The Mossad-Third Rome alliance

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL—Veterans of the Red army celebrating and commemorating victory over Nazi Germany 73 years ago at the Israeli Parliament (The Knesset) on May 8, 2018 in Jerusalem, Israel.—Getty Images

Jan. 17, 1986 Anno Domini

In our editorial last week, we promised our readers a “tumultuous New Year,” and the developments of the past week certainly bear that out—but not in the way that your newspaper headlines would suggest. A great sound and fury has arisen over how the United States should respond to the terrorist outrages of the closing days of 1985. But the United States should not respond directly to the provocation purportedly carried out by Libya. Something more interesting is occurring behind the scenes, for which the Libya fracas is a diversion.

Is there Libyan terrorism? You bet there is. Is it really Libya’s? Don’t bet on it.

To understand what is going on out of the public purview, two crucial factors must be added to the pic­ture: 1) the Israeli secret intelligence service, the Mos­sad, especially the Sharon wing, and 2) U.S. Secretary of State George Shultz’s promise to the Russians during the Geneva summit, that the United States would do nothing which would upset Soviet calculations prior to the 27th Congress of the Soviet Communist Party in February.

Now look at Libya: Everyone who knows anything about the Middle East, knows that the terrorism which is called Libya’s, is not only led by the East bloc but is to a large extent promoted by the. Israeli Mossad.Officials of the Palestine Liberation Organization, includ­ing Yasser Arafat, have repeatedly stressed in January that the so-called Abu Nidal organization has killed more Palestinians than it has Israelis.

Libyan terrorism and the Mossad are very similar beasts, descended from the same parent, the oligarchi­cal conspiracy of Soviet and Western operatives known as “The Trust.”

Few realize that the Israeli Mossad is commitd to enforcing Shultz’s promise to the Russians, that the United States will do nothing to rock the boat until Moscow gives the go-ahead. The Mossad is acting as a de facto guarantor of Soviet interests in the Western hemisphere. It has deep hooks into the U.S. intelligence community, as the recent espionage scandal involving Jonathan Jay Pollard demonstrated. Pollard was not simply an Israeli agent; he was a “false flag” spy for the Soviet KGB, working through a Moscow-linked net­work of Israelis grouped around former defense minister Ariel Sharon and longtime agent of “The Trust” Armand Hammer. Some in U.S. intelligence circles broke the Pollard affair, in an effort to crack the Soviet­ Mossad infiltration of American policymaking. And indeed, one aim of the Sharon-Qaddafi “Abu Nidal” offensive was to divert attention from the still poten­tially explosive Pollard affair.

To understand why the enemies of the United States wish to elicit a knee-jerk U.S. reaction against Libyan terror, one must take into account the fact that Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger decided, after the Geneva summit, that the United States should continue provid­ing for its own defense, despite Shultz’s assurances to the Russians to the contrary.

Weinberger sent a secret report to President Rea­gan, urging him to break with the unsigned SALT II treaty, in response to repeated Soviet violations of arms­ control agreements. Further, he disclosed in a public speech that the Soviets have deployed a minimum of 45 of the new SS-25 ICBMs, in violation of the SALT accords.

Both the Israeli Mossad and Shultz were anxious to plunge the United States headlong into military action against Libya—which, under current circumstances, would only deliver the entire Mediterranean into Soviet hands. Why? We are not about to publicize certain information too sensitive to be revealed, but we can offer the following perception to our readers:

1986 will indeed be the year of tumultuous strategic crises. The Russians and their assets in the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and Europe, intend to blind and de­ fang American defences during this year. The Israeli Mossad and its assets—in the Arab world and outside of it—are committed to assisting the Soviets to carry out their 1986 perspective.

The United States will have to fight this unholy alliance between the Soviet Third Rome and the Mos­sad.


