the 1930s. It also mentions a jew named Solomon BUSH who was involved in the setting up of the Scottish Rite in the USA. One more example of cryptos and their uses in light of modern history. Scottish Rite, at least in America, has been a jew controlled rite from the beginning although all of them are directly jew controlled for a long time through the jews only bnai brith lodges, jews can join any lodge so it’s not hard to see how it works. It also reiterates De Molay was executed on March 11, another reference to that date, which in the last few years, and in history, has had major events. 11 being an important kabbalistic number/marker among others. St Augustine mentioned the number 11 in the City of God as being the number of sin.

    It also mentions a masonic letter that to paraphrase said that the Pope would flee to Russia then Russia would fall as the only holdout from jew control. Now this didn’t happen obviously but the sense I get is that by the time the Russian Empire would fall to the jews the Pope would be under control more or less by jewry which in an obscure way seems to be true within a Pope or two just in very subtle ways. This letter was from the late 18th century if I remember it right, and it’s said that the finances of the Vatican were under jew control by the time the terrible rascal and likely Freemason Napoleon, who captured the Pope and ransacked the Vatican, was put to pasture or thereafter. So a major decline had commenced with this blunder by the Vatican, perhaps out of ignorance of how banking by that time was largely jew controlled or by an infiltrator in the finance dept of the Vatican who knew exactly what they were doing. Of course by the late 19th century Italy had been conquered by Freemasons, Garibaldi etc, and the Papal States had been disbanded as well so the overall aims happened in the desired order. Fahey is far superior overall and his longest and main work, The Mystical Body of Christ and the Reorganization of Society should be read by everyone, but with the caveats mentioned “Cause” is a good reference.

    1. Thanks, A21. Ms. Li is being promoted by the controlled opposition stables in the alt media. That tells me that this isn’t a real leak but we are meant to get this information for some reason.

    2. Li Meng Yan also advances germ theory by endorsing the “China Virus” narrative, when evidence seems to suggest that Covid was the virus that never was. The “China Virus” meme was likely put out by the China CCP itself.

  9. Here I will give you a few quotes about Solzhenitsyn from the foreign press: “Some priests of the Russian Church Abroad declared Solzhenitsyn a Freemason” (“Our Word”, Australia, 10/1974, p.5). I must say that although I am not a priest, but a KGB general, I also think that Solzhenitsyn was recruited into Freemasonry long ago.

    Then this: “Archimandrite A. visited Zurich, where he met with Solzhenitsyn and blessed him with the icon of the Intercession of the Mother of God, written on a board made of wood in the Garden of Gethsemane” (“Our Country”, Buenos Aires, 06/11/1974). But about this archimandrite A. they say that he himself is a freemason. So one Freemason blesses another. And fool people.

    – “Russian Thought”, Paris, 05/09/1974 enthusiastically reports: “Solzhenitsyn does not drink (even on the days of his anniversaries).” Well, what’s wrong with that? Hitler didn’t drink either, even on his anniversaries. And Lenin was also a teetotaller.

    – When Solzhenitsyn began to criticize the West in his Harvard speech, the New York Times, the most authoritative US newspaper, wrote that he was a “fanatic” and that he was “dangerous” (“Our Country”, 10/20/1978).

    – And even Solzhenitsyn’s best friends – “New Russian Word” in the issue of 02/17/1979 are forced to admit that now that Solzhenitsyn has begun to make statements in America, the American press calls him a “half-crazy primitive.” Note – half-mad.

    – Here I am taking my special card for Solzhenitsyn. While he was writing in the USSR, the cuckoos in the Western press molded him such enthusiastic titles: the salt of the Russian land, the sun of life, the confessor of truth, the palladin of faith, the conscience of the Russian people, the conscience of mankind, the holy ascetic, the great son of Russia, the evangelist, the Shakespeare of our time, the Russian thunderer, this is Leo Tolstoy of the twentieth century, a titan in the fight against pygmies, this is the new Dostoevsky !!! And they gave him the Nobel Prize.

    – And when Solzhenitsyn ended up in the West and began to write all sorts of nonsense, then soon the same cuckoos who praised him so much suddenly began to compare him with the crazy Ayatollah Khomeini. Sik transit gloria mundi?

    – In Moscow, Alexander Solzhenitsyn behaved like Emperor Alexander IV. Megalomania. And when he found himself in America, he suddenly built himself something like a camp there – with barbed wire, searchlights and guard dogs. Persecution mania. It’s like twin sisters.

    – Once Lenin spoke about “useful idiots”. While Solzhenitsyn was writing in Moscow, he was so “useful” to the West. And when he found himself in the West, he became “useful” on the contrary – for us. That’s why we took him abroad.

    – In 1980, the KGB arrested the priest Fr. Dmitry Dudko, who began to write letters to the West: “…because of Christian love for the Jewish people, they even begin to poison me…” (“N.S.”, 06/06/1980). That is, Dudko agrees with the Antichrist. Then Solzhenitsyn came out in the press with a loud statement in defense of Dudko: “… that the KGB is preparing false witnesses among young men for a forged trial with a dirty accusation of a priest of homosexuality” (NRS, 03/25/1980).

    – Soon Dudko split to smithereens, publicly repented of his sins – and he was peacefully released. And without even mentioning homosexuality. But after Solzhenitsyn’s statement, many may think: “Uh, there is no smoke without fire.” Solzhenitsyn did Dudko a disservice. Yes, I messed up too. This is what is called “useful”.

    – On this occasion, another well-known Soviet dissident and religious figure A. Levitin-Krasnov, also a half-Jew, a schismatic, reports that Dudko “always suffered from severe neurasthenia … at this time, neurasthenia has intensified” (NRS, 07/2/1980). Birds of a feather flock together.

    – Why, on the basis of these Western data, we could put Dudko in a madhouse. And we only politely, in a Christian way, asked him to repent.

    – But let’s get back to our litmus test – “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. In the case of the king of dissidents, Solzhenitsyn, we again see the same cabalism. A hidden half-Jew doing a Jewish thing. Protects the priest who protects the Jews. And some cries about homosex.

    – All these are the same birthmarks, the seals of the devil, which are characteristic of all dissidents and revolutionaries. But in principle, all this is the same caudal thing that made the revolution of 1917, which cost the Russian people, according to the same Solzhenitsyn, more than 60 million human lives.


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