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The Mossad-Third Rome alliance

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL—Veterans of the Red army celebrating and commemorating victory over Nazi Germany 73 years ago at the Israeli Parliament (The Knesset) on May 8, 2018 in Jerusalem, Israel.—Getty Images

Jan. 17, 1986 Anno Domini

In our editorial last week, we promised our readers a “tumultuous New Year,” and the developments of the past week certainly bear that out—but not in the way that your newspaper headlines would suggest. A great sound and fury has arisen over how the United States should respond to the terrorist outrages of the closing days of 1985. But the United States should not respond directly to the provocation purportedly carried out by Libya. Something more interesting is occurring behind the scenes, for which the Libya fracas is a diversion.

Is there Libyan terrorism? You bet there is. Is it really Libya’s? Don’t bet on it.

To understand what is going on out of the public purview, two crucial factors must be added to the pic­ture: 1) the Israeli secret intelligence service, the Mos­sad, especially the Sharon wing, and 2) U.S. Secretary of State George Shultz’s promise to the Russians during the Geneva summit, that the United States would do nothing which would upset Soviet calculations prior to the 27th Congress of the Soviet Communist Party in February.

Now look at Libya: Everyone who knows anything about the Middle East, knows that the terrorism which is called Libya’s, is not only led by the East bloc but is to a large extent promoted by the. Israeli Mossad.Officials of the Palestine Liberation Organization, includ­ing Yasser Arafat, have repeatedly stressed in January that the so-called Abu Nidal organization has killed more Palestinians than it has Israelis.

Libyan terrorism and the Mossad are very similar beasts, descended from the same parent, the oligarchi­cal conspiracy of Soviet and Western operatives known as “The Trust.”

Few realize that the Israeli Mossad is commitd to enforcing Shultz’s promise to the Russians, that the United States will do nothing to rock the boat until Moscow gives the go-ahead. The Mossad is acting as a de facto guarantor of Soviet interests in the Western hemisphere. It has deep hooks into the U.S. intelligence community, as the recent espionage scandal involving Jonathan Jay Pollard demonstrated. Pollard was not simply an Israeli agent; he was a “false flag” spy for the Soviet KGB, working through a Moscow-linked net­work of Israelis grouped around former defense minister Ariel Sharon and longtime agent of “The Trust” Armand Hammer. Some in U.S. intelligence circles broke the Pollard affair, in an effort to crack the Soviet­ Mossad infiltration of American policymaking. And indeed, one aim of the Sharon-Qaddafi “Abu Nidal” offensive was to divert attention from the still poten­tially explosive Pollard affair.

To understand why the enemies of the United States wish to elicit a knee-jerk U.S. reaction against Libyan terror, one must take into account the fact that Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger decided, after the Geneva summit, that the United States should continue provid­ing for its own defense, despite Shultz’s assurances to the Russians to the contrary.

Weinberger sent a secret report to President Rea­gan, urging him to break with the unsigned SALT II treaty, in response to repeated Soviet violations of arms­ control agreements. Further, he disclosed in a public speech that the Soviets have deployed a minimum of 45 of the new SS-25 ICBMs, in violation of the SALT accords.

Both the Israeli Mossad and Shultz were anxious to plunge the United States headlong into military action against Libya—which, under current circumstances, would only deliver the entire Mediterranean into Soviet hands. Why? We are not about to publicize certain information too sensitive to be revealed, but we can offer the following perception to our readers:

1986 will indeed be the year of tumultuous strategic crises. The Russians and their assets in the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and Europe, intend to blind and de­ fang American defences during this year. The Israeli Mossad and its assets—in the Arab world and outside of it—are committed to assisting the Soviets to carry out their 1986 perspective.

The United States will have to fight this unholy alliance between the Soviet Third Rome and the Mos­sad.

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