  1. It’s pretty obvious it’s a show, look at the overt names involved, shultz, weinberger et al. the only nationalism that jews have is to their jwo empire no matter where they are and what official titles they have. I suspect even arafat and qaddafi were cryptos just acting in a kabbalistic dialectical operation of alternating destabilization from both ends. Larouches EIR had almost universally just jews writing the material so there is definitely an agenda for a JWO in there, usually subtle and at the very end of the discourse, the solution is always international cooperation aka JWO. The logic of “let’s expose the massive criminality which our agents and collaborators did and do” and then use that as an excuse for more “dialogue” and intl oversight aka always moving to a JWO. The ordo ab chao is certainly of Talmudist origin. In this case even the ACTOR Reagan is surrounded by “advisers” giving the appropriate “advice” similar to how the mafia makes “offers”. Hinckley was sent in to warn Reagan up to realities, even Reagan needed that and he had a long history of mischpucka membership. The use of the word “Rome” here is a subliminal, granted it overtly refers to ancient pagan Rome and some other one of similar paganism but the subliminal is for the Roman Catholic faith in a negative sense, another JWO trick.

    Note that race has nothing to do with it, it’s about the pseudo-religious ideology of talmudism/kabbalism, satans primary tools. Just from the cryptos of various ethnicities/races that’s obvious. The protocols which I re read lately in Waters Flowing Eastward are only brief and omit a ton of stuff including the crypto army. For a more technical paper on how they plan to sustain the JWO once it’s enthroned(and how they operate now as well) read the Report from Iron Mountain. An example of the useless racial buttonholing is someone I was researching on a superficial level, Olivia Newton John. Supposedly an example of anglo racial stock, a cute innocent wholesome image. Now IMDB usually hides the talmudist ideological heritage by just mentioning the “blood” heritage but not where it’s too obvious, there are exceptions. She is one of them. Her imdb profile mentions that her grandfather is Max Born, a german jew(ashkenazi most likely) scientist and other family that is overtly called jewish, then it goes on to say that her father was British intelligence who spoke perfect german and supposedly even debriefed Rudolph Hess of the Third Reich during the war. So in one generation you have a leading german scientist and next a British intelligence son? Quite an improbable sequence. Later her father was inserted into academia in Australia, the down under place. ONJ just happened to come out of nowhere in the music industry with lots of hits, sure right happens all the time lol. ONJ was later awarded an OBE and more, an official sign of serving satans world empire. If you watch her first appearance in film, an obscure Australian movie about kids on a farm, ONJ is very sexual in it and shes 15. Her Grease and Xanadu films are similar and of course her music is not wholesome in the least. Her supposed daughter is also very odd looking as well. And how strange is it that the links between the so called enemies in WW2 are so close in one family? similar to the house of windsor(saxe-coburg-gotha) is of german origin or thereabouts and has plenty of crypto heritage, supposedly the apex of pure anglo heritage and history, sure. I think the Larouche org(or someone else) mentions somewhere that the royals have had a stake in the armaments industry(vickers and/or krupp) for a long time, including the ones that the Germans used to bomb Britain during the war, not to to mention royal dutch shell and british petroleum and huge banks. To keep this brief I’ll stop here.

