Putin’s brain Dugin calls for support of nationalist, traditionalist homosexuality

Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and East German President Erich Honecker engage the “socialist fraternal kiss” on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the German Democratic Republics in 1979. (Photo by Régis BOSSU/Sygma via Getty Images)

By Kresy24
May 24, 2016 Anno Domini
Translated from Polish

The Kremlin ideologue, Alexander Dugin, made a firm statement: Russian patriotic homosexuality must be supported!

In the preface to the book Homosexuality in the Service of the National Liberation Movement, Dugin announced that Russia should accept and support patriotic homosexuality.

As Dugin writes, “the problem of homosexuality is a very difficult problem (…) in the primordial tradition, homosexuality as such is not condemned. On the contrary, it is a neutral phenomenon.” Further Dugin writes: “Well, let’s take such Templars or some Eastern religions. Homosexuality – is part of the practice of seeking God, an attempt to reach sanctity through a fall, through a kind of moral death. It stands on a par with the mysticism of Manichaeism or some ideas of early Christianity.”

Today, according to Dugin, homosexuality has degenerated as it has become “mass” (not elite?). It was, claims Dugin, profaned, because it transfers the ideas of hedonism, liberalism, etc.

Former paratroopers scuffle with gay rights activist Kirill Kalugin, right, in St.Petersburg, Russia, Friday, Aug. 2, 2013. Kalugin stood protesting against gay rights violation at Palace square where paratroopers celebrated Paratroopers’ Day. Paratroopers are an elite unit of the Russian Army, and everyone in the country recognizes their blue berets. (AP Photo/Dmitry Lovetsky)

“However, I would like to point out the most important thing that regardless of the above, such a phenomenon as homosexuality (and, by the way, corruption) may have a different character – comprador but it can also be patriotic. As a state, as a civilization, we have made a fundamental mistake.” 

That is why “today we should support patriotic homosexuality, opposing it to European sodomy. In this way, we will take away another advantage from Western propagandists,” argues Dugin. And as an example of a patriotic gay, Dugin points to the biker “Surgeon” (Aleksander Zaldostanow) from Putin’s Night Wolves gang, who are so strongly supported by Polish motorcyclists who are joined at the Katyn Rally.

Well, you can see that national movements are coming out publicly. I wonder when we will witness such revelations in our national yard …


  1. The linked Counterpunch piece is a great shakedown of the pretensions of the self-defined “alt-right” to claim a cloak of ‘traditionalist,’ ‘conservative’ and/or ‘orthodox’ for as to best hide their ‘gray wolf’ hdies. Gelfer’s 64,000 “gold ruble” question…

    “So how do we get from someone who states “By going beyond the limits of gender which we know, we get to the domain of uncertainty, androgyny, and sex as practised by the angels” to someone who frames gay marriage as a sign of the end times?”

    brings into focus both the sham and the continuity of phony right rhetoric; way back in the C19th ‘pre-Duginists’ like Joesph Peladan were preaching ‘the decay of romantic love,’ androgany, and the rest of the package which has evolved into the ‘Brandon Blight’ of USA’s dark night… duping doping Christians into supporting wack-jobs like Donny “Chimp” Trimpf (protege of gay pedo Repulsivan Roy Cohn!) was child’s play. The phony right is chock o block with catamites whose pecadillos are excused by their political proficiences. Since the left & right all converge into the same agenda and or o/o by the same dark masters, it’s no surprise to see a Putin’s Rasputin making friendly noises towards the back-door boys.

    Even less ‘surprise’ after one catches up on the ‘bear-back ridin’ judo master’s own preferences in ‘close contact’ sports! CIA has video footage of Putin engaging in oral, anal sex with his Judo instructor – https://buffalochronicle.com/2022/03/17/cia-has-video-footage-of-putin-engaging-in-oral-sex-with-his-judo-instructor/

    10\1 Pootie was a guest at Jeffies Island getaway…. prolly with ‘Devil in a Blue Dress’ “Silly Bill” Clinton’ sharing a suite!

  2. Again I think one of the larger secrets is that transgenders are all over and are a visual homage to the androgyne baphomet satanic version of Adam as a fusion of the two natural sexes a la kabbalism. The confirmed literal sodomite angle is there as well for the non-trans who “marry” trans, perhaps a confirmation to the elders of their mafia commitment and blackmail matter. They consider themselves as gods and one of their tools is to heal the world through technology. Another one is what the jewish (and perhaps hermaphrodite) Blavatsky called a “glamour” or witchcraft: deception, misdirection etc hiding things in plain sight so people don’t even know what they are really looking at. Stage magic is done so, and the larger more elaborate tricks require multiple people working together to pull it off. The non-visual demonic nature of all this slowly becomes apparent.

    These are not one or the other gender they are just strange unnatural beings and all the weird psych that goes with that, they could be outed at any time by the controllers and then exposed to fraud lawsuits(bankrupted), physical harm from the general public(not to mention by the controllers themselves) etc so the pretty extreme keep in line force is there. Many are programmed and forced into this at an early age, hormones, smaller surgery then once their bones are finalized they get even more substantial surgery.

    Homosexuality and it’s acceptance is just a step that took a few decades on the way to trans-world and even worse. I think the The Trans Files on yt and bitchute is a pretty good in depth non-controlled opposition nor tabloid oriented channel but there are isolated videos on both that actually go through the details of human anatomy and the differences between the natural sexes which have been programmed out of our abilities to recognize when it comes to the media videodrome/matrix.

    The tricks of the trade such as posing, clothing, padding/moon bumps, types of surgery etc are covered. It’s so rare in real life(as of 2022) to come into contact with hidden trans or trans at all that when you see one it’s usually not too hard to figure it out(from real experience btw) but the tricks in the virtual matrix media are so sophisticated as to make it really almost impossible for average people. You actually need to trouble yourself with training. Here’s a link to a starting point that starts off slow but in the end it links up to the flashier stuff later on, ((bitchute really needs the CC feature that yt has btw)):


    aboveisbelow has a good “where to begin” series as well here’s a link to one of that series:



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