    1. Throughout the 1930s, Hitler was duped into persevering in his desire for friendship with England, an alliance originally proposed jointly by Theodore
      Roosevelt and the Kaiser in 1898 between the three Nordic powers, England, Germany and the United States. The Schroders assured Hitler that their AngloGerman Fellowship in England was a hundred times more influential than it actually was. With such figures as the Astors and the Chamberlains supporting rapport with Germany, Hitler was persuaded that war with England was impossible. In 1933 he had announced his discovery that Marx, Lenin and Stalin had all said that before international Communism could triumph, England and her Empire must be destroyed. “I am willing to help defend the British Empire by force if called upon,” he declared. In 1936, Hitler arranged for meetings to take place between English and German diplomats, but the desired result was never attained, as the British had only one goal, to lull Hitler into a sense of false security until they could declare war against him.To lure Hitler into World War II, it was necessary to guarantee him adequate supplies of such necessities as ball bearings and oil. Jacob Wallenberg of the Swedish Enskilda Bank, which controlled the giant SKF ball bearing plant, furnished ball bearings to the Nazis throughout the war. The anti aircraft guns sending flak against American air crews turned on SKF ball bearings. Its American plant, SKF of Philadelphia, was repeatedly put on the Proclaimed List, and each time, Dean
      Acheson removed it.President William S. Farish of Standard Oil refueled Nazi ships and submarines through stations in Spain and Latin America. When Queen Elizabeth recently came to the U.S., the only family she visited was the Farishes. Throughout the war, the British paid royalty to Ethyl Standard Corp. on the gasoline used by German bombers who were destroying London. The money was placed in Farben bank accounts until after the war. I.G. Farben was organized by the Warburgs in 1925 as a merger between six giant German chemical companies, Badische Anilin, Bayer,Agfa, Hoechst, Welierter-Meer, and GriesheimElektron. Max Warburg was director of I.G. Farben, Germany, and I.G. Chemie, Switzerland. American I.G. Farben wascontrolled by his brother, Paul, architect of the Federal Reserve System, Walter Teagle of Standard Oil, and Charles Mitchell of National City Bank. Just before World War II broke out, Ethyl Standard shipped 500 tons of ethyl lead to the Reich Air Ministry through I.G. Farben, with payment secured by letter of Brown Bros.Harriman dated Sept. 21, 1938. Throughout World War II, the Paris branches of J.P. Morgan and Chase National Bank continued to do business as usual. At the end of the war, occupation authorities repeatedly issued orders to dismantle I.G. Farben plants, but were countermanded by Gen. William Draper of Dillon Read, which had financed German rearmament in the 1920s. Winston Churchill remarked of this “managed conflict” in 1945, just before it ended, “There never was a war more easy to stop.” P67

    At the beginning of this century The Crown moved to further consolidate its position in Asia. It chose the small nation of Japan,which had no capacity for warfare, and sent over the great British armament firm of Vickers, Ltd. to build Japan into a major power. Vickers was financed by the House of Rothschild.Following the agreement signed on January 30, 1902, under which the Japanese agreed to become the Crown’s ‘policeman’ in the Pacific, the Japanese army and navy were quickly built
    up and armed with modern equipment. In July, 1903, The Crown demanded that Russia abandon her position on the Kwantung Peninsula. Russia, which had spent $300,000,000 on improving the facilities (leased from China six years earlier), rejected the demand although they recognized that it meant war.Seven months later, on the night of February 8, 1904, a Japanese torpedo flotilla swept into the harbor at Port Arthur and attacked the Russian Fleet. They inflicted heavy damage,sinking two battleships and a heavy cruiser.

    1. Afghanistan—- Ford money has backed many revolutionary groups in the U.S. engaged in dynamiting and burning buildings, inciting riots, kidnapping and assassination. All of these are criminal offenses but no one is ever arrested. The Ford Motor Co. also built the huge Kama River truck factory in Soviet Russia, which provided the trucks for the Red Army to attack Afghanistan. They rolled into the almost defenseless country on a modern highway, which had been built by AID with American taxpayers’ money. P185

      1. ZIONISTS WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FALKLANDS CONFLICT Argentina was a successful modern country, led in a reasonably efficient way by General Galtieri.The prosperous beef farms were owned by Europeans, so the Zionist fraternity had to employ a different kind of strategy to gain control of Argentina than they had used in Africa.

        1. “Thanks to the terrible power of our International Banks, we have forced the Christians into wars without number. Wars have a special value for Jews, since Christians massacre each other and make more room for us Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Harvest: The Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Over 100-million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by wars, and the end is not yet.” (Rabbi Reichorn, speaking at funeral of Grand Rabbi Simeon Ben-Iudah, 1869, Henry Ford also noted that: ‘It was a Jew who said, ‘Wars are the Jews’ harvest’; but no harvest is so rich as civil wars.’
          The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem, Vol. III, p. 180).

  3. In his 16 years as the Catholic Church’s top official in New York,Cardinal John Joseph O’Connor was a staunch friend and defender of the Jewish people.
    He spoke often about what he had seen at Dachau as a Navy chaplain. He used his platform as head of the Archdiocese of New York to support Soviet Jewry, and played a role in the Vatican’s recognition of the state of Israel. Mayor Edward I. Koch, a Bronx-born Jew who worked closely with the cardinal, proclaimed that he loved him “like a brother.”Yet there was something Cardinal O’Connor apparently never knew: His mother was born a Jew,the DAUGHTER OF A RABBI